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Vonda Shepard is back with another album, and is ready to record!
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Greetings from London!!

Posted by Vonda Shepard (Creator)


I know many of you have received your CDs and "stuff".  Yay!  Thanks for the wonderful feedback!  This is a very exciting time...  

To those of you who are waiting for you digital downloads, I wanted you to know that you'll have them by Wednesday (but maybe tonight!).  Funnily enough, this proved to be much more difficult than just sending off a CD in the mail - I had to find a company to do this, as I couldn't do it through iTunes as a promo link, unfortunately, so I'm going to just send a downloadable link from SoundCloud.  This will be downloadable for one month - it's yours to keep, obviously, but in a month we will take it down, so be sure to download.  I ask a huge favor that you not share this link to the album with anyone.  We need to keep things rolling along here, and I truly appreciate your keeping this link for yourself.  Setting up a separate company turned out to be too expensive, and defeated the purpose, so I'm putting my trust in you.  I'm truly grateful to all of you!!  I'm in London doing promo for this album, and though a bit jet lagged, really enjoying this beautiful, vibrant city.  

If any of you, by Wednesday, has not received your rewards or downloadable link, please do send a message through Kickstarter - we will be checking to make sure everyone got what they were expecting.  If we made any kind of mistake, please let us know... we will fix it!  If we receive anything that was returned in the mail, for whatever reason, we will let you know.  

Have a wonderful week!!!  

Peace, Love and many thanks, 


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    1. Heike Heuer on

      I have not received my signed CD so far, what can I do?

    2. Missing avatar

      Hans-Christian Haas on

      I have not received my signed CD so far. The postal strike in Germany ended on Monday so I suppose that can't be the reason for not having got it by now. Best regards, Hans-Christian Haas

    3. Linda Yau on

      Yep also having the same issues as everyone else who responded to this comment.. can only download two tracks.

    4. Joanna L. Castillo

      It looks like only the 2nd and 4th song are downloadable. Mark Nevelow, if you hover your mouse over each track, the "play count" changes to download icon that you can click on to download those two tracks. None of the others have that option. Hopefully, Vonda and her team will get this figured out soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevelow

      Likewise. Streaming, no ability to download. If I right click there's a Download Linked File option, but I get an error message: The requested URL was not found on this server.

      True even for the two songs noted below as downloadable.

      I sent Vonda a message through KS, but no answer yet.

    6. Jonas on

      Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I can only listen to the songs by streaming them, but I can't see a download option anywhere.

    7. Ed Warhola on

      Hi, I am having the same problem as stated by Elizabeth (comment below). Please advise when the problem is solved. Look forward to hearing the new album. :-)

    8. Elizabeth Burda on

      hmmm...actually only "Turn It Up" and "Saturday" are able to be downloaded. I can't be the only one with this problem, right?

    9. Elizabeth Burda on

      I'm confused...not all of the songs are downloadable. :/ A better way to have done this, in my opinion, was to create a zip file and upload it to, then delete it after a month.

    10. Missing avatar

      Manfred Mitreiter on

      Dear Vonda,
      I received the CD and Songbook last friday. Thanks a lot and have a good time in wonderful London! Hope you'll soon be back to Germany (Freiburg or Baden-Baden ;-)
      Best wishes,