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A new Tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
Coming to PC, Mac, and PS4! A new Tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
Coming to PC, Mac, and PS4! A new Tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
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That’s it folks!! The anxiously awaited moment is here! It’s time to reveal Children of Zodiarcs’ official release date! But first, I would like to write a paragraph or two about…  


Here we go:  

We are thrilled to announce that July 18, 2017, Children of Zodiarcs will be coming out on PS4 & Steam (Windows)!  

This announcement has been a long time coming. We have wanted to say when the release would be for some time and it pained us to not be able to be more precise in the last weeks and months, but there were still too many questions left to answer, and too many unknowns keeping us from getting to these answers. We are super happy to finally be able to share this with you all, and we want to thank you again for having been patient and supportive through all this.  

We also want to give a thousand thanks to all the beta tier backers who spotted bugs and posted them on Steam. You're the real MVPs. We got rid of a lot of bugs and improved the balancing of the game thanks to your precious help and vigilant eyes!  

So NOW, you can mark the date and tell all your gamer friends and family! If you haven’t seen Children of Zodiarcs in action in a while, check out this updated version of our trailer featuring all new gameplay footage:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 If you are curious about the origin story of Children of Zodiarcs, you can also head over to Sony’s Playstation Blog, to read our article

I’m sure other questions and comments will come up until July 18th, so please bring them to the comments section, Facebook, Twitter, Steam & Twitch (more on that in a bit!). But right now, there's already an answer for two that have already been asked:  

  • Is the Mac version still coming out? Yes! As we have mentioned previously, the Mac version will be coming out a bit later. We will keep you informed as soon as the mac beta comes out, as we will need your help testing it! 
  • Is Canadian Spring later, or… ? As some of you have pointed out on Steam, like the rest of North America, we can only stretch the definition of “Spring” all the way to late June, so yes, the release date is a few weeks later than our “Spring 2017” estimation. This is mostly due to a slightly longer testing and debugging period than we anticipated, but we think it was absolutely worth it in the end, as Children of Zodiarcs is now so much more polished, and runs smoothly on so many machines. 

Streaming revival! 

Another exciting piece of news: Starting next week, we will start streaming again every other week! To celebrate the release date announcement, we will kick off the revival of our streaming rendez-vous with a showcase of the beta on Thursday, May 25, at 6:30pm EDT. Save the date and bring your questions! If there are questions you already know you want us to answer in the stream, you can already post them here in the comments section of Kickstarter, and start them with “#StreamQ”, that way it will be easy for us to grab all of them beforehand!

Also, stay tuned for our future streams as well, as we will be playing other games, stream with other devs from the team (and maybe even from other teams!). We will be announcing our upcoming streams on Twitter, Facebook & in the comments section right here on Kickstarter. On that topic, we are considering gathering a few indie devs on our office couch to watch E3 press conferences live and comment on them. We are curious to know if some of you may be interested in that type of content. Let us know, and let us know as well if you have any ideas or requests about other types of content you would like to watch! 

Peace out, y'all!

FAQ about Beta Access, Physical Rewards & Streaming!!


Hey hey everyone! Woo! The beta is live and you are PLAYING IT! So excited. This has also generated a few questions, so here are answers!

How do I get access to my digital downloads on Backerkit?

To get you digital downloads (alpha or beta key), you need to go back to your Backerkit survey, which, if it’s completed, will display your “order confirmation”, including your shipping info, digital downloads and the list of your rewards.  

There’s three ways to access your Backerkit survey:  

  • Log into your Backerkit account. (Backerkit accounts are for people who manage multiple pledges on Backerkit. If you have one, you already know how this works! If you don’t, check the next 2 options below.) 
  • Find the email you received at the end of the campaign that invited you to fill out your Backerkit survey, and click the link in said email.
  • If you can’t find the email inviting you to fill out your Backerkit survey, go to and fill in your email address. Your Backerkit survey link will be sent to you. Simply open the email and click the link.

If your Backerkit survey is completed (and locked, which is an operation that can take us a couple of days if you just completed it), you will see a “Digital downloads” button right below your shipping info. Click it, and get that key! 

