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Bob Murch's Dangerous Dames adds thirty new 28mm female Pulp Figures to his extensive line of miniatures.
274 backers pledged CA$ 36,088 to help bring this project to life.
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CA$ 36,088


To keep Up-To-Date on this project, sculpting progress etc, Please visit:

Welcome to the Pulp Figures' Dangerous Dames Kickstarter. I’m Bob Murch, the sculptor here at Pulp  Figures and I decided that I need to have more rugged female characters in the  Pulp Figures line. I also decided that I need to up my game on sculpting  adventurous gals. So this Kickstarter is as much a challenge to myself  as it is a test to see if there is sufficient demand for these six new  sets.

                         We are talking 30 new 28mm sculpts here, including the bonus limited  edition of Molly ‘Crash’ Callahan on her motorcycle which will be a free  gift for all backers. Molly will eventually be released as her own set,  but not with this head. Only Dangerous Dames Kickstarter backers will  ever receive this version.
                         As well, I am offering a series of small accessory stretch goals which,  as the campaign progresses, will be added free to the backers’ rewards.

                         All figures will be metal castings in the usual Pulp Figures format and style.

                         I like things to be simple so there is only one tier here. You are  either all in for all six sets or you have to wait until the general  release (should there be one) if you want to pick and chose packs. The  backer price is $125 Canadian funds which is just around my regular 5  pack + 1 free pack price in US funds ($97.75). Kickstarter makes us do  this in Canadian funds.

 Here is an exchange rate calculator:

 Free  shipping is included in the pledge, including for destinations outside of North America. Shipping is Surface rate mail and to the UK and EU, can take up to 2 months. Please be aware of that. Mail to the US takes about a week. 

If you are overseas and you would like Airmail please add $15cdn to your pledge!

                         What you get besides the inherent joy of helping make the project  happen, is the free motorcycle gal limited edition and the stretch goal  bonuses. Not a bad deal.

        As well, David Phipps is producing Pulp Alley Character Cards based on these characters which will be available through Pulp Alley. (They are not a part of this offer, just a nice side  for Pulp Alley players.)

                         Fulfillment shipping is planned for April/May of 2020. 

        Figures come in unpainted white metal. A few parts like the side car and altar slab might be resin.

          Get these six packs of five figures each for $125cdn, and receive the bonus Limited Edition Crash Callahan and what stretch goals the campaign unlocks.

All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal.
All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal.
All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal.
All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal.
All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal.

Join Now and get this Kickstarter Exclusive Miniature included in your order! (an unpainted version of course)

   All figures will be shipped in 28mm unpainted white metal. 

 For more information on Pulp Figures and to see more miniatures go to the Pulp Figures website. Email any questions to

Stretch Goals

These items will be added to all orders as they are opened! No additional funding required.

 Stretch Goal #1 - Owl Unlocked!

Stretch Goal #2 = Hand Bags Unlocked!

Stretch Goal #3 - Cockatoo Unlocked!

Stretch Goal #4-Archaeopteryx Unlocked

Stretch Goal #5-Monkey Unlocked

Stretch Goal #6-The Ferret is Free!

Stretch Goal #7-The Iguana is Go!

Stretch Goal #8-Sheathed Blades drawn

Stretch Goal #9-Back Packs Unpacked

Stretch Goal #10-Cameras & Binoculars Snapped Up

Stretch Goal #11-Lanterns Lit!

Stretch Goal #12-Fred the Dog!

Stretch Goal #13-A side of Sidecar for you

Stretch Goal #14-Dismounted Crash Callahan Unlocked!

Final Stretch Goal- Fred Leaping from Sidecar Unlocked!

Final 48 hours Update - More Figures Available as an Add-On!

We are offering three new packs of PMH -Mystery and Horror as a bonus Add-on to our Kickstarter supporters!

This Add-on consists of fourteen figures in three packs. PMH-7 The  Night Caravan, PMH-12 The Return of the Bride and PMH-13 The Beasts of  Dr.Moreu.

What you need to know:

  • Just add $65cdn to your Pledge and we will add these items to your order.
  • These three packs will ship on or about Nov 15, 2019.
  • No extra shipping
  • You will still get the rest of your Dangerous Dames in April 2020
  • Let us know in the Pledge Manager that you added money for the Halloween Mystery Horror Add-on and we will ship these items.

Risks and challenges

These figures need to sculpted. This Kickstarter is just to see the viability of the project.
Bob Murch has owned and sculpted Pulp Figures for over 25 years so you will receive your miniatures.

Fulfillment shipping is planned for April of 2020. Surface rate shipping is built into the pledge. Surface mail to destinations outside of North America can take 2 months from the time the parcel is posted. North American shipping time is about one week.
If you are overseas and you would like shipping by airmail please add $15cdn to your pledge. We will follow up with you in the pledge manager to ensure proper shipping.

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