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$338,498 pledged of $500,000 goal
By Phosphor Games Studio
$338,498 pledged of $500,000 goal

The new campaign for TWO Project Awakened games has begun!

The Results are in...

...and the new campaign is on!

During the 1 week survey on, over 4000 of you came to tell us your thoughts, and we are happy to announce that as of today, we are starting a new 6 week funding campaign as you requested, with some changes to the vision based on the amazing feedback we have gotten from the community over the last few months.

Come Join The Project Awakened Founders Club

If we don't make $250,000 in 6 weeks, we refund everyone that pledged. If we reach our minimum goal, we will be making TWO games:

  • Project Awakened - Danger Room (2013)
  • Project Awakened - Subject (2014, exact date TBD, see below) 

 We don't announce the new campaign to the world until Monday the 25th, but until then we have some exclusive Early Adopter packages for the community, with great free bonus items. Come get them now while you can!

Project Awakened - Danger Room

Pledge Goal: $250,000
Release Date if Funded: November, 2013

A single player game in UE3 like the Special Abilities Video you all loved, with more abilities, lots of outfits, and more AI and world items to interact with! It will be a blast, and a great first taste of creating your dream video game character. Multiplayer and Modding available, unsupported. 

Project Awakened - Subject

Release Date if Funded: By the end of 2014

Learn about the compelling and dangerous world of Project Awakened, as you take your created dream character through the first of many single player stories set in the PA Universe!

This brand new world of technological evolution has expanded humankind's horizons to unimaginable reaches. But not for you - your world has never seemed smaller. You wake drugged, woozy, tagged, and imprisoned. You soon realize that this is no normal prison, and noone is coming to save you. It is a secret place, a dreaded place whispered of among the Awakened. Secret facilities set up by private companies, black market arms dealers, global crime syndicates, rogue nations, even the security forces of nations who masquerade as legitimate under the excuse of 'national security'. Facilities where kidnapped Awakened are mercilessly tested to see just how far people can take these new found enhancements...and ultimately what is needed to break them. You must survive the grueling tests of your unknown captors long enough to unravel who they are, why you are here, and how to escape, if escape is even possible.

  • $500,000 - We commit to a June 2014 launch of 'Project Awakened - Subject' 
  • $1M - We commit to also having a small open world modern day city hub for sandbox play with your abilities, fight escalating spawned enemies based on your power level, and MP matches. 
  • $1.5M - We do both games in UE4 (with the important note: features at release would depend on what is possible with UE4 at the time) 


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    1. Sebastian Corfitzen on

      No Kickstarter no pledge, well I cant even pledge if i wanted to, because paypal are ****, But i pretty much have the same complaints as the other comments.

    2. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      I don't understand the no Kickstarter decision either, They claim to refund the amount if they don't make the goal - another 'all or nothing' like Kickstarter.... that just raised up flags and seems fishy if you're going to operate precisely the same way as here anyway, why not just re-launch here?
      Hell even something like Indigo-go which I've also used to back projects would be a better start. If that survey I filled out was insinuating about a crowd-funding launch on their site rather then another project here, then I really, REALLY misread it/misunderstood it/wasn't explained properly.

      If it has something to do with Kickstarter taking x% of funds raised then why not make mention of it and be transparent with us?

      Also reward tiers are altered. I brought this up earlier, but the $50 pledge here included 2 copies of the game, whereas the (extremely limited early bird special) version of $50 over on the site only included an extra copy of the Create-a-Character....(keep in mind plenty of companies release a create a character of their game for free as a 'demo' in some cases). Why ask me in the survey if I would "pledge again at the same level" if said levels would be removed. ..? Seems like a redundant question.

      I'm more than excited about this game, can't fathom why it didn't reach the goal first time around. However I'll wait for re-launch here/wait for it to eventually be funded/made and purchase it once it's done since it's crowd-sourcing phase seems to be a complete mess so-far.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jarrett Wright on

      I was happy to back this on KS with the original 500k plan.

      Setting the bar even higher for another crowdfund (with no Kickstarter) is just asking for trouble.

      I (and many others) don't want two half-finished games, I wanted the one game I pledged to.

    4. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      I thought this game was going to be using UE4 in the first place. Definitely not backing this project now. There isn't anything special or next gen about it.

    5. Dan Serik on

      With all due respect...not using Kickstarter or any other similar website where there is a third party control of the funds is a minus...Good Luck!

    6. Frank Talbot on

      Yep, too many things wrong with this one.

      Not using Kickstarter. Asking for half of what was asked here. UE4 only at 1.5M (was one of the selling points for me in the KS). Paying for a create a character "game" = no thanks. Confusing pledges / business plan. Several delays last week just to launch the campaign = Not a good start and you guys don't look serious / prepared.

      I want you guys to succeed, but unfortunately I won't blindly pledge again, especially outside of a controlled environment like Kickstarter. I wish you luck with the project, and I'll check it out once it's available or on sale.

