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Set in the badlands of the Mojave, Sweetpea is about a chase, a pearl-handled revolver, and 2 outlaws with a complicated relationship.
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Emma Coats

225 backers pledged $16,017 to help bring this project to life.

Past 100%, and some new rewards:

Thanks to all of you for your support so far. It's because of you that we hit 100% funding, and will be able to make the Sweetpea that we envisioned from the start!

We couldn't help but notice that you're still contributing...! We're excited to see new people finding Sweetpea and wanting to be a part of it, and we want to thank you and talk a little bit about where extra money will go.

The budget Paul and Josh drew up for Sweetpea was comprehensive - so we really are ready to go. Anything you contribute past 100% is much appreciated, though, since it provides for breathing room (which we did not budget for). Believe me, breathing room is good. We may also use it for background extras or a background horse, extra lenses past those included in our camera package (telephoto, awww yeahhh), and maybe even a second unit camera package so we can be shooting two setups at one time for maximum efficiency on set.

We didn't expect we'd have met our goal so soon, so we were still soliciting help at the end of last week. James Robertson, story artist extraordinaire at Pixar, volunteered. He painted six 3"x5" watercolor paintings of outlaws for us to offer as Kickstarter rewards, and we're offering them at a new $100 level. Check them out below:

James' website:

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