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Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
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Creating Choice In Super Roman Conquest

Posted by SeaCliff Interactive (Creator)

Hey all, Matt here. Just wanted to reach out to everyone to remind you we only have 9 days left in the campaign for Super Roman Conquest. We're coming up real close to the goal here in the final days and we need your help to push us over our goal. 

We wanted to let everyone get a peak at some of the choices we're looking to include within our Alpha Build due to be released sometime soon. As we hyped in the trailer, we're committed to giving players the tools to create their own stories within SRC with the inclusion of game altering choices. Keep reading for a preview of what you'll face in the Alpha build.

Choosing Your Own Path

We're looking to create choices that don't have a "right" answer. A lot of games include choices that make you pick between decisions morally equivalent to either helping a grandma or eating a baby. We want you to look at the pros and cons of a choice of action and then decide for yourself, knowing that there WILL be consequences, good or bad, for your actions. 

Cache of Goods

Since we're slicing up a small section of the campaign to act as our Alpha Build, we'll drop you into SRC right after a successful battle on the small island of Sardinia located just to the Southwest of mainland Italy:

Placeholder Art
Placeholder Art
  • Give the treasure back to the people. Mercy has a value that even gold can't buy.
  • Send the treasure as tribute to Rome. This will show the Senate this war is profitable and must be supported.
  • Sell the treasure. Rome need not know about everything that happens on the campaign...

Region stability is always something to keep in mind. Despair causes people to do strange things, sometimes even pushing them to open revolt against their conquerors. Then again, perhaps giving the treasure back will spoil the Sardinians, giving them unfounded hope that they could rule themselves again.

That said, there is always something to gain in keeping the Senate and people of Rome happy and convinced that your campaign is a just and valid one. Generals who ignore Rome do so at their own peril.

Of course even Rome doesn't have eyes everywhere. Although the Senate does not look favorably upon generals who aim to rob the Republic treasury of potential spoils of war there's no guarantee they'd find out if you kept some for yourself. 

As always, the choice is yours. 

On To Corsica!

After you decide how to handle the treasure cache on Sardinia the path leads to Corsica, another island nation just North of newly conquered Sardinia. 

The Corsician people are stronger and better equipped than their neighbors to the South and word of your treatment of the Sardinians and their treasure cache has spread quickly. Depending on your prior decision, the tone of the Corsician envoy that greets you could be either friendly or icy:

Placeholder Art
Placeholder Art
  • Pay them. The mercenaries will open the gates of the city once you arrive, giving you access the the city interior and saving dozens of your soldiers.
  • Refuse to pay. Any man, mercenary or not, that would betray their master is NOT to be trusted.
  • Execute them. The proposition these dogs offer offends you greatly. Do they think Rome needs the help of traitors to conquer lesser civilizations?

The way you handle the mercenaries and their offer to change sides will affect the way the next encounter plays out. Having the gates down will make taking the city much easier and will limit your losses. 

Refusing their offer will gain you honor which will change how Rome and other civilizations treat you in the future. Then again, your legions might not see risking more of their lives to save gold as honorably as you do. 

Finally, everyone knows fear can sometimes be the most powerful motivation to submit. Killing these men could send a message that weakens the resolve of the city's defenders. 

As always, the choice is yours....

Kickstarter Campaign Updates

As we head into our final week of our Kickstarter campaign we are running side by side with some other great looking projects that deserve your attention. Here are a few that we've backed and are excited about. 

Bullet Bros

Tim and I love retro style games that pay homage to the classics. Bullet Bros has a Contra style gameplay that is made fresh with some cool looking grappling systems and physics madness. Go check them out. 

Lords of Xulima

Again in the theme of paying homage to the classics, Lords of Xulima harkons to the great 90s PC RPG titles such as Baldur's Gate. We spent so many hours playing BG and BG2 and can't wait to see what the team behind Lords of Xulima comes up with. Back this project!

Dwarven Delve

This is a rad puzzle game that reminds us of some of our favorite table top games like Sabteuor. You're dwarves and you're doing what dwarves do, buildin' mines. Enough said, really....


More Contra Madness! This time with a Minecract-esque system of creation and destruction. I can't wait to get in there and build my own house THEN DESTROY IT! Plus I'm pretty sure I saw a Giant flying Whale in the trailer so there's that.

Thanks all for reading and stay tuned for more updates in the days to come. We can't wait to get the game in front of everyone and see what you think of it!


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