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3rd Volume of the HJ-Story series.  Bigger! Better!  More heart-warming episodes to warm the soul. Help us spread the love!
3rd Volume of the HJ-Story series. Bigger! Better! More heart-warming episodes to warm the soul. Help us spread the love!
873 backers pledged CA$ 85,558 to help bring this project to life.

55K Stretch goals & other updates!

Posted by Andrew Hou (Creator)

We met 55K the sticker stretch goal! THANK YOU everyone!  Please take the time to read this update as it summarize all the add-ons and schedule,etc.

This would most likely be the final big update before the Kickstarter wraps up, I think I'm in way over my head with the extra work for the extra items (but I have a lot of fun creating little products and can't help myself!)

So starting today I'll be focusing 100% in the back with wrapping up the books layout and preparing for all the stretch-goals and add-ons items. (I'll still be keeping everyone updated and answering questions)

123 EVERYTHING SET Just for anyone new to Kickstarter and wants to save some headache with add-ons.  I've created an EVERYTHING SET, which includes Vol. 1-3 and everything from this Kickstarter (excluding sketch/commissions,etc)

See Reward Set in main page for details
See Reward Set in main page for details


55k STRETCH GOAL - 1 FREE STICKER B for all (non-digital set) backers!

NEW STICKER SET B! 1 FREE for all backers with rewards set that includes shipping
NEW STICKER SET B! 1 FREE for all backers with rewards set that includes shipping


(As part of the 40K Stretch goal - Each backer (with shipping) will receive 1 RANDOM fridge magnet!)

NEW Alternate boy/girl Zodiac Magnet set B
NEW Alternate boy/girl Zodiac Magnet set B


Here're the final (most likely) list of add-ons available. If you're confused with how add on works, I've created a simple page explaining how to addon to the pledge.

  • Slipcase (+$10) 
  • Miniprints (+$3 each) 
  • Sticker (+$3) 
  • Keychain set (+$8) 
  • Stickynote (+$3) 
  • Postcard Set (+$20) 
  • Zodiac Magnet (+$2 each or $22 for Set A or B or $42 for Both set)

(The keychain, stickynote, postcard set were some items that's currently in HJ-Store that I decided to make available at a discounted price and to also save shipping for anyone that's interested in bundling it together with the pledge)

Add-on Options
Add-on Options

 *Please manually adjust your pledge total accordingly before the Kickstarter ends.  To avoid delay, make sure the total is correct.  I know that it's a bit complicated so if you do make a mistake , I'll be contacting everyone at the end while after organizing the surveys with methods to pay for the extra fee,etc.


As much as I'd like the end the Kickstarter with a big bang (e.g. FREE CAR FOR EVERYONE!) For the final stretch goal(s) if we make it, I'll be squeeze every drop of money towards back end polishing work. Every little things such as silver foil logo,etc has extra cost, and since I always have an ambition to make each product the best that I can.   Things I'll be squeezing for are:

  • Creating case for prints
  • Making Hologram version of Love Pearl and/or Arctic Warmth
  • Better paper for slipcase,etc
  • Little extra things such as packaging,etc.


Just want to keep everyone updated with the current schedule of things.  Because of the slipcase, there might be a slight delay from the original schedule and I hope everyone would understand.

Feb 16: Surveys will be sent out to collect credit names, shipping address & Add-on
Feb 21: Deadline to submit survey for credit names to be printed in books
Feb 21 - 24: Wrapping up the book credit / layout and sending it to the printers to start production
Mid Mar: Slipcase production (To match the size, it'd have to be created after the book is finished)
Late Mar: Shipping will begin

I'm aiming to ship everything out within 1-2 weeks.  With standard shipping, i will take everywhere from 2-5 weeks to arrive.  So you should be expecting your package to arrive anytime between Mid April - Late May.

You can be sure that Kate and I will do our best to move quickly, but I hope that everyone would understand we'd rather do everything properly and not rush things.

*If you'd like to upgrade for Express shipping, I'll be sending an update regarding the possibility of upgrading, once it is ready to be shipped so that I can calculate the shipping cost for anyone wishing to upgrade.


Just thought to throw in something funny while surfing online, as I've mentioned before the Kickstarter is in CAD and it's at an all time low.  I actually didn't notice that the massive dropped happened RIGHT after I launched the Kickstarter... 

Thanks to everyone's support, I'm pretty sure I got this covered so don't have to worry! but I just wanted to post the graph for a small laugh haha...

Hopefully I didn't miss anything, you can leave your question/comment below and I'll try my best to answer everyone (or backers can help each other too!) 

You can also message me via Kickstarter if you have any questions or custom add-on questions, etc.

Last but not least, help please help give this Kickstarter a final push by sharing this project with your friends! :D


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    1. Andrew Hou 2-time creator on

      @Daniel: For the everything set, I basically calculated the cost/shipping separately, rather than just following the add-on table above, so yes the shipping is $5 extra, but I think I lowered the add-on cost a bit so it should work out to be the same or less than if you chose all the add-ons.

      @Juliana: It's 2 sheets, this time around, all the stickers are packaged as 2 sheet per package. So 1 pack = 2 sheets

      @Shin: Yep, It's $2/each if you want to get singles

    2. Shin GN on

      @Fred yar I thought of that too... but after comparing i might have to get both sets lol! we'll see how it goes thanks!

    3. Fred on

      @Shin.. you can use the "+2 CAD/ ea" add on so you can choose your gender + zodiac :)

    4. Shin GN on

      hi Andrew! wanna clarify, so for the magnets we can't choose which gender we want for a set right? so if say i want 1 female rabbit and 1 male pig i got to get both set a and b?

    5. Juliana Gan on

      I was wondering, do the stickers comes in 2 sheets for $3 or 1 sheet $3?

    6. AllThatIsDan on

      @Andrew: I've changed my pledge yet again XD...never mind that...but I also realized the shipping fee for HK has increased by $5 CAD. Is that because of the Canadian Dollar drop?

    7. Cynthia Ordoñez on

      Oooohh ok... I get it!... thank you for helping me :3... have a nice day!

    8. Andrew Hou 2-time creator on

      @Cynthia: You just have to change the pledge amount.
      Kickstarter doesn't have the exact option for addon, so I have to manually do it with survey at the end. I'll send out survey at the end to collect address/name and detail of the addon you chose.

    9. Cynthia Ordoñez on

      Hello!!! I love all your draws :)... I want to add some add-ons on my pledge, but when I'm trying to do it manually on the "Manage" link, I cannot see the options to select... or maybe I have to write each one in some place?... please help me... thank you!!! :3

    10. Jen on

      Oh! OK thanks!

    11. Andrew Hou 2-time creator on

      @Jen: Here's a more detail pic of the sticky note :) (post-it notes)

    12. Jen on

      What is a sticky note? Is it a note pad that u can write on?

    13. Andrew Hou 2-time creator on

      @Venessa: Lol, I thought I was so prepared into this Kickstarter calculating all the cost,etc. Except that I was SO well prepared that I calculated the cost in around Sept/Oct, and had no clue of this giant currency plummet until a thoughtful supporter decided to message me about it.... and it just so happened that it decided to drop RIGHT after I launch my kickstarter haha...

    14. Vanessa Chan on

      LOVE the in Canada that is my expression too!!