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A Smart Bag filled with Apps: The ultimate bag to keep you organized and operating at maximum efficiency.
A Smart Bag filled with Apps: The ultimate bag to keep you organized and operating at maximum efficiency.
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    1. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      Hi Sandra - I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. Yes, of course we have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects. Please email and she'll take care of you. By the way, we added the extra zipper slider per your suggestion on the current production that we have in stock. :)

    2. Sandra Shepard on

      Hi guys: I wrote you a while back because my stitching is falling apart on the bag. Is there some sort of "lifetime guarantee" or such? I can't use it because the stitching is falling apart and that makes me REALLY SAD.

    3. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      Hello Sandra,
      Would love to see a pic of your husband's bag (the pocket you like). You can send to
      Thanks so much for your input!

    4. Sandra Shepard on

      I would like to respectfully suggest a change perhaps in mobile pro 2.0. My husband and i use backpacks to get to work as we ride the ferry then bike. I bought us both the backpack and we both noticed the BIGGEST issue is there is no pocket you can throw keys or change into without having to zip it up. His favorite backpack has a zip pocket on top, but the zipper is a "straight line" (not curved, like eg the glasses pocket on this one), so everything is safe even if unzipped. Similarly, it has a pocket on the very front (like this one) but the zipper is angled v straight up and down. The top or "key" pocket however is the biggest thing missed in his estimation. So many other parts were a big hit but that ONE thing means it stays in the closet :(

    5. Edmund on

      This bag is a winner any day, any time. Please, let me know when you have future projects and campaigns.

    6. Edmund on

      This bag is a winner any day, any time. Please, let me know when you have future projects and campaigns.

    7. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      I just received my bag. I'm sorry to say that I don't like it. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Terry Stokes

      Just received my bag here in Sydney and I love it. Thank you and good luck with future projects.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wilson Ching on

      Just received this morning in Singapore. Excellent product. Thanks for the extras! Will recommend to friends and family!

    10. Missing avatar


      Just gave my husband the Mobile Pro for Father's Day. He LOVES it. Thanks for making me the best wife ever. ;-)

    11. Missing avatar

      AJ Hushen on

      Got mine before a 2 week international trip. A little disappointed in the size, it doesn't fit my laptop. I guess live and learn.

    12. Missing avatar

      jamie frenken

      got my black mobile pro in Indiana. it is so sharp just what I was looking for. thanks for the extras. just one tidbit my flashlight won't screw back together and should be removable but I'm still happy with the great bag!

    13. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      Hi J.R. - So glad you received your bag and like! Yay! :)

    14. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      Hi Stan - It was pretty frenetic around here - We were trying to keep up with messages but missed your comment about changing the color. You should have your bag by now. You are welcome to send it back and I'll replace it with Mallard Green. Magi

    15. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      Never did hear back as to changing my color choice to mallard. Is this possible? I will pay return postage if necessary. Please let me know.

    16. J.R. Kay on

      Just got my bag...Awesome, thank you for the extras too!!

    17. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      I am a bit disappointed in the communication skills. I've sent a message a few days ago, and then a polite reminder here that I need an answer before I can fill in my survey. I've now received a "FINAL REMINDER!" from KS. So what I'm going to do is fill in my survey, and I really do hope that you actually contact me before sending my reward.

    18. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      I've sent you guys a private message, but have not had a response yet. I really want to fill in my survey, but need that answer first...

    19. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      I agree with Raghu. Please post all three color choices so that I can complete the survey. Thank you. Looking forward to using my Mobile Pro!

    20. Raghu Vamsy on

      Dear Team,

      Could you please post an update on all the three variants Pictures so that we can complete the survey as we don't have much information about the finished "Mallard Green" bag.

    21. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      If you click on the Campaign link and scroll down to your reward level, you will see a link that says "Your response". You should be able to see all the info there.

    22. Brian Herrera on

      Can you resend the details of the backer offer included in the confirmation? I didn't think to save the info and, once I confirmed the details, that screen disappeared. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      jamie frenken

      yes I would love to get an update on delivery schedule.

    24. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      Any update on when you will be shipping my amazing bag? (I pledged for April delivery, and it happens to be April) :)

    25. Missing avatar

      jamie frenken

      very exciting update can't wait to get. it looks amazing

    26. Missing avatar


      What's up LifeGear Design? When your campaign was active you were very chatty now not a word. WHATS UP?

    27. Sheryl Walder on

      Last update was January 20th. Can you please provide one? Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar

      André Wenzel on

      Hi. Could you please give an update? Thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan Callahan on

      An update would be nice. I'm traveling to Europe in mid April and am hoping this arrives in time.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sandra Stirnweis

      Hey creators!
      It's been about six weeks since the last update and I know you were protecting to ship in March. How are you affected by the Chinese new year? Do you have an update for us soon? Thanks!

    31. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @ Jacque Menard: Thanks Jacque.

    32. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @ Jonathan Adams: hello Jonathan. Yes, you will be able to add bags. Just let us know when you fill out your survey.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Adams on

      The possibility of a purple bag will be quite interesting for my wife; will there be a way to add a second bag when we give our shipping info?

    34. Jacque Menard on

      I knew you could do it! No doubt in my mind! Congrats on funding and cannot wait to see the final product! :) Jax!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Not sure a color matters at this point, since no stretch goal, but yay funding! If a color still matters, purple (may as well get one of each color on the comments).

      Out of curiosity, would mesh inside the bag (to prevent pick pockets from cutting it open) or wires in the straps be something you might do in the future? Just thinking about the measures that PacSafe bags take, and wondering if that's at all likely in the future.


    36. John McManus on

      Never doubted the success of Mobile Pro for a second, given the industry--savvy, integrity-heavy, social network-experienced LifeGear team! Congratulations!

    37. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      Congrats on reaching the goal! I can't wait to get my hands on this awesome backpack!! :)

    38. Leslee Martin on

      Congratulations Cabrini and Co., I am very excited about the project

    39. Stephen A Hollingdale


      Great idea on locking loops on the zippers. Use them all the time on my 5.11 tac bag when travelling on the tube in London and would hate to not have the function.

    40. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @Nick Doblo:

      Great idea! We'll contact the factory and report back. Thanks Nick!

    41. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      Congrats on reaching your goal!! Woo Hoo!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Nick Doblo on

      Great news on reaching the goal. Can I make a suggestion for improvement? It would be great if the zippers were lockable so that when traveling in pickpocket area you can stop people taking your phone / tablet from the easy to access pockets.

      This could be double zippers with the locking loops or a sewn in tab at the end of the zippers with a reinforced hole to pass a small padlock through.

    43. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @Scott Fetrow:

      Thank you Scott! This is a incredible journey!

    44. Missing avatar


      Funded!! Congratulations Ladies!!

    45. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @Katrina Hennessy:

      All of your help and support truly helps - it's makes a difference & matters! That's what crowd funding is all about. You're the
      best! ;)

    46. Katrina Hennessy

      Found you in BackerClub and just backed plus posted on Facebook hoping to interest others. This looks like a well designed back pack with some extra versatility.

    47. LifeGear Design, Inc. 3-time creator on

      @Scott Fetrow:

      Thanks Scott! Woohoo is right! We're getting there thanks to our awesome supporters like you!!

    48. Missing avatar


      Whoo Hoo half way there baby!

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