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Calling all virgins, past, present and born-again: Let's free all our first times from myth, confusion, sexism and stereotypes.
A new way to think about all of our first times–without myths, misinformation or misogyny.
A new way to think about all of our first times–without myths, misinformation or misogyny.
386 backers pledged $36,258 to help bring this project to life.

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Updates, milestones & a little sneak peek!

Happy Autumn from all of us at Trixie Films!

We've been working on "How to Lose Your Virginity" all summer and have hit a few exciting milestones we wanted to share with you:

• We screened a work-in-progress* cut of the film at CatalystCon in Long Beach (CA) to a room full of sex educators, media makers and others. The response was...A-MA-ZING! It was so thrilling to see it on a big screen and hear audiences reacting to the funny, sweet–and sometimes totally appalling moments that make up this film.

• Composer Stephen Cavit is creating an incredible score that can only be described as 'dissonant fairy princess' (trust us, it's perfect!)

• Our first round of motion graphics is done, thanks to the very talented Yasmin Mistry. There's a teeny sneak preview attached below (featuring Scarleteen's Heather Corinna), so let us know what you think!

• We just sent out our very first film festival submission–to Sundance, no less–with more submissions to go out in the next month. We'll keep you posted on how it all goes, and it wouldn't hurt if you lit a candle or equivalent. (thanks)

We really appreciate all your support!
Therese, Lisa and the rest of Team Trixie Films

*Work-in-progress in our case means that it feels more or less like a finished film, except we don't have our final music and animations in place, the color isn't perfect yet, we haven't mixed the audio to make it sound beautifully balanced, and we haven't licensed the outside music, images and video we'd like to use. Yup, it's a long road, but we're getting there! 

Video: A little snippet of our cool motion graphics
Photo: After-screening celebratory cocktails with some of the film's LA-based crew: Cinematographer Ruben O'Malley and Production Assistant (and BFF) Jamie Waese. Please note Therese is decked out in her V-Card and cherry pendant.

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Meet our composer: Stephen Thomas Cavit

Hi everyone!

We're thrilled to announce that Stephen Thomas Cavit will be composing our score. We've been talking to Stephen about working with us since our editor Dina Guttmann first introduced him to us over a year ago, and now thanks to our fabulous Kickstarter backers, he's on board.

Stephen has created beautiful music for a wide range of films and television projects including the documentaries The Greater Good, Blue Vinyl (one of my all-time favorites) and Everything's Cool, and the feature films The Good Girl and Chuck and Buck. He won a regional Emmy for his work on the PBS series Community Stories, was a Sundance Composers Lab Fellow, and also has a residency with the prestigious St. James Cathedral Choir in Seattle, the first in it’s 100 year history.

So sure...he has a great resume, but we're equally impressed by how quickly he's mastered the art of virginity punning. We can't wait to share his music with you!

~Therese & Team Trixie Films

PS Here's a photo Stephen in his studio thinking deep thoughts about Apple screen savers. You can learn more about his work at

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We're shipping out rewards!

Thought you'd like to see the state of our little office right now: Books! Pendants! Goody Bags! DVDs! And one copy of Judy Blume's 'Forever' to our lucky winner, ready to ship!

Are you expecting something? Have you given us your mailing address and 'thank you credit' information? If not, send it by Friday - don't assume we have it on file somewhere (we see you, Therese's friends).

The Team Trixie Films elves

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Please respond to our contact information survey by June 29th!

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So, what's next?

The campaign is over and 386 backers helped us raise $36,258! So you might be wondering what's next...

1. Thank you to all our backers: We can't say it enough. We are so grateful for your generous donations, your amazing outreach on behalf of the campaign, and your enthusiasm that kept us going when we didn't think we would make it. You are all wonderful.

2. Thank you to all our donors: Many thanks to everyone who donated generous rewards to our campaign including Hanne Blank, Kate Monro, Good Vibrations, Jude Ray, Jessica Valenti, Fernanda Rossi, City Grit, Jennifer Pozner and CatalystCon!

3. Getting you your rewards: Over the next couple of weeks, you'll get an email from us asking for your contact information, inscription requests, etc, to send you your rewards. If the reward contains the DVD or screening or party tickets, we'll get those to you as soon as the film comes out. Please get back to us as soon as possible with your contact information!

4. Editing the film: With the optimism that we'd succeed in the campaign, we started editing 4 weeks ago and now have a totally amazing rough cut which we just screened for a small group of folks. We got fantastic feedback, and after a few weeks of vacation for Therese, we're going to get back to work to finish the cut and send it to our composer and animator so they can contribute their genius. We'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress over the next few months.

5. Sneak Previews: We're going to be showing a sneak preview of the film at CatalystCon this September in California, and we're talking to a few more conferences about screening sneaks with them as well.

6. Read the blog: We invite you all to read the film's blog about All Things Virgin. We especially proud of our First Person series, a reader-submitted series of 'sexual debuts and deferrals' right across the sexual spectrum.

And finally a bonus: Although it's been out for a while, we just discovered this hilarious Kickstarter video from President Obama. Enjoy!

Have an amazing May and June and we'll be back in touch soon!
Thank for all your support from all of us at Team Trixie Films!

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