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Big Ass Rainbow is a collection of illustrations that take place in an alternate universe. A universe of butts.
50 backers pledged $2,502 to help bring this project to life.

We're at the halfway point!

Posted by Josh Kraus (Creator)
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Hey backers, friends, foes, and self-aware laptops!

We officially have 2 weeks left to get Big Ass Rainbow funded! Here's a quick reminder of all the awesome things we can do if we're successful:

  • Big Ass Mini-Book! A beautiful book with 10 sublime, full-color illustrations, such as Big Ass Miracle, Big Ass King Arthur, Big Ass Cyborg Uprising, and Big Ass Theme Park.
  • Special Edition Big Ass Mini-Book! all the illustrations PLUS top-secret concepts of future illustrations AND an introduction to the uber talented artists.
  • And there's Big Ass postcards, t-shirts, and pillows!

We can absolutely get funded, but we need to work together and spread the word. I urge you to post about the project on Facebook, Twitter, even MySpace, and email close friends and family. To make it easy, here are some copy-&-pastable posts. Please use them! 

Instead of buying a coffee today I donated to Big Ass Rainbow's Kickstarter. It's an art book about butts! It only has 13 days left to get funded, so let's help them out!

Do you want to live in a world without an art book about butts? Me neither. Let's all donate to Big Ass Rainbow's Kickstarter. They only have 13 days left guys! 

Someone's making an art book about butts on Kickstarter, and it looks AMAZING! Let's all donate a little so they can make their goal!

Do you like butts? How about art? Well someone's making an ART BOOK ABOUT BUTTS on Kickstarter! They don't have that much longer to get funded, so let's all help out just a little!

Wouldn't it be cool if someone illustrated Jesus turning water into butts? Well it's actually happening! There's an art book about butts on Kickstarter right now! They don't have much time left to get funded, let's help them out! 

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