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An evil mastermind has enchanted the Con! Team up with your friends and battle your way through the most epic Con ever! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 23, 2013.

An evil mastermind has enchanted the Con! Team up with your friends and battle your way through the most epic Con ever!

About this project



And by WE, we mean YOU.

You are completely responsible for getting us to our initial goal of $20k for the project! Our deepest thanks go out to you and the hundreds of passionate gamers like you who voted with their pledges to see Comic ConQuest become the game we think it should be. We are committed to making this a totally cool gaming experience! Thank you for believing in us, we won't let you down.

The Kickstarter campaign may be over, but you can still get in on the early supporter action! For a limited time, visit the backer page on our website and score some of the same rewards that were offered during the Kickstarter.


All backers at the EARLY ACCESS LEVEL ($10) and above will receive the PC/Mac version of the game, along with any items or content we offer in the shop.

All backers at the FOUNDER LEVEL ($25) and above will now receive a digital copy of the Jeff Matsuda Comic ConQuest art book, formerly reserved for only for the NAME A MINION LEVEL ($100)!


First Concept Art w/ Jeff and Joel

Jeff Matsuda Draws Cosplay

The Weapons of Comic ConQuest

Check out our YouTube channel for a bunch more videos!

Comic Conquest is a party-based tactical RPG where players battle through the halls of a comic con gone wrong, defeating enemies and collecting swag along the way. The game is an irreverent and light-hearted take on the awesomeness of comic cons.

Planned Features

  • Amazing Art: Emmy-award winner and well-known comic artist Jeff Matsuda brings his distinctive style to the game!
  • Fast-Paced, Tactical Combat: Less time looking for fights, more time kicking ass!
  • Cooperative Play: Team up with friends to battle epic bosses, complete insane challenges, and earn massive rewards! ·
  • Extensive Customization Options: Change up your costume, tweak your abilities, and upgrade your booth to provide your character with special powers!
  • Monthly Content Updates: New maps, exclusive items, celebrity villains, and a whole lot more!
  • In-Game Trivia Challenges: Outwit your opponents with your vast knowledge of all things geeky!
  • Famous Cosplayers: A bunch of the world's top cosplayers will be available to add to your party as recruitable characters!
  • In-Game Theater: Take a break from the action and catch up on the latest movie trailers and other exclusive content!

Platforms: PC/Mac and others

Territories: Global English

Estimated Release: Early 2014

Click the "Updates" link above for more info, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on our website to keep up with the news!

“This whole thing sounds like a lot of fun.” – Kotaku

“Imagine a comic book convention.  Any convention; it doesn't matter which.  Now imagine the number of fans there dressed as their favorite heroes/heroines.  Got that in your mind's eye?  Now picture these people miraculously gaining the superpowers their costumes suggest.  It's chaos, right?  Destructive, wanton, nerd-fuelled chaos.  And it's glorious.” – The Escapist

"Comic ConQuest: Rise of the Hoarder will have you step in the role you’ve always fantasized about." – GameZone

"This game looks freaking awesome. Cosplay-centric and takes place at a convention? Sign me up." – Chloe Dykstra, "Heroes of Cosplay"

"There’s no question about it, The Hulk would escape no matter what.” – Lou Ferrigno 

"It’s time to engage in some gloriously violent tactical RPG action as you – and a team of allies – fight your way to freedom and sweet-sweet swag!" – 

"Comic ConQuest, frankly, looks amazing with tons of unique content and an interesting premise." –

In Comic ConQuest, costumed fans attending a local con have been trapped inside the convention center and transformed into the characters they portray by a mysterious villain known only as The Hoarder. Their cotton capes, cardboard swords, and plastic plasma rifles have all become real, along with a host of super (or not-so-super) powers.

Who is this twisted evil-doer? What's his deal? And why didn't he choose a more sinister sounding name? The answers can only be found inside the con...

To get started, you'll create a character from one of three groups: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Comic Book. (Want more groups? Check out our Stretch Goals below!)

Your booth will be your home base. Here's where you'll rest, train, receive missions, and assemble your party. You'll be able to customize your booth and accumulate rare items that will give your party members special bonuses.

When it's time to head into the halls, you can select your party members from the heroes you've created or enlist help from friends or random players–if you think they're worthy. Just be sure to choose the comic commandos best suited for the battles you're about to face...

You'll choose an area of the crazed convention floor you think you can conquer, and navigate your party through the halls, aisles, and booths of the con, seeking out the enemies standing between you and freedom.

Once you've found the baddies, position your party members in attack formation and open up a can of whoop-ass! After you've dealt your damage, brace yourself for a return attack.

To the victor goes the spoils, and that means loot drops! Coins, potions, costumes and weapons are all possibilities, as well as some unmarked boxes and rare swag bags with sweet surprises inside!