How come I don’t have a beta key?

First of all, you need to figure out if you are indeed an alpha or a beta backer:

To receive a beta key, the minimum pledge was 27$. If you backed one of the following tiers, you should have access to the beta:  

  • EARLY BIRD BETA MASTER (27$ - beta key) 
  • BETA MASTER (30$ - beta key) 
  • POSTMAN (35$ - beta key) 
  • EARLY BIRD ALPHA MASTER (40$ - alpha/beta key) 
  • ALPHA MASTER (50$ alpha/beta key) 
  • WELL DRESSED (65$ alpha/beta key)
  • WALL DECORATOR (70$ alpha/beta key) 
  • KEEPER (85$ alpha/beta key)
  • PORTRAIT COLLECTOR (120$ alpha/beta key) 
  • HERALD (140$ alpha/beta key)
  • LIBRARIAN (145$ alpha/beta key) 
  • ARCHIVIST (220$ alpha/beta key) 
  • TORAN NOBLE (450$ alpha/beta key) 
  • SHAMBLES DWELLER (800$ alpha/beta key) 
  • And all upward pledges

If you were not in one of these tiers, you may have purchased an alpha or beta access as an add-on.

In both cases, in your Backerkit order confirmation, you can look for “beta” or “alpha” in your pledge items or add-on items.

So, IF:

  • You didn’t back one of the tiers listed above and did not add an alpha or beta access as an add-on, then you are not an alpha nor beta backer and will have to wait a little bit longer for the game’s full release to get a key that will give you access to the full game. 
  • You backed one of the tiers listed above or added an alpha or beta access as an add-on, you should have access to a key now
  • You only have an “alpha” key in your digital downloads, that means you were an alpha backer, which gave you access to the alpha, and now gives you access to the beta. If you have not redeemed your key on Steam, simply do so now, and you will now have access to the beta. You have redeemed your alpha key on Steam, simply let Steam update the game and you will now have access to the beta. 
  • You don’t have access to the “digital downloads” button, make sure that your survey is answered. If not, answer it and give us a few days to update your status so you can have access to your downloads. If your survey is answered and you should have an alpha or beta key but do not have access to your digital downloads, poke us here on Kickstarter!

I’m not getting the beta, can I add it now?

We have received a lot of request to get the beta now, and unfortunately, right now, we have to focus so much of our energies in getting the game ready for launch that we don’t have the internal resources to respond to all these requests, so to be fair to everyone, we will keep the rewards as they are.  

However, if you are a member of a media outlet and would like to help spread the word, get or stay in touch with us, we will have some news coming up for you soon, and eventually some material for you to sink your teeth into.

Can I stream the whole game?

We have already seen streams and Youtube videos coming up, YAAAY! It’s so awesome to see you guys play, to hear all your feedback! So cool.  

Now, we did not ask for anything super specific when streaming beside mentioning the state of the build and avoiding major spoilers.  

However, now that we see that there is an enthusiasm for showing the game (again: YAY!) we feel like it’s a good time to add a little request:  

Until the game is out, we would be eternally grateful if you guys do not stream any Story Missions after Story Mission 9, as pretty significant spoilers would then start getting out. Thanks a lot for your understanding and collaboration!

Is it just me or are the dialogues a bit weird sometimes?

Speaking of spoilers and story, I wanted to make a precision regarding the dialogue that are presently in the beta:  

I mentioned in the last update that “some lines are missing”. I feel like it would be more accurate to say that because of some manipulations we needed to do for localization and QA, several lines that comprise a significant portion of some dialogues are actually missing. So do not be too surprised if conversations seem to end very abruptly or jump all over the place!

When will the physical rewards be shipped?

Of course, for now, our number one priority is finishing and launching the game, so our focus is on that. However, once the game is all done, we will start using the final assets we have created for it to prepare everything from the poster, the postcards, the art book, the physical game’s box cover, etc. Hence, the physical rewards will be shipped after the game has launched, including your t-shirts if you haven’t received them yet.

What happens if I need to change my shipping address?

