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Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
Super Roman Conquest is a retro side-scrolling RTS that takes place in a multi-layered, 3D world set in Ancient Rome.
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Alpha Build Updates + City Gameplay Info

Posted by SeaCliff Interactive (Creator)

Hey all, Matt here. 

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Tim and I have been busy working to finish our Alpha playable build lately and I'd like to share some of those updates with you all. 


Also, we've been looking forward to sharing some of the NEW art we've contracted an artist for create for Super Roman Conquest. I don't want to share too much before the reveal so I'll just say that we've very excited to finally show all our awesome backers a better idea of what we want the final game to look like. The artist has an amazing style and has worked on some other well-known KS projects so stayed tuned for that update in the next couple of days.

Alpha Build

Like I said earlier Tim and I have been working real hard these past weeks getting our Alpha build playable. We've build some new maps which include some of the city siege gameplay we're looking to create in SRC. 

City layout 1
City layout 1

We're looking to have cities in Super Roman Conquest act as high reward targets that players will have to invade from time to time in order to collect resources vital for the success of their campaigns. With this in mind we want to design cities to play and feel different than encounters that take place out in the country-side. 

As you can see in the picture above, cities have many different battle lanes that player and enemy troops can engage on. We're trying to somewhat replicate the frenzy of street to street combat in a way that builds upon the core gameplay of SRC. 

We want players to build upon the lessons learned in their previous country-side encounters in a more challenging environment that constantly tests their strategy. Right now the level is playing really well and Tim and I are having a lot of fun play-testing it with armies made up of various units. We look forward to being able to share this sometime in the near future.

Centurions storming the gates
Centurions storming the gates

Other Kickstarter Friends

Finally I just wanted to give our backers a head's up on some other Kickstarters that are working on some really cool projects I think are worth checking out. 

You Are Not The Hero

You Are Not The Hero is a 2D Action Platform RPG that ditches the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you're playing a bystander swept into the affairs of heroes and villains alike. Those heroes have broken into houses and been a nuisance for far too long, it's time to get some payback!

In any RPG I play I'm always that hero that smahes all the NPC's barrels to try and find something I can use. This game turns that narrative on its head and allows you to play this from the other side. You play as a player character trying to get your item back from those kleptomanic heroes in a fresh new take on RPG gameplay. 

Like I'm sure most of you I played a ton of older JRPGS such as Chrono Trigger and Secrets of Mana back in the day and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. That's why when I see a project like this I can't help but be interested so please go check it out.

Ok all, that wraps it up for the updates today. We've hit over 20K in funding because of everyone's support and can't tell you how thankful we are for that. We're working hard to create the finished product you'll love and be proud that you supported at this early stage. Keep telling everyone you can on Facebook or reddit about SRC and please stay tuned for our big ART update coming your way real soon. 

Thanks again, 


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    1. Robb Augustus Martingano on

      Being new here in the kickstarter community I have what may seem a noob question. If you guys don't make the goal, do you still continue producing the game in any form?

    2. S.D. on

      It's OK, Blackstaff. They only have to forgo sleep for another 11 days. How hard can that be?

    3. SeaCliff Interactive Creator on

      @Blackstaff - You don't need to apologize at all. Don't hesitate to call us out on anything. We'll listen. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Nice screenshots! :)

    5. Blackstaff on

      Sorry for rushing you, but this is a KS campaign, it's rough, tough and unforgiving for the devs :)

      Great update and eagerly waiting for the art's reveal !