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National Opportunity for Art Students, Its like a concert tour for sketchbooks! Read more

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National Opportunity for Art Students, Its like a concert tour for sketchbooks!

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This is an opportunity for a group of our 7th grade students to participate in a International Art Project.Their sketchbooks will travel to Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX,  Chicago, IL, Atlanta, Georgia, Toronto, Canada, and will end the tour at the Brooklyn Art Library in NY where they will remain in their permanent collection. Each sketchbook has a bar code so that when one is viewed, that student will either receive an email/text telling them where in the country their art has been checked out and/or they will have access to an online database showing the tour activity. We could not fund this without a little help from our community, this is for a wonderful cause!

Risks and challenges

I am already in email correspondence with the Director of "The Sketchbook Project" As soon as I have the funds I will send them directly to them, where they will then send me the sketchbooks. Once my students are done with their art, the books are then resubmitted to the project for exhibition.

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