Super Roman Conquest - A 3D Side Scrolling Strategy Game

by SeaCliff Interactive

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    1. Missing avatar

      Anthony Vaughn on

      Came here from Ctrl+Alt+Del, decided to add a little bit myself to your campaign as well as vote for you on Steam Greenlight. Glad you made your funding goal despite the troll, and look forward to giving the game a try.

    2. Dai on

      Congrats guys, can't wait to play this!

    3. Gabriel Galaz on

      Man, that was a hell of a bump. Was getting scared last nite when I heard about the troll...but congrats! Can't wait to play!

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Wren on

      Congrats guys!!!! Super happy everything worked out!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ken Bowers on

      Awesome! Very happy you made it! Looking forward to playing :)

    6. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Hehe Roman Victory "Medicus"!
      Also thanks for the shout out - Bolt Riley does look awesome and could do with some love. :)