If you have not received your t-shirt yet, your shipping address is not locked down, and you can change it through your Backerkit survey (there’s a “Edit shipping info” button below your shipping info) If your shipping info is locked down (no button), poke us here on Kickstarter and we’ll unlock it temporarily for you to change it.

We will send a reminder to everyone to double check their shipping info before sending out the physical rewards, so keep an eye on the updates!


So here you have it folks!  

Thanks again for your enthusiasm, thanks for sharing the game, and thanks for all your great feedback, especially to the bug-chasing beta backers! We don’t always immediately respond to all of your comments in the bug report threads, but we take note of each of them!  

Thanks a lot again, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, Happy Chocolate day to those who celebrate it that way, and a great weekend to everyone!  

- Jason

Beta (for Windows) is out!!! Time to go hunt for bugs!


Hello everyone, Jason here, to serve you all Beta-access backers a Beta straight out of the oven, with a light side dish of instructions / explanations / comments!

How do I get my Beta?

It all depends on whether you already have access to the Alpha or not:

If you already have access to the Alpha: Super simple! Let Steam update the game and voilà! You have access to the Beta!

If this is your first time accessing the game through Steam: You will need your steam access key:  

  • If you have answered the Backerkit survey we sent out, go into your Backerkit account and view the “Digital Downloads” section. You will find your key there! 
  •  If you have not answered your survey, you will need to do that first ( Then, we will need to lock down your survey, so that the system can give you access to a key in the “Digital downloads” section.

What if I’m waiting for the Mac version?

If you are expecting a Beta access, whether for Windows or Mac, you will have received a key in the “Digital Downloads” section of your Backerkit account.  

However, as I’ve mentioned before, the Mac launch will take place after the Windows and PS4 launch, so the Mac Beta will also be coming in a bit later. This means that you have your key in the “Digital Downloads” section of Backerkit, you can activate it and play the game on a system that runs Windows, but not on a Mac.  

Whenever the Mac version of the Beta is available, we will notify you. You will then be able to play the game on a Mac with the same access key. We will also need your help at that point to help us make the Mac version as good and bug-free as possible!

What does the Beta contain?

The Beta version of the game is feature complete! You will be able to play through the whole game, including the main story missions, the side missions, the skirmishes, the battle arena, and the Moments of quiet (campfire discussions), as well as doing all the party management you like, and saving your progress! Indeed, the menus are all up and will allow you to change default settings, pause, suspend your game, save and load it, and access help slides if you need more info about how to play the game.

As for the Alpha, you will be able to play with a keyboard and mouse or with a controller. We support a lot of different controllers. If your controller is not supported, please report this as a bug! (

Finally, as I mentioned in the last update, some placeholders are still in the game:

  • Some lines of dialogues are still missing, and some of the illustrations are work-in-progress. 
  • The music and SFX (sound effects) are not completely integrated. 
  • The option to change language is in the build, but only English content is currently available in the game. Changing language would result in making the game pretty unusable, as text would be non existent or (poor) automatically generated translations. 
  • The names in the Credits are placeholder names, we will add the correct ones later, so no worries, it’s normal you don’t see yours in there!

What kind of feedback would help the most?

Any feedback is great, but what we specifically look for is:  

  • What do you think of the difficulty level of the normal and hard modes? 
  • How well does the game run on your system? Give us an idea of your specs, the settings you’re using, what framerate does the game runs at, etc. 
  • And of course: Did you encounter any bugs?

What do I do if I find a bug?

If you find any bugs, please post them here:  

If you want to chat about the game, our subreddit ( and Steam Community Hub ( are waiting for you!    

If you do decide to discuss the game, please be mindful of other players and avoid spoilers or create spoiler dedicated threads!

Can I stream or make YouTube videos?

As for the Alpha, we are totally ok with streaming and Youtubing, but if you have or work for a media outlet and would like to show, share or review the game, we encourage you to get in touch with us (! We will soon have some extra info to share with the press & media.

If you do share the game on social media, via streaming or videos, we ask for a few things:

  • Please do not cover the top right corner that says the game is still a work-in-progress. 
  • Please write in any descriptions and do inform your viewers that the game is still a work-in-progress. 
  • Please let people know that you have access to the build because you are a Kickstarter backer. 
  • If you need visual assets, you can go to our press kit, where you'll find logos and screenshots:

Furthermore if you and your viewers are having fun, you can tell them to wishlist us on Steam! (

And of course, let us know when you release any content so we can share it on our social media platforms!  

