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A car power supply for your Raspberry Pi that senses your ignition and safely shuts down your Pi.
238 backers pledged $6,576 to help bring this project to life.

Update #7

Posted by MausBerry Circuits (Creator)

Hi everyone! The bulk of the switches are out, if you haven't received your's yet then it is on its way and should arrive soon. I appreciate your patience and support, I'm working a full-time job with a 4 hour travel three of the days, so needless to say it has been a struggle but everyone's support has been wonderful!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      Still waiting in Germany...

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Grigg on

      I'm still waiting too in UK

    3. Nathanael Nunes on

      Its been 5 months. Can we at least have an update or something that indicates we may actually get one at some point?

    4. Ruffinetto Axel on

      Still waiting too... I'm in France.

    5. Nathanael Nunes on

      Still waiting. Are these still shipping? I haven't seen anyone say they got one in a while.

    6. Missing avatar

      Francis Hartojo on

      I still haven't received mine. AZ/US.

    7. Havrest on

      Just received my today. (2014/01/13 in France)

    8. Brian Conner

      Just arrived here, in Sydney NSW, today (2014/01/07). 12/31/2013 (sic) post cancellation date, so bouquets for the Posties of the world from this neck of the woods.

    9. Missing avatar

      James Dodd on

      Not yet arrived for me, however will post when it does. Encouraged to wait by Matthew Freemantle's post from 3 days ago here in UK...

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Freemantle on

      My supply has just arrived. Very pleased. (United Kingdom)

    11. Rickard Nordström Pettersson on

      I have not got my 2amp power supply....

    12. Nathanael Nunes on

      Have any of the 2 amp versions shipped? Only nine backers....

    13. Rune Robert Jørgensen on

      Still no supply here either in Denmark

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph Wayne Hamilton on

      Received my switch today (16 Dec '13) in IL.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Shaw on

      Still did not arrive in Canada yet. Any word on if they will be shipped soon?

    16. marzsman on

      Still waiting for my car supply

    17. Omar Juarez on

      I haven't receive mine !!

    18. Nathanael Nunes on

      Any update on this. This message made it sound like they were all shipping but its been quite a while...

    19. GiligainIsland on

      Relax those of you still waiting...I just got mine in the mail today! Looks nice.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joe Filion on

      Me too. Isn't their any way to determine if we are on the yet to be fulfilled list? I'm starting to get a bit frustrated. After all, the estimated delivery date was August.

    21. Robert Hagedorn on

      This message was sent in beginning of Oct... It's almost Dec and I still don't have mine?!?! Please give an update since you said the bulk was sent out almost two months ago!!!!

    22. Alexander Sheldon on

      Just received mine in the UK! Many thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      Got mine in Sweden today, thank you. Looks great and cant wait for Christmas when I will have time to try it in my car project. Good luck in your future endeavors, I am waiting till end of the month before ordering a few of your switches too :-)

    24. Mike Rushton on

      Finally received on 11/7. Exactly 2 months after it was said to have been shipped.

    25. Missing avatar

      mraught on

      Pennsylvania - got mine today! Looks great, can't wait to test it out.

    26. Missing avatar

      stefan crain on

      Based in NY - switch came today!

    27. Missing avatar

      Marco Sicco on

      My wife got 1 Today. I am still waiting for mine. Located in California...

    28. Mike Rushton on

      Coming up on 2 months since we got "The switches are steadily shipping" yet no switch here (4 hours away from "MausBerry Circuits"

    29. Paul Lanzi on

      Nov 5 and still now switch for me here in California...

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Morris on

      I've received my switch (UK based)

    31. Missing avatar

      Jodi Lowe on

      Was getting a little worried that the last update was a while ago and I still haven't received it (UK), but reading others are in the same boat means I'm not alone, so happy to wait (misery loves company :).

    32. Missing avatar

      Wouter Heijke on

      Amsterdam, and nothing! I'm not alone I see!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ransom on

      I got my switch a couple of days ago. Haven't gotten to try it out yet.

    34. Missing avatar

      Glenn Ward on

      I got mine today, Oct. 31. It was mailed Oct. 6.
      Thanks, Reed.

    35. Missing avatar

      Matthew Freemantle on

      No switch or updates in nearly 2 months?
      A quick update saying still shipping or waiting parts would be great (or anything!).

      Has anyone actually received one yet? I mean physically, not just a shipping notice?

    36. Alexander Sheldon on

      Still no switch here in the UK. Nearly 2 months since you started shipping these, with the "bulk" of them done over 3 weeks ago. Any more updates coming?

    37. Kevin Hood on

      In KY yet and still haven't received mine. Not really complaining because my project isn't ready, but figured I'd speak up.

    38. Missing avatar

      Greg Hicks on

      In Arkansas and not here yet

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan Morris on

      I live in AL and still haven't received mine..

    40. Missing avatar

      Quang Phan on

      In Phoenix, still no delivery here either

    41. Gary Littlemore on

      Anyone in the UK had a delivery yet?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ransom on

      Just got my shipping notification, so he is still shipping them out, those of you that are wondering.

    43. Missing avatar

      Glenn Ward on

      Thanks for the email with the USPS number. I gather the shipment was today.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ransom on

      In Oklahoma - nothing yet here either.

    45. Missing avatar

      Glenn Ward on

      Oct. 26 and nothing yet. How about letting us know your shipping schedule? Keep us in formed.

    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl on

      nothing here,

      didnt even recieve a reply on my shipping adress change that i send weeks ago

    47. Missing avatar

      Shawn Ferris on

      Ditto - no delivery, no response.. pretty much writing this one off. Pity :(

    48. Robert Hagedorn on

      I have not received mine.... Nor have I received any communications!

    49. Ingo

      Nothing yet.... has anyone gotten theirs?

    50. Missing avatar

      Payman Damghani on

      Hi i still haven't received my switch hopefully soon.