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Druids is an abstract strategy game for 2 players made from striking wooden pieces that will be delivered before Christmas 2016.
231 backers pledged $11,544 to help bring this project to life.


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Druids is an abstract strategy game for 2 players that plays in 10 minutes. What is an abstract? Recent examples include Tash-Kalar, Santorini, and Onitama

Druids combines a few fun mechanisms: 

  • A novel method of piece movement
  • Simple, varied moves inspired by Animals
  • Players alter the board itself as an element of strategy

It is an accessible and tense game that plays so quickly you'll never play just one game.

Druids is a beautiful wooden game manufactured in the United States. It features a thick board, hefty tiles, and Druid markers in which you actually slot the Stone tokens. It looks, plays, and feels unique, and is meant to be a special gift for you, a friend, or both this holiday. 

You'll receive your copies of Druids by December 2016!

Druids may be printed in a different form if well received, but we do not intend to create additional wooden copies in this manner again. We want it to be special and unique!

The images below show the final product. For each pledge of Druids, you will receive...

  • 1 Board: 1/4 inch thick and separated into 4 pieces when disassembled
  • 6 Druids: 1/8 inch thick triangles, three of which are stained
  • 9 Stones: 1/4 inch thick circles with 9 engraved Animal symbols
  • 9 Stone cards: Beautifully illustrated by John Ariosa, printed via
  • 1 Reference card
  • 5 Terrain tiles: 1/4 inch thick, with 4 laser engraved Terrain symbols
  • 1 small black velvety bag to hold these pieces
  • A printed copy of the rules
  • 1 Box that holds everything. The box will be sent disassembled, but it's a simple matter of snapping the pieces together.

The cost of shipping is included with your pledge. We ship to anywhere within the United States. Unfortunately, we are not shipping Druids to international destinations, because we cannot do so for what we consider a reasonable price. 

We are not using Stretch Goals. Druids is a complete and beautiful game with a tight delivery schedule that we fully intend to meet.

Read the rules for Druids here. Or, watch a video teaching the rules.

Watch a full game between me and Antonio. 

Finally, we can teach the basics with a few pictures. 





Play the game yourself! The Print and Play takes minutes to assemble. We've played it over 100 times and know you'll enjoy it.

Aside from delivering a fun, beautiful experience, we want to raise money to finance art production for our 2017 title, Solstice. Fantastic illustrations are expensive! A successful Druids campaign allows us to begin art production now, instead of waiting for revenue from retail sales from our other titles (Hocus, Farmageddon).

We created a chart below to illustrate approximately how the revenue earned from this campaign will be spent. This chart assumes we sell 200 copies. Our costs increase per unit if we sell fewer units. Help spread the word!

Most of the money is spent on manufacturing, shipping, and Kickstarter fees. But, if things go according to plan, a quarter of the revenue can be devoted to Solstice illustrations!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post them in comments, message me directly, or email me at

If you want to buy our other titles Hocus or Farmageddon, you can do so right now via our online store. Orders ship immediately with free domestic shipping, plus promos!

Grant Rodiek (Designer/Publisher): Grant is a professional video game producer and part-time board game publisher from San Francisco. He is the co-designer of Hocus and Cry Havoc and the designer of Farmageddon. His corgi is adorable.

Antonio Romeo (Developer): Antonio is a co-worker, friend, and game night companion of Grant's from Redwood City. It was his idea to start Druids in the first place and he has probably played more Druids than anyone! 

John Ariosa (Illustrator): John is a freelance illustrator specializing in games. You may have seen his work in Mice and Mystics, Battleship Galaxies, Netrunner, Bullfrogs, and more. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and their herd of cats. Contact him for your game!

Daft Concepts (Wood makers): Chris Urinko is a resident of Utah and student of games, lasers, and wood. Chris' curiosity is infectious and I have a bad habit of emailing him to make things because I know he'll be just as excited as I am. Contact him for your project!

Risks and challenges

Druids is the third release from Hyperbole Games. We successfully delivered our first title, Hocus, to backers 2 months early in 2015. Our second title, Farmageddon, was delivered to pre-order customers a few weeks early. We work hard to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We've tested Druids extensively. We've ordered several prototypes of the final version to ensure you'll get exactly what we promise. We're working with a domestic manufacturer to guarantee on time delivery and no customs issues. We've tested our shipping solution, which we've already used to fulfill two games for thousands of customers. Finally, by not using Stretch Goals, we know our costs inside and out.

Essentially, we've worked hard to ensure there are no surprises!

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