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We are a four piece Indie Rock / New Age Folk band from Chicago, IL. We are recording our debut album. Help us put it out!


Thank you for all of your support! This is truly something. In just five days, we have managed to reach our goal. For that, we are truly thankful. This amount of support is incredibly humbling, and we cannot express our appreciation for the belief you have in us.

Despite the overwhelming excitement, this is only the beginning! With forty days still remaining, this project will remain active so continue to spread the word to friends and family until the project officially ends on May 7th.

Our dream is becoming a little more tangible everyday, and without your help, it would have been nearly impossible. We can't wait to see how far this project will take us.

Kyle, Chris, Alex, and Doug

We are The Cyclist 

We are a four piece new-age folk band from Chicago, Illinois and are extremely excited to be in the studio working on our debut EP release, scheduled for July 2012. However, this process can not be completed by just the four of us.

As independent artists, we are recording this album completely on our own. However, the music production industry is an expensive one. Between the costs of mastering, design, and production, the total really adds up quickly.

This is where you come in. Through the use of Kickstarter, we are launching a 45 day campaign to raise $1,500 for the funding of the production and release of our EP. This money will directly fund our project. 

By donating, you are helping fund a dream that has taken many years to develop. We understand that money is tight everywhere, and for that reason, we ask that you simply donate whatever amount you think is appropriate. In addition to being a crucial component in the success of our EP, there are also incentives to donating. Take a look at them, and decide for yourself. 

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We all sincerely thank you for visiting our KickStarter page, and for those who donate, we infinitely appreciate your gratitude. 

Let this mean as much to you as it does to us. 

The Cyclist


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    Receive a "family postcard" from The Cyclist and a free download of the EP!

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    8 backers Limited (92 left of 100)

    Receive an autographed copy of the album and the "family postcard"!

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    8 backers Limited (42 left of 50)

    Receive an autographed copy of the album with a homemade bonus disc containing acoustic tracks and demos! The disc will be handwritten and addressed to you personally! You get the post card too!

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    We will play a five song acoustic show for you on Skype! Plus the previous prizes!

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    You will be taken out to dinner and a movie on the band! Also, receive an autographed copy of the album with the bonus disc and post card! (Limit to Chicago Area).

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    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Receive two free tickets to the show of your choice with backstage passes! You will get to hang out with the band before the show, and we will take you out to eat afterwards. You will also receive all of the aforementioned prizes!

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