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Please help unique NYC based band The Ashen record their debut EP!!!! Influences are Portishead, Sia, Cranberries, Dido, Radiohead.


My name is Sara Syms and I have played music my entire life. In fact, I am quite sure I came out of the womb singing! I need music like I need air. Having been in bands for years, and living for the stage, I was always afraid to write. Classically trained in voice, piano, violin (fiddle sometimes too!) and currently learning guitar... this is the long time coming debut of my original music. I write from the depths of my heart and soul and have a great deal to say. I would be HONORED if you would help make this record possible with me…

The Ashen is a new band (all professional musicians) comprised of 2 female singers/keyboardists (both classically trained), drummer, guitarist and bassist. Influences are Portishead, Warpaint, A Fine Frenzy, Radiohead, Sia, Cranberries, Zero 7, Depeche Mode, Dido, Missy Higgins, Adele and Feist to name a few. Alternative, ambient, lyrical, eclectic, dark folk, haunting, original.

I am beyond excited to share our debut EP with the world, but unfortunately my bank account is not. The Beatles were absolutely right, I get by with a little help from my friends. 

Based on how much you pledge, you can choose from super rewards like an advanced copy of the album, hand-written lyrics, youtube video dedications, executive producer credits - even a house concert!  (Check out all the goodies in the sidebar). All proceeds go directly toward producing the album - your pledge makes this album possible.

I have set the funding goal for this album at $8,000. Hard costs include at least $4000 for the studio/engineer, $2000 for studio musicians, $1000 for mastering, and $3000 to print the CDs. Ah, the expense of the big apple...
However, the studio we are recording in is an amazingly creative environment, musician owned and operated where such artists as Lucinda Black Bear, Tracy Bonham, Ani Difranco and Ingrid Michaelson have done their thing :)

I want to thank all the talented musicians who have come together to make this project happen: Alex Natsume, Ricardo Rodriguez, Zack Jones, Thad DeBrock, Bennett Paster... oh, and random side note: any fans of the awesome 90's band Belly out there? Guitarist Tom Gorman is playing on the album :)

Clearly it's not all of the money needed for this album, but it's enough to get started. And since Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform it's the hurdle I need to hurdle to make this record a reality.  But - if we don't hit the funding goal by the deadline, no credit cards will be charged, I will not receive any funds.   

Whatever contribution you can make, be it a few dollars or just spreading the word about this project would be a huge help.  Thank you, and I can't wait to share the music of The Ashen with you all!

Cheers, Sara

p.s. have a question? Go for it! I am a super nice girl from the midwest :) 
you can reach me anytime at

A super thanks to the incredible Kris Kaczor for helping me put this video together :)

Cover photo by Elena Lakhodanova


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    A digital download of the album before it is released.

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    A signed hard copy of the album + the pre-release digital download.

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    Special call-out section on my website with your names, a great big digital hug from me, and the previous rewards.

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    An awesome t-shirt with the cd cover artwork by my amazing aussie artist friend (light blue, natural, charcoal gray or navy blue)

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    Hand-written lyrics for all 6 songs on EP + Rewards 1-4... apologies for the limit available, but first 10 to pledge are the lucky lyric winners :)

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    House concert for you and your friends (if outside NYC area, travel expenses not included) + Rewards 1-6

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    Executive producer credit on album + Rewards 1-7

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