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Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
1,473 backers pledged $41,909 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals and New Reward Tiers

Posted by SeaCliff Interactive (Creator)

Hey all, as we shoot past $36,000 and clear 1,200 backers we wanted to, once again, thank everyone for their support. To celebrate everyone's generosity, we wanted to share our stretch goals and also announce new reward tiers that allow backers to get their name into the world of Super Roman Conquest

New Reward Tiers

In SRC, events will often have players come into contact with people of various occupations and positions within Super Roman society. Each new tier allows citizens to have their selected names, or "Romanizied" IRL names, given to characters during semi-randomized in-game events.

Choose which Character Type you'd like your name given to:

$18 - MERCENARY TIER - Mercenaries may wish to make back deals to save themselves and their cities or offer alliances swell your legion's ranks.

$23 - MERCHANT TIER - Merchants will offer fine goods and equipment gathered from throughout the Mediterranean to needy generals on campaign.. 

$28 - GOVERNOR TIER - Region Governors may have political agendas they wish you to support or nefarious offers for you to consider.

$33 - GLADIATOR TIER - Gladiators, heroes to the masses of Rome, will ask for your patronage and might even request skulduggery to help guarantee success in their matches.

As always, how you choose to respond to each character’s request will be up to you. Want your name to appear as a Region Governor, defiantly preventing other players to pass through your lands? Or maybe you’d rather have your name given to the most famous gladiator in Rome. The choice is yours, citizen!


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    1. Sir Jordi


    2. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Kevin - Every backer is eligible for the Punic Wars expansion if, and only if, we're able to pass our $45,000 stretch goal. Tribune tier is already automatically eligible for Beta access. Does that answer the question?

    3. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Sir Jordi - All tiers that are above lower naming tiers will be able to name one NPC type. Once the campaign is over we'll send our a survey and see which character you'd like to name.

    4. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @ErekoseDM - Unfortunately no, whatever name you submit will have to fit within the lore of the game. We'll make sure to do the best we can to keep the flavor of the original submitted name and of course work with you to make sure you're pleased with it. But you can't be Elmo RomanKilla...:)

    5. Kevin Sagan on

      It is getting a little late to really capitalize on it, I suppose, but I would eagerly up my pledge if the Tribune tier included the expansion-or even a CHOICE of expansion or beta

    6. Sir Jordi

      I do not quite understand the new tiers...You said all above tiers DO include lower tiers, fo if you choose the Gladiator one (30$), you can have your Mercenary (18$) + Merchant (23$) name?

      If that is true, all tiers above 30$ do offer A LOT of rewards for such unexpensive price!!

    7. ErekoseDM on

      Is it possible to get names into the game that are un-Romanized?
      in this update it says "or" about the name, but all the new tiers described in here have the addendum "or allow us to "Romanize" your own name".

      is there a romanization-generator or something.

      love the new tiers, just want to figure out how its going to be so in a few months i might remember when the surveys turn up.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ham on

      I assume that the new tiers include the lower tiers for free copy of the game and access to the Beta?

    9. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Dai - It's whatever you want, Dai! We'll make sure they are all cool in the finished game.

    10. Iván de Neymet

      sorry, just saw the previous posts

    11. Iván de Neymet

      Excuse me for posting a stupid question, the new tiers include the game?

    12. Dai on

      But hero of the people kicks far more arse.

    13. Dai on

      Awesome, I always fancied myself as Governor of Dalmatia. ^_^

    14. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      Yep, you get all the rewards at the lower tiers. So if you pledge for the Gladiator tier, for example, you'll also get the early Alpha access at the Magistrate tier.

      Good catch, Dai!

    15. Dai on

      Do the named tiers also get what previous tiers show?

    16. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @David - We're going to have elephants in the base game but if the Punic Wars expansion is reached, we plan to completely overhaul how elephants are used on the campaign map and of course in combat.

    17. Kael Hankins on

      The Punic wars expansion is a FANTASTIC idea.