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Coming to PC, Mac, and PS4! A new Tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
Coming to PC, Mac, and PS4! A new Tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
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200% Funded!!!!!!!!

Posted by Cardboard Utopia (Creator)

Hello everyone! Jason here again.

Just wanted to start with thanking you all again for the tremendous amount of support you've given us! I probably won't stop saying this until the game is shipped :)

Now, a couple points to cover:

  • ABOUT THE PS4 PHYSICAL VERSION - The 4-1-1 is that physical console versions are not a simple thing. We're looking into getting one for backers. We will blast an update when we find a way to do it. Until then, the physical version will be for PC. The FAQ on the main page has been updated. We will keep you updated on this.
  • ABOUT AN XBOX-ONE VERSION - We have no plans to bring it to XB1, especially for the initial release. We are still a very small, new studio making a big game and we need to be careful about stretching ourselves too thin. Thank you for understanding :)

So, onto some explanation on what some of our stretch goals mean for you and the game.

ENCOUNTER SYSTEM - Hurray! This goal was reached and will be in the game! As JRPG fans, some of us like grinding levels to decimate the strongest enemy in 1-hit. Of course, grinding will not be required (that's what one of the future stretch goals is for ;) ) in the game, but it's still nice for those that like it. What we had planned for the basic game was a very unsatisfying, but still effective, workaround to let players grind. But this Encounter System will allow us to spawn non-story encounters on the map. They won't be random, so no pace breaking here, but they will be visible on the map for you to choose to fight. Think Fire Emblem Awakening's encounter system.  

CARD LEVELLING - As you progress through the game, cards will upgrade and evolve over time, becoming more powerful and versatile. Maybe you took Whirlwind Punch out of your deck hours ago, but now it has become Whirlwind Punch Lvl2, with added debuffs for your target! This system will make sure the cards you get in the beginning of the game will still have a spot in your deck for the final battles!

CAMPFIRE DISCUSSIONS - Between battles you can listen to the heroes talk amongst themselves. They'll talk about the world's history, their backstories, and hint at greater events to come. More discussions will unlock as you play through the story. This system will allow players interested in the story to dig deeper into the game and find out more about the world of Lumus.

The campaign is doing amazingly but there are still a lot of stretch goals to hit! So please, share this Kickstarter and spread the word!!

That's about it for this update. Just want to close it off with some art from our Art Director Erica. Everyday she does a daily warm-up to loosen up her art'ing muscles, and posts it on her Twitter (@aurahack) . They're her own artistic explorations and aren't related to Children of Zodiarcs. But they're amazing and so very much worth checking out. She also includes time-lapse videos for those interested in the process! Time-lapse here.

We wanted to give a shout-out to fellow Canadian devs Thrive Games and their game Dragon of Legends. It's a cool 2D online action-RPG that's inspired by Celtic and Norse mythology!

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