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Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
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    1. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Simon -- it is a sign indeed; most of the campaign our guts were in a knot thinking this person might drop at any minute. It's been very unpleasant and we were lucky that this amazing reaction recouped our losses. Also, KS will prevent you from cancelling your pledge if it means de-funding a funded project. So you can't drop in the last hour and magically screw over a project.

      @ Donn -- We seem to have a lot people coming from Ctrl Alt Del. Thanks Tim Buckley!

    2. Ryan Anderson on

      Its disgusting that someone would actually do that as a joke... Congrats on bouncing back and making your goal! Can't wait to play!

    3. Tom Drake on

      Looks like you guys made it! Congrats!

    4. Simon on

      @Riggo I'll take that for an answer then. My apologies to Seacliff, and may you reach your 1st stretch goal. I'll up the pledge to back my words.

      If someone grabs a big reward (like a trip) and doesnt go all frantic in the comments or doesnt try to get in touch with you... its probably a sign. Blegh.

    5. Donn Manalili on

      There's quite a lot of trolls, luckily for my project there were none (or at least none that seemed to impact it much). There was one however that was banned for being a scamming backer, he had a $250 tier, so that didn't go through. Glad there was a huge influx of backers just now, I'm wondering which site brought it in?

      You still have that 48hr notice that should bring in a couple thousand, maybe get you to 40k!

    6. Timothy David Elrod

      I've heard murmurs of this sort of thing happening. Shame to find out it's actually true. I can't up my pledge by much, but I do think a show of solidarity is in order, so I'll pitch in what I can!

    7. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @Riggo Also.. how the heck did I end up with 143 backed projects - that's almost double you... but I'm only a about 1/3 number of comments. :P
      Incidentally, yeah we see way too many trolls on KS. It's a pity there is that element, although clearly they aren't really part of the KS community. Best to just ignore them and over-fund the project to give some additional breathing space to the creators.

    8. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @S.D. No worries mate. All good. ;-)
      @Riggo Right on. Those were the days....

    9. Riggo on

      @Simon... We had a troll or two on the Spaceventure project that was constantly dropping and adding pledges to demoralize the backers and creators. On almost all of the 72 projects I have backed, there has been a troll. Whether you choose to believe or not, there are people that get their kicks doing that. On Jack Houston, there was a single 10k backer, who didn't pull out, he just made sure that his pledge would not fund.

    10. Simon on

      Not to jump to any conclusions, but could we get a little more information, please? Specifically, any forum posts or mails from you/this troll? When the 5k pledge was submitted? When it was withdrawn, with a timestamp? Which nick that person used? All of these can not only be useful to share, but would also remove some doubts from the cynical(s).

      It's just that this whole thing is actually a technique discussed in the more questionable marketing circles, believe it or not. I have no evidence its ever been applied, but there's been such a pattern before.

      The biggest question in those cases is always... "If this guy was truly intent on causing the most damage, why do it 72 hours in advance?". Anybody who goes through this much trouble to ruin dreams, surely understands something as small as 5k, with 3 days left, can still be counteracted. He would do it at the last hour possible. Perphaps he is not a troll then, but genuinely someone who had good reasons to withdraw 5k% ? If so, why so quick to label yourself as victims?

      Another, more minor point: The "Remind Me" feature sends you an e-mail 48 hours in advance, not 72. Even if this "rich" troll was ignorant of Kickstarter trends, you'd think he would somewhat rely on the "Remind Me" feature to pull his little trick.

      Anyway, this is my insight on the thing. I would welcome possible answers.

    11. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      SD, right on the money. We've had amazing support from everyone these past few hours -- it's been a very heartwarming experience for us.

    12. Peter Baltzer Hansen on

      added another 10... best i can do for now, good luck :)

    13. S.D. on

      Oops! I meant "Ritechezfire", his true name before switching to RSF :-P

    14. S.D. on


      It's Kickstarter. I've seen these troll backers come and go dozens of times. As, RSF says, I was hoping for a victory update, but I think we're still in good shape. SRC will take in another ~$1.5k today and tomorrow, and $2-3k on the final day. Unfortunately, that means no stretch goal funding, but these things happen. Anyone who thinks this is a publicity stunt is a naive child who knows nothing about crowd-funding, Kickstarter, or basic logic. The risk of damaging one's professional reputation in the indie community for a $30k take is unthinkable (SeaCliff dudes feel free to chime in on that point). It may make a huge difference for this particular game, but I guarantee that nearly every indie in the Kickstarter sphere is shooting for much more than making a game; they want to build a studio that can produce games continuously, as a career, for life if possible. And that's the vision that backers can support; the establishment of a really cool game studio whose values and aesthetic are aligned with your interests (in my case here, cool retro-styled Linux games with an experience steeped in deceptively deep mechanics). SeaCliff promises to deliver these. Consequently, I intend to support them and that vision.

    15. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @MathieuNG - Wow, thanks guys. We'd really appreciate that. Be careful out there on your own KS campaign.

    16. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Dwayne - Yeah, it looked like we might hit the goal tonight but we'll just have to wait a bit longer. In the end, nothing good comes easy but we can overcome this with all your help. Thanks, man.

    17. NG on

      Hmmmmm not cool. We have another Update cooking up, we'll see if it can't be ready today, so we can help raise awareness on this situation in time.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dwayne on

      Definitely a bummer to see the progress bar drop back down but I know you'll recoup. Hang in there for the last bump at the end!

    19. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Ryzuzku - Thanks, we appreciate the support.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ryzuku on

      Increased my pledge to try and help.

    21. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Damian - Thanks, man! Every bit helps. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Damian Bradford on

      Heard what happened via Ctrl+Alt+Del and thought I'd throw some money at the project. It's not $5k, but I hope it helps!

    24. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @CptSparky - Thanks so much!

    25. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Miguel - Thanks for the upped pledge. Every bit is going to make the difference in the end. I know it.

    26. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Dai - Every bit helps, Dai! Thanks so much for helping bring SRC to life.

    27. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Donn - Thanks, man! We appreciate your support!

    28. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Darn, was hoping this would be the victory update. :-( Gonna give a little more for some troll poison.

    29. Donn Manalili on

      You should probably contact Kotaku about this. They like this kinda drama~

    30. Jesse Harlin on

      So. Lame. So sorry to hear that, guys.

    31. Donn Manalili on

      Upped my pledge as well! Don't worry, your last notice hasn't gone out yet so at 48 hours you should get a huge influx of backers!

    32. Missing avatar

      CptSparky on

      Hey guys, you're really not asking for too much money. So I raised my pledge immensely to get this really interesting concept of a strategy game going.
      I hope we will make it!

    33. Miguel Angel Lopez on

      What a dick move.

      Bumped my pledge up $5 bucks. Every bit helps. Looking forward to this!

    34. Missing avatar

      Atlee on

      You guys are a class act. Sorry about that guy dropping out at the last minute. The Roman's wouldn't have let this stop it would spur them to do even greater things. As backers of SRC let's show 'me what we're made of! Pledge on!

    35. Benjamin Stanley on

      We can break 1000 USD in a day!

    36. Dai on

      I am gutted to read this. What a shite thing to do. Cant raise it by much, but my pledge got a little bigger to help some. I hope others can do similar, it'd be a shame for this project to go tits up so close to the finish line!

    37. Donn Manalili on

      Ugh that's horrible! Lets get you guys the backers you deserve!