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3rd Volume of the HJ-Story series.  Bigger! Better!  More heart-warming episodes to warm the soul. Help us spread the love!
3rd Volume of the HJ-Story series. Bigger! Better! More heart-warming episodes to warm the soul. Help us spread the love!
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65k Stretch goal~!

Posted by Andrew Hou (Creator)

65k Stretch Goal unlocked!

We did it! and we surpassed last year's Kickstarter funding as well! (Last year: 67,495), and I think we might surpass last year's # of backer as well!

Sorry for the late update, I caught a cold and was half conscious for the past day or so... hosting decided to cut me off because of giant spike in traffic and had been trying to fix that as well (should be working now).

For the last stretch goal, it won't be as visually exciting here on the update.  However, I'd be able to squeeze out extra fund to create a protector case/frame for the mini-prints! 


Hologram foil print for Arctic Warmth and Love Pearl Print

Because it's not in production yet, there's no sample picture, but the video from last year's Hologram print of "When 2 Worlds meet" would give you a general idea!

For the 65k Stretch goal, most of it will be a lot of the behind the scene polish. Unfortunately in the realistic world, every little thing extra I want to add to the production cost $.  Even little things like a foil-logo, or coating, might cost just 0.50 - $1 extra, but when multiply by 1000 is easily $500-$1000 for what might seem like small upgrades.  You can be sure that I'll squeeze the budget to do the best that I can ^__^

The extra things that I'd be pushing for includes:

  • Silver Foil press logo for the slip-case
  • Better paper for the outer layer for slip-case
  • Better cover coating/quality for HJS: Origin
  • Lots of packaging things like taps and box and boring stuff

75K Stretch goal

I'll be honest that I didn't expect it go over 70k and actually pushed the other stretch goals a little bit earlier.  At the moment it might be too late to include any exciting stretch goal without causing delay to the overall project.  I'll continue to brainstorm during the production period for what I can do extra for everyone's support!  If anything, you can be sure that I'll use any extra funding to dedicate more time into creating more HJ-Story episodes and updates!

So What's next? *PLEASE READ*

There're a lot of people that's new to Kickstarter, and I'd just like to mention here again, that all shipping info and credit name and add-on info will be gathered from the final survey that'll be sent out approx 1-2 days after the Kickstarter Finish (Feb 14th)

I'll be keeping everyone update here at Kickstarter update section for any news in production and notify anyone if there's any delay.

When will it be finished/shipped/arrive?

[---After the 14th---] Everyone will have 1 week to submit their credit names to go into the book.  
[---Near late Feb---] Then the files will be sent to the printer for production.
[---Mid March---] The books should be out near mid March and shipped to my home, and the production of the slipcase will start.
[---Late March---] Currently, I do not have an ETA for how long the case will take but single book orders without case would begin to ship late March. (Since it'll be just Kate and I doing each signing and package and trip to the post office, we'll try our best to get as many out each day as possible)
[---Early April---] Slipcase should be done by now, and 3 book set + slipcase would begin shipping.
[---Late April - May---] Standard international Parcel Shipping will take 2-4 weeks in general, and people should be receiving their package around this time. Please note there may be unexpected delay during transit and actual shipping time may vary.

Double check your order

ADD-ON For anyone wishing to add-on for extra items, please refer to Update #9 for add-on details. Please note that you CANNOT change your pledge AFTER the kickstarter finishes, so if you wish to add-on, please do so before the campaign finish ^^

For anyone with add-on, please double check your add-on total to make sure it's correct to avoid delay.  I'll probably create a payment page later on for those that miscalculated their addon.

With most Kickstarter, usually at the end, there're usually 20-50 people that have their credit card mistyped or decline, if that is the case, Kickstarter will notify you after the 14th of credit card error, so double check for a confirmation email from Kickstarter that everything went through.


Couldn't have done it without everyone of your support, and join me for the final 60 hrs countdown! (at the time of this update) 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Huda Kamarudin on

      Can't wait for all the products! Get well soon. :D

    2. AllThatIsDan on

      Woohoo! First comment in! Congrats for going this far!

    3. AllThatIsDan on

      Woohoo! First comment in! Congrats for going this far!