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$1,565 pledged of $3,000 goal
By Josh Burgess
$1,565 pledged of $3,000 goal


Update 4/27/17: The video mentions a $4000 goal, but the actual goal is only $3000. My apologies!

I know that designers want to make the best use of Material Design when building their apps, and in order to do that, they are constantly looking for the right color combinations.

Unfortunately, the only way to find those colors is with digital tools, which makes you feel chained to your laptop and like you're missing the point of Material Design. I believe graphic designers should be able to design with their hands — anywhere. If you use material design, you understand better than most that inspiration can't always come from looking at a computer screen.

When I started looking into conforming with Google's design standards, I fell in love with how they started their design process. They pulled out card stock, set up lights, and created icons. And the colors sort of... appeared. I was left wondering, "How did they come up with those colors?" Material Design does have its own color palette, so do they have a swatch deck of some kind? Not that I could tell. I scoured the internet, and couldn't find anything of the sort.

So I decided to make a deck of cards to fill the brainstorming void. 

MDPD (Material Design Palette Deck) Features

  • 256 individual color cards - There are 256 colors in the Material Design color palette, and each color has its own card. The entire front face is the card is a solid color.
  • Hex code on the back - The hex code of each color is on the back of every card, so that once you settle on a color palette you like, you can flip them over and build your app.
  • Ultra portable - The cards are much smaller than poker cards, and you can carry them all in the box it comes with, with dimensions 3.5in x 2in x 1.25in.

You can now brainstorm new color palettes anywhere, because inspiration doesn't always strike while you're on your computer.

So back the Kickstarter and start designing and experimenting with your hands. And while you're anxiously waiting for your MDPD to arrive, follow the project on Twitter for updates and check out the rewards and pics of the deck below.

Color Accuracy

I compared the printer color profile to the sRGB color profile and found it to be mostly accurate, except at the brightest greens, blues, and purples. Here are some graphics that demonstrate this: 

Color Profile
Color Profile


Color Profile
Color Profile

I've also compared the colors with a properly calibrated monitor and the colors stand up well, although there is always some variation in colors between monitors (depending on gamut, brightness, underlying technology, etc.) and between monitors and paper. The MDPD should be used for the first steps of general brainstorming and palette creation, and then you can move to a computer.







I tried to keep the rewards as simple as possible, with only two tiers. However, if there is a reward you would like that's not listed, contact me and I'll see if it's possible. The decks make great gifts for designers by the way. :)

Tier 1 - $5:

This tier is for those who want to help out and stay up to date with the project, but don't want/need a deck. This may be because you aren't a designer, but still want to help out. You will be added to the project update emails and have your name included on the list of original supporters on any future website.

Tier 2 - $25:

The deck! This is the tier for you if you just want want the 256 card deck mailed to you. I expect this will be the most popular tier. You will also receive the project update emails and have your name included on the list of original supporters on any future website.

Thanks to Google for letting me use their footage. You can find the Google Design YouTube channel here.

Risks and challenges

There are very few risks surrounding this project, since I have already run a test print of the deck and it came out perfectly. Color issues were the biggest concern, but I was able to cross that off the list.

The only potential challenges I foresee are:

1) Excessive demand. This will not affect my ability to fulfill all of the rewards, but it may affect my ability to fulfill them all as quickly as I would like.

2) Gross calculation error. I have run the numbers multiple times and don't see any problem, but catastrophes do occur, so perhaps something will cost twice as much as expected. I have built in some wiggle room however (in case backers pull out or something) so I should be fine even if something goes horribly wrong.

3) I die. I regret to inform you that if I die before the project ends, I will not be able to fulfill your rewards. I hope the odds of that happening are low.

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