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A car power supply for your Raspberry Pi that senses your ignition and safely shuts down your Pi.
238 backers pledged $6,576 to help bring this project to life.

Update #1

Posted by MausBerry Circuits (Creator)

Thanks to all of the backers so far! I will be posting a quick demonstration video of the switch tonight. As for the few questions that have been posted: I will provide +5V solder holes in addition to the USB port for people wishing to tap into the switch's power for other uses. As was posted by Eric, I don't recommend using that to power the Pi via GPIO as explained in his link. At the finish of the campaign I will send a survey and backers will pick from the following USB options on their 2amp and 3amp boards (the separate 5V pads will be on all designs, regardless of USB plug style): 1) single USB type B female plug (use a standard USB to micro-USB cable from switch to Pi) 2) dual USB female ports 3) micro-USB male connector (like the main photo)

Each board will come with approximately 18inches of the power leads (red, black, yellow wires) for wiring into your car. The open ends will have bare wire. I recommend using any of the widely available radio wiring harness for your specific car model so you don't have to permanently alter your car's wiring system. Thanks again to all the backers!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      Yes, how ever it is done you need amp. Either a car amp as bought or hack the radio you take out. I am kinda thinking I might try that, at least give it a go. Problem is I dont understand why car amps are so large, when the ones in head units, are so small! Ideally I would like a small 4 channel 35W per channel.

      I am surprised that that place done sell small amps for installation inside the dual din enclosure. However the more I think about it, this type of touch screen is definitely how I would like to go. Good luck.

    2. Alexander Sheldon on

      Tim, I have seen those screens. They look very interesting. I almost bought one on eBay that was heavily reduced. Still wondering about the audio out though. Probably going to need some kind of amplifier.

    3. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      Blaine, hope this helps.…

      Check round the website. They also do a full dual DIN cage with the same screen etc.. but I dont have time to find it just now. That is what I will use.

    4. Blaine Eaton on


      Can you provide the links you mention below about the double DIN touch screen. I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do in my situation and can't figure out the best solution. For the radio issue, I was thinking about using the streaming option with my phone's hotspot. I tried this out and it seemed to work pretty well. I took a couple of the stream files and placed them on my phone in one of the directories. I then created a link to that folder in XBMC and it worked quite well. See the youtube link below for more information..…

    5. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      Hi Alexander. I am currently trying to work out the best option. Part of me is thinking of replacing the current radio with a new unit that has a decent sized display. But then that will probably not let me use the touch facility. Another option is a double DIN with a touch screen on front (and nothing inside). I have seen a few of these (I can provide links if you want). I can then mount RPi inside the unit with several dongles, USB hub etc...

      However, I learnt today that XMBC does not have a radio tuning addon. Bit of a bummer that. Kinda wish I had the time to code one.... but with a young family, dont think I will.

      I like the VNC idea. :-)


    6. Missing avatar

      Quang Phan on

      Thanks much for clarifying. Sorry I misunderstood, thinking that 3 USB ports somehow would be added somewhere onto this switch as a stretch goal. A high-current USB hub sounds very interesting. I'll look forward to it. Thanks.

    7. MausBerry Circuits 3-time creator on

      Hi Quang, sure - I will leave the USB ports unsoldered for your switch. One thing though - you mentioned 3 USB ports but I'm only planning on having a dual-USB option at most (plus the 5V plated holes).
      If you are referencing the 3 port USB hub that I mentioned as a possible stretch goal - I have a working prototype of a 3 port hi-speed USB hub I've designed from the ground up. It draws a separate power source from a USB plug (separate from the upstream/data plug so it can draw more power). I have designed it to support several amps of power. In the interest of delivering the original car switches on time, I'm going to release the hub separately as an add-on module that can be connected to one of the powered ports of the dual-USB switches.

    8. Missing avatar

      Quang Phan on

      Thanks for providing the +5V solder holes as I was looking to solder my own micro USB cable anyway. Since I have very limited space in my dash, behind the Pioneer double DIN unit, plugging this board to my Pi while being jammed among so many wires would cause some serious strain and probably break both USB plugs.

      I have one request. If you could leave the 3 USB ports unsoldered on my board, that'd be great. I am looking to modify the data lines with voltage dividers to charge iOS devices, then mount these ports somewhere on my dash. Thanks.

    9. Alexander Sheldon on

      Tim, That is exactly what I am doing! Except on the one RPi, controlling it all with a 7" tablet in the dash connected via VNC. How are you connecting your audio from the RPi to the car? Are you replacing the radio completely, or using the aux-in on the radio for the sound?

    10. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      Great job and thanks for the update. I think the three options you will be offering are great. Certainly plenty for people to mull over. I am going to install 2 RPis, one to replace current stereo and the other to act as a OBD2 reader (taking important readings and fault codes and updating a google docs spreadsheet). So your kickstarter came at just the right time, with every feature I could ever want! Cheers.

    11. Alexander Sheldon on

      Thanks for the update! Just out of interest, is it possible to have the male micro usb connector, and a further usb socket for another lead? If not, don't worry. I'll just take the dual USB version and run two leads.