To advance through the game you'll need to upgrade your gear, trading in that cardboard shield for something a little sturdier. You'll also want to train up your skills during rest periods and replenish your health with a potion or two. (Go ahead, you've earned it!)

And think about sprucing up your booth with a new bed, some decorations, a vending machine, and maybe even a TV to entertain the troops and keep morale high. You'll need to be at your best if you want to conquer the con!

We're teaming up with seven of the top cosplayers in the world to create custom characters that can be added to your party! The cosplayers are currently hard at work designing costumes for their characters which will be unveiled at an upcoming con. (Yes, these are cosplayers who will be cosplaying cosplayers!)

Featured Cosplayers (left to right in the character art below):

  • Abby Dark-Star as Crystal Fury
  • Amie Lynn as Silver Scythe
  • Vampy Bit Me as Shining Fist
  • Alexandria the Red as The Red Archer
  • Myrtle Sarrosa as Bazooka Fairy
  • Ani-Mia (not shown, character TBA)
  • LeeAnna Vamp (not shown, character TBA)

We're having a blast developing Comic ConQuest! We just want to know how big you, the fans, want us to make it!

After we hit our Kickstarter goal we'll add a guild system to the game, but there's so much more we want to do! Here are some Stretch Goals we'd love to achieve so that we can make Comic ConQuest as awesome as it can be at launch.


Jeff Matsuda, Executive Producer and Featured Artist
Jeff is an Emmy Award-winning producer and renowned comic book artist.  His career spans 18 years in TV, film, comics and videogames. Jeff is best known for producing The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures, and for his work on fan-favorite comic book titles such as X-Men, Batman, Wolverine, The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When not producing awesome shows and drawing kick-ass art, Jeff likes to go fishing and pretend to play basketball.  See more of his work on our website at

Joel Carlson, Lead Artist

Joel hails from the Great White North. Vancouver, to be exact. He began his career as a storyboard artist and later transitioned into video games for the likes of Cartoon Network, EA, and Universal Pictures. Joel has worked on AAA titles such as NBA Jam, FIFA Street, and Fight Night Round 3. He also developed his own game which won's “Indie Graphics Game of the Year." See more of his work on our website at

Daniel Witenberg, Product Development Director

Daniel supplies the team with his creative prowess honed at Disney, HBO, LEGO, and Rovio. He has a charming accent of unknown origin. Fifteen years of experience making games has left him with only one mission in life - destroy all humans. Wait, that's not right… or IS it?

Brian Johnson, Franchise Development Director

Brian joined Sleepy Giant from LEGO Digital after launching the multi-million dollar LEGO MMO. He spent 10 years at Sony working on projects such as God of War, Twisted Metal, War of the Monsters, and the SOCOM franchise. He's a self-diagnosed Adventure Time Junkie and spends his free time working on his Princess Cookie costume so he can "Dance it UP."

Mike Ryan, Design Director
A veteran game designer and former journalist, Mike has worked for Disney, Bethesda, Day 1, and Human Head. Over the past 12 years, he has contributed to a variety of AAA projects, including The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Fallout 3, F.3.A.R., Prey, Disney Guilty Party, and Avengers Initiative.

Fred White, Tactics Director
Fred brings game management and marketing experience acquired through working with EA, Sega, Westwood Studios and other game companies. When not honing his Battlefield skills, Fred enjoys photography and travel to unusual far-away places with hard-to-pronounce names.

Free Lunch Design

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, Free Lunch Design employs a creative team that produces world class games for multiple platforms. Their team has produced over 70 games for PC/Mac and iOS/Android so far, inspiring millions of downloads. Their goal is to create games that will knock your socks off, and the free to play Comic ConQuest is the next in line.

Risks and challenges

Creative projects and ambitious plans always face challenges, which is why we have assembled a team of experienced professionals to assist in anything that may arise. Some of the challenges looming include:

- Software Development: Programming is the substance of video games. It is often difficult to find the programming talent necessary to bring creative vision to life. Fortunately, we have partnered with Free Lunch Design in Sweden who has a solid track record not only in the art of programming, but also in the discipline of project management.

- Art Production: There’s more to art than creating characters, equipment, and environments. It takes time and talent to make concept art, 3D characters, animations, backgrounds, and particle effects. The players’ experience of the game world is defined by the artwork. We are committed to making ours look awesome. To this end, Jeff Matsuda is leading the project, Joel Carson is leading our Art Direction, and they are working with an outstanding art team at Free Lunch Design. They are among the best of the best.

- Building awareness: Launching an independent game is no easy task. Promoting a game without the marketing budgets of a large studio makes it even harder. To build our community we need people like YOU! You, the fans who believe in our mission, who are willing to help us see this project through. So please help us spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Regardless of the challenges we are committed to making a great game and keeping our fans and supporters updated on our progress.

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