Can’t wait to see all the cool strategies you guys come up with!! 





 - Jason 

Beta release next week, what’s left to do before release, and EGX Rezzed!


Hello everyone!

Jason here, taking a break from another 1000h week (that math works, right?), to bring you some Children of Zodiarcs news!

First, THANK YOU!  

First of all, I said this in the comment thread of the Kickstarter campaign a couple days ago but I want to repeat it here for everyone: I really want to thank you all again for the truly amazing support we received since the beginning of this project. We are incredibly lucky to have been backed by such amazing people. Your encouraging words online and in person at shows have really carried us through, especially in these incredibly busy last few weeks. So there you have it, thank you so much for being so supportive.

Where are we at?  

Over the course of the last months, a few people have expressed some concerns regarding when the game would be done in the comments and in private messages. So far, we have tried to keep you all updated on our progress, the current state of things at any given moment, and the work done. However, we have felt that it wasn’t always enough, without really knowing how to be more transparent and reassuring, without being able to provide the official release date.

(*For those of you who are interested in understanding the workings of an evolving first production, and would like to understand better why the game’s release window has changed since the Kickstarter campaign and why we have not announced an official launch date yet, scroll down to the end of this update (after the video)!  
*tl;dr : Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign and Square Enix Collective, we received great opportunities to make the game bigger and better and to have it be distributed professionally by an amazing publisher. Taking these opportunities meant making some changes to our pre-Kickstarter production calendar, and having to coordinate with our publisher before making announcements.

Our participation at PAX East a few weeks ago was enlightening in letting us understand what may be missing. Again this year, a lot of you have come by the booth to have a chat and try out the game. Everyone was super nice, friendly and had fun! But we noticed a pattern. A lot of you came up to us saying something like “So I came to see where the game is at!” And then we realized that although our updates and the details we try to give about our progress helped a lot of people feel that things were moving forward, it may have been hard to use that info to have an accurate perspective on what’s left to do. And we can totally understand that it may not be enough to know that development is happening, since we all know development can be happening… forever. So I’ll do my best today to try to remedy that right now.

What’s done?  

  • The narrative and textual content of the game is 99% done, and most of it is already in the game. It will be entirely finished by next week, when we will be able to go on to localization. And yes, I am happy to confirm that, as planned during the Kickstarter campaign, thanks to reaching that stretch goal, we are working on having English, French, Italian, German and Spanish versions! 
  • The game is feature complete! Our programmers Denis and Camille are all done adding new elements to the game and are now working on minor polish tasks. 
  • All 3D art is done, including all the characters and the levels. Michael has done a great job and I can’t wait for you to see his handiwork. 
  • All the menus and 2D character art are done. 
  • Character animations, music, sound fx, and special fx are progressing swimmingly and will be done in the next few weeks.

So… what’s left? 

Right off the bat, let me say: There’s very little left to do! We are truly in our last sprint. As a matter of fact, we are finishing up our “polish” phase!! 

For those not familiar, that means that pretty much everything is done, but we are making things run smoother and look prettier. We do still have a few assets still in the making, but they are getting finished as I write. *Ding!* Huh? What’s that? Ah! Another VFX is done. (See?) Once this is done the game will move on to testing and debugging. 

And that’s where some of YOU come in! :D 

Beta release! 

YESSS! It is time! All backers who backed at the alpha and at the beta tiers will have access to Children of Zodiarcs’ beta version NEXT WEEK

When you get your hands on it, we hope you will play it ruthlessly, and let us know about all the bugs you encounter. Your participation (especially in the first week following the beta release) will be so helpful to make the game even better. A few placeholders will still stand in for some visual and sound effects, as well as some animations in the beta, but it will be feature and system complete and mostly content complete! A first pass at balancing will have been completed, but we will be using all that delicious information you will be providing us by playing (if you so chose to anonymously share it with us) to do a second pass at it. 

