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The Ravenwood Project - It's more than a fairytale's video poster

The Scarlet Twinfin uses fantasy and adventure to bring adults and children together around a great story, encouraging deep connection. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2011.

The Scarlet Twinfin uses fantasy and adventure to bring adults and children together around a great story, encouraging deep connection.

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The Ravenwood Project:

Ravenwood stories are adventurous, thought provoking and have a twist of irony. But don’t take my word for it; here’s what kids are saying:

Zach, age 11 - “They are Medieval, awesome, and involve action!” “They also have deep meanings. I just like them. They’re always fun to listen to. They’re like an addicting series!”

Bear, age 10 – “They’re inspiring and have adventure. I like that there is a castle and forests and that there is danger in the story that the Prince has to face.”

Lydia 11 – “When I’m listening to the stories I can picture it in my mind. They are fun to listen to and they have a good message at the end that can go along with what’s going on in my life.”

Rachael 11 - “One of the best that I have heard and you should read it because you will never be bored because there is always something new at each corner.” “It has a lot of adventure in it. I like how the dad believes so much in his son. Stories inspire me and help me do things I never thought I could do. They help me think outside the box, think of something no one else had thought of.”

Benjamin 9 – “I like the adventures and when Jaypaul defeats the bad guys. After you read one story then you want to read another and another and another until you’re done with all the stories.”

Daniel, age 5 – “Sometimes they make you laugh.”

Micah, age 3 – “I like - The Scarlet Twinfin - because I like the Boy and the Dad.”

HERE WE GO!!! As the video says, the concept of Ravenwood was born more than 12 years ago. My love for writing began even before that, as a child, writing fiction stories on my first PC in the late eighties.

About 8 years ago, while living in Albania, I wrote a short story of Prince Jaypaul in Ravenwood and was able to share it with a group of people for Christmas. The experience was unforgettable. The building we were in was built of stones and it sat high on the hillside with a view of the ancient castle in the city of Gjirokaster, Albania. The electricity went out at one point during the story and candles were lit. It was a perfect setting for the telling of a fairy tale! The people were on the edge of their seats. These were mostly adults! I saw one of them months later and he called out to me, “Jaypaul!” with a smile. I took note that he still remembered the character’s name after all that time.

Ravenwood stories can be a tool in your hand to really invest in and mentor the next generation. They help open meaningful conversations with the children in your lives, covering real topics like: • being loved and accepted for who you are, not just what you can do • the effects of unforgiveness • discovering your identity • the value of close relationships- -valuing what’s really important • and more are in the works!

This all happens through exciting and imaginative tales so learning is fun. I have written the stories to be entertaining for both the adult and the child as they experience them together. In this first book in the series, The Scarlet Twinfin, the young prince, Jaypaul, learns a valuable lesson about the depth of his father’s love and gets caught up in a wild adventure in the process. As with many of the Ravenwood tales there is a surprise twist at the end!

A word from the Illustrator: "Hi there, first I just want to thank you for your consideration in backing our project! I am so excited to be a part of the amazing adventure it has been putting this together. It is my first time as an illustrator, and has been personally challenging as I have confronted my feelings of doubt and insecurity, but in the end I feel that God keeps whispering truth into my heart, and that has kept me going. I look forward to seeing the impact this amazing book of Jeff's will have. And putting the creativity I’ve been blessed with towards this exciting endeavor. Stay tuned for updates on images for this project!" - Nichole Hillabush

Why Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a great way to get the word out about this project. Many of you are close friends and family. I must say that we would not be launching this project if we didn’t firmly believe that this book series will be a significant tool in the hands of anyone who has or works with children. Parents! Grandparents! Aunts and Uncles! Teachers! Babysitters and Friends! Almost all of us have children in our lives. These books help you connect in a fun and meaningful way you will both enjoy! Story helps us understand things we might not otherwise be able to grasp, and reaches us at a heart level.

It is clearly time to share “The Land of Ravenwood” with a larger audience.

The hope is that by raising the funds to publish this first book in the series, The Scarlet Twinfin, the door will be open through the sale of this book to set into motion the publishing of more books that have already been written in this series. So by pledging support to this project you really are launching the creation of Ravenwood! You are encouraging the possibility of bringing meaningful and significant storybooks to your bookshelf! It all starts with The Scarlet Twinfin.

How this works: I am offering incentives for your pledge to this project. Be one of the first to receive The Scarlet Twinfin when the project is completed, or choose one of the other fun incentives! I hope to have the book printed before Christmas; this may be a good way to do a little early Christmas shopping and support a great project at the same time! Time frames for publishing a book have lots of variables and are hard to predict so no promises on delivering before Christmas but it is my serious target. 

If we do not raise our goal of $6500 by the project deadline then your pledge will not be charged. This is an all or nothing program to assure that your funds will only be accepted if the goal is reached and the project can move forward.

Funds raised for this project will be used for: editing, promotion, illustration, cover layout and production coordination. If the pledges exceed our goal of $6,500 these additional funds will go toward printing costs. This would be big! As copies of The Scarlet Twinfin sell, the proceeds could help fund the next books in the series!

Thank you so much for taking a moment to consider helping create this first Ravenwood book. As this story unfolds I trust that you will find fulfillment in being a part of something meaningful, helping adults and children connect and grow. So a heartfelt thank you for your consideration! Jeff Hansen

Video Credits: (Thank You)

Video produced by – Radiance Communications -

Film editing –Jesse Coult

Original music by – Jason Coult

Videographer- Kerstin Pless

Photographers –David Frank - , Jerry Griffin, Star Hansen, Josiah Blake 


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