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Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
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Development updates

Posted by SeaCliff Interactive (Creator)

It's 11/12/13!  If only I had published this post at 9:10... 

10 Days Left!

Yep, we're in the final and most important third of our Kickstarter campaign. We're just above $21k, and it's thanks to you all. In the coming 10 days, we'll be pushing hard for more social media and press coverage, and more importantly we need your help to spread the word. Also, take a look at the reward tiers, and let us know if there's something missing that you'd like to see (SRC branded beach towels? Got it.)

This is going to be a tight race, but we're confident that with your help we'll beat our goal together.  Then it's off to continued development and opening up the forums so we can talk about the nitty gritty gameplay with our Alpha access backers.  That's what Matt and I are looking forward to most (seriously). 

So what's new in Development? 

After testing the encounter a few times, we realized we're going to need a bigger tutorial to teach some of the finer points of the game. For example, without knowing how to break down doors, you'd be stuck at the first part of the encounter. These are skills that normally you would organically develop through experimentation in the campaign, but for the demo we're accelerating the learning process.  

For the Engineers, we need to teach a few things:    

  • Collecting and using resources found on the map.
  • Building bridges and ladders to reach inaccessible areas of the map.
  • Grouping up Engineers to break down doors with a battering ram (since we currently don't have art for this, sadly the door just disappears). 
  • Building siege weapons at prescribed points on the map.

Additionally, we need to familiarize players with units assisting each other in complimentary ways.  For example, we need to teach the technique of Centurions protecting archers by raising their shields. 

Campaign Map Work

In order to connect all the maps and give players a taste of the choice we promised in the trailer, we're putting in additional work on the Campaign Map. We currently have a limited version of the map that only has three locations to visit (the tutorials plus the sample encounter), and gives you a handful of gold to buy new troops. 

We will insert a few choice elements that will alter the course of the sample encounter, so ideally you'll want to play it a few times and see the differences. These choices are just a small slice of the grander story elements we are introducing into the full game. In the full game, your success is measured not only by completing the encounter, but by reduced casualties, resources seized for Rome, and the morale of the people and your troops. 

We are making great progress -- between game development and Kickstarter management we expect to have something playable in your hands no later than next week, just in time for the final sprint of the campaign. 

Thanks again, everyone! Feel free to chime in and join the discourse.

- Tim & Matt

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      Neo on

      I think archers have to have different arrows - simple, fire, poisoned and more. :)

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      Neo on

      Yeah! Build and siege! Ballistas, catapults, battering rams - I want them all! :D