Live stream

Keep your eyes peeled, I will most likely schedule a live stream of the beta once it’s released! 

See you in London! 

 Now back onto the fun stuff! As you *MAY* have heard, we are going to be in London from March 29 to April 1st for EGX Rezzed in London with the rest of the Square Enix Collective crew. If you are in the area, we would LOVE to meet you! :D 

 We will bring a demo which includes a new map and a new character which we have only shown at PAX East so far. So if you want a sneak peek before the beta goes live, come and say hi! 

Thanks again so many times for all your support. Talk to you again very soon in the next update! 

 - Jason 


Ok, real talk, what’s up with the release date?! 

We understand it, at the end of the day, no matter how much we dissect what has been done, where we are at, how, when and why and all that, despite trying to give as precise a progress bar as we can, a lot of people are waiting for a concrete date! 

 We are sorry we have not been able to reveal it yet, and we understand the frustration of people who want to know. Unfortunately, announcing a release date is not something one can do lightly, a studio only gets one chance at it. But we are aware that if there are frustrations that arise from having to push back a release date, there are also frustrations generated from having to wait for it, and we appreciate the patience most of you have shown regarding this. 

I explained some of the context of our production calendar update in April 2016, but since this current update is all about perspective and the big (and complete) picture, I want to take the time to do an overview of the evolution of our production calendar since the beginning up until now:

 When we launched the Kickstarter campaign, I mentioned in the video that we were expecting to release Children of Zodiarcs in August 2016. This estimation was based on our then budget, plus our Kickstarter goal of $50,000 for some extra content and polish.

However, thanks to all of your generosity, we collected $200,000 more than that! Although not all projects elect to establish stretch goals, when we hit our target after a little less than 2 days, we realized we would get a bigger push than expected (although we were never expecting what happened until the very end!), and we didn’t want to simply sit on the extra money. It made sense for us to use this money to make the game even better than we hoped. And we did. To this day, Children of Zodiarcs went from containing (among other things):  

  • 4 playable characters to 8 playable characters 
  • About 30 different cards to about 110 different cards (majority of which will level up) 
  • No extra narrative content, no random encounters, and no hard mode to… well… extra narrative content, random encounters and a hard mode!
  •  About 8-10 hours of gameplay to about 20 hours.

So thanks to all these extra contributions, Children of Zodiarcs is now twice the size it was originally intended to be (and looks even better). Doubling the content of the game means spending more time on it. After the end of the campaign, we reorganized the production, hired new team members, and figured out that extra $200,000 would give us about and extra 6-8 months to work on the game and add all that content. So that’s why on April 20, 2016, I announced that we would delay the game`s launch window to early 2017.

 With all that support, extra content and polish, another little miracle happened: we ended up signing with Square Enix Collective. This was a great opportunity we simply could not pass. This partnership means that we will get a great deal of very professional support with many ‘post-production’ aspects like Q&A and marketing, which means the funds we put aside to pay for these things could be reallocated to finalizing production.

 Which brings us to now! So why then, might you ask, are we not announcing the release date right now, since it seems to be coming very soon? Well simply because we are currently preparing said announcement! :) Signing with a publisher also meant that during the whole time the negotiations are happening (which for us lasted for a little while), we simply can’t say much. And once it is done, we need to coordinate with our publisher to settle on dates and material for release and also for announcements. And I’m happy to say we are nearing the end of this process!  

So there you have it. Yes, as indies working on our studio's first game, we have had to rescope and reevaluate our schedule. This being said, through the course of this project, it’s not so much misfires that have caused us to significantly change plans, but rather the surfacing of opportunities as we were establishing ourselves as a studio and coming up with material to demonstrate our potential. And I must say… I’m happy about that! Some of us have been in development hell, stuck on projects which stagnate and sometimes die and it’s not fun. But being able to make a small project reasonably grow with a few more months of ressources and know that we will have been able to offer a stronger product to those who trusted us from the very beginning is very exciting!  

Nonetheless, we have heard the voices of those that these changes have made uncomfortable, and we will keep updating you as much as we can to alleviate the wait!

Big News, PAX East 2017, Beta Build Info, and Bunch o'Screenshots!


Hello hello, backers! 

Jason here. I know it's been a bit quiet here lately, but it's for a good reason. Basically, we're working our butts off getting this game to Beta. Like, really, so much time spent working it's a bit hard seeing straight. But, all gears are pumping, a tidal wave of content is coming in, and we're getting closer and closer to the release. We still need to figure out some logistics regarding console certification, so I'm still hesitant to give a more firm release date. Really, sometimes cert can take a few weeks, sometimes it can take over a month. It all depends on how solid the game is, from a technical standpoint, according to Sony. But, we will have some very good help with helping us have things go smoothly, which brings us to our big news I've been teasing in the comments section.

Big News!

I just saved 15% on my car insurance.*ba-dum tish*

PAX East 2017

Yo! We'll be at PAX East again this year, showing off Children of Zodiarcs. Woo! We met a bunch of awesome backers there last year, so I'm looking forward to seeing some more of you this year! We'll be in booth #16114, so come on down and say 'hi'! Maybe even play the build, where we'll be showing off a new map that wasn't in the Alpha #2. Oh, and to the backer that was cosplaying as Delsin Rowe at last year's PAX, I hope you received your t-shirt :)

Big News!

...ok...this time for real....

Some of you may have heard, or maybe saw this coming, but throughout the production of Children of Zodiarcs, we've had a great relationship with the team at Square Enix Collective. Back in Sept 2014, when the game was called War of Zodiarcs, we announced the game on their platform (n fact, some of you have been following the game since then!). And then with SECol's continued support, we launched this Kickstarter campaign in Jan 2016 to a HUGE success. It was through their support and this KS that I got to meet so many of you, either in comments, Twitch chat, or in person! 

So, our relationship with Square Enix Collective has continued to the point we're at now, where I can proudly and publicly say that we've moved to the next step together; that Children of Zodiarcs will be published by Square Enix Collective. This.... this is really awesome and a dream come true, to be working with the company that made so many of the games we fell in love with. The team at SECol have been awesome and super supportive. Also, CoZ is a direct result of our love for their games, so there's that major point.

Again, this is really awesome and will yield nothing but good things. In case you have some questions, here's some information:

  • Square Enix Europe has a blog post about this announcement:
  • SECol is not funding the game and is not making any creative decision. This is still a "Cardboard Utopia Joint". We are an indie studio, and SECol truly believes in supporting indies and letting them do what they do. Hell, providing support to indies is one of the big reasons SECol exists. 
  • SECol's publishing means they will help bring visibility to us in the heavily crowded video game scene. There are so many games being released every day, and some of them are really really good, so we would just be a drop in the ocean if we released the game alone. But with SECol publishing us and talking about us, our drop of water will turn into a little ball of ice, and as you know, ice floats, much like a duck, and it's easier to see a ball of ice floating in an ocean, than identify a single drop of water. Gamers that have never known of our drop of water will see our ice ball and pluck us from the ocean. Sure, we might not be the ice ball a particular gamer was looking for, but we may be the one for the next gamer, and that gamer will be happy that we went from the liquid water drop to a floating ice ball. And it would be thanks to a little known process called "Square Enix Collectification"...... yeah, I didn't know where I was going with that metaphor, but I was too afraid to stop.

But yeah, what this partnership with SECol brings us is market visibility, which has become critical these days. Market visibility that we all hope will help us keep this studio running, and hopefully revisit the Children of Zodiarcs universe.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please ask in the comments and I'll answer everything I'm able to.

Beta Build Info

A lot of you backers picked a reward tier that gets you access to CoZ's Beta. For you, we have a window on when that will be in your hot sweaty hands. Our current plans have the Beta going out to people in the last half of this April. When is it sent out, I'll post another KS update, so keep your eyes on your email inboxes and spam folders for the notification :)

New Screenshots

Lastly, I have several new game screenshots for you. As usual, they're behind a link so those that don't want things spoiled can avoid seeing things their eyes do not wish them to see.

Screenshot gallery here!

Thank you, everyone, and I hope to see some of you at PAX East next weekend!