    7. Lathen Carlson on

      I'm with a lot of others here. If this were on kickstarter, or even a dual funding strategy with kickstarter involved, I would not hesitate. I don't necessarily feel comfortable otherwise. If you start another kickstarter campaign I'll double my contribution. Until then, good luck.

    8. Atarun

      Let me expand on what I said a little: the problem for me is not that you did not go the KS route a second time. I think you should, but I can imagine reasons why you would not.
      The problem is that in the KS update where you announce the new campaign, you do not use the word Kickstarter even once. No mention that the new campaign won't be held there and so, obviously, no explanation of why. That is something I definitely need to know to decide whether I want to back the new campaign.
      And if the reason is just that you wanted to offer more payment options, then please do like Skyjacker, Star Citizen and every other campaign I have seen set up a private campaign website: dual campaigns with one on KS and one on your own website.

    9. Missing avatar

      Comrade Suhov on

      A strange new approach I can tell. No 20$ early bird tier is a minus. And I simply want the game with story, not super human Gmod like sandbox.

    10. Joel Connelly on

      Yep, I'm with others, I won't be backing if it isn't on KS.

    11. Peter Jacob on

      I suppose the hesitation to launch a new KS would partly be because of the lowered funding goal. If $500,000 was the bare minimum to get the project going, you kinda have to awkwardly explain why suddenly only half that is needed now.

      Still, plenty of failed KS's have come right back for another go. Like others have pointed out below, there's always Star Citizen's example.

    12. Alex Adams on

      The two games thing is still just one game. But they are releasing it in two parts. The create a mode and the single player campaign. If all of us donated the same values again they would already meet their goal and be almost to the next one. I think ignoring kickstarter was a mistake. But I still support the project.

    13. Kadn Hart on

      Star Citizen was able to dual-crowdfund on their own website and Kickstarter. Why can't that happen here?

    14. Missing avatar

      Xavious on

      I'm with everyone else. I would have gladly backed this again if it was on kickstarter and not your own website. While I do like the idea of including the character creator as one of the released games, I just don't feel comfortable donating outside of Kickstarter.

    15. Aaron Smith on

      I really do not understand why they have not listened to several of us during this KS that tried to help them. Now it seems like they just went off in a completely different direction weird. Wish them luck but I am done with this one.

    16. Eric Falsken

      I'll just say that it was way more trouble than I expected, to find your facebook page! Why is there no link to a Project Awakened facebook page from or from this KS project. No wonder you missed your initial funding goals!

    17. ET3D on

      By the way, while I'm critical of taking this outside Kickstarter, I think that there are some positive things here.

      There's the lower goal, which as I said if taken directly to Kickstarter would probably have funded easily.

      There's the UE3 version. Frankly I'd have backed the original game even had it been UE3. It's the idea and execution that count, and while UE4 offers more, I think that it's possible to make a Project Awakening a very satisfying game in UE3 too.

      There's a basic story to the game (Subject). which was missing the first time around.

      So it's not all bad. Still, I think it could be done a whole lot better. I'm not really sure what Danger Room is about. If I understand it correctly, it's a basic demo where you can create a character and use them in an arena. That's neat but not something I feel is worth $15.

    18. Keilyn on now you say you can make TWO games for $250K? After your failed Kickstarter got $338K for ONE game? And you're cutting out Kickstarter? And the "get stuff" tiers are more expensive with fewer stuffs? And you're still using your dead Kickstarter to promote your cut-them-out version?

      No, I don't think so. You guys have some nerve. If your fundraising succeeds, I think I'll just wait to buy the game when it's $10 on Steam, and just torrent the soundtrack and Google the wallpapers. If I care about this game anymore by that point.

    19. Steve H on

      I'm pretty much with a lot of people here. But mostly it is the decision to split Project Awakened it into 2 games that I really don't understand. I could understand if the Multiplayer was being sold separated from the Singleplayer (that is something people have asked companies to do in the past and never seen happen), and pardon me if I am not understanding this correctly, you are selling people just character creator separate from the game.

      *Sigh* I really hope I'm wrong.

    20. Andrew McDermott on

      On your own site you will get previous backers from this update but a new Kickstarter project would get new ones as well. With the goal being less than was achieved before I would have thought it would be on here.

      Ready to pledge once it's here.

    21. MikeHumphreys on

      You raised almost $339K last time with no clear storyline. Now you're offering to do TWO separate games for $250K with one of them ready this year.

      I stand by my previous commments... if you do it on Kickstarter with a strong marketing and promotional push then you could raise $500K to $1Million. If you do it on your own site only, you'll be lucky to hit the $250K mark.

    22. MikeHumphreys on

      I'd be happy to donate IF it was offered on Kickstarter.

      There's no reason why you can't offer it on both Kickstarter and your own site. As I've said in my previous posts... if you do it on Kickstarter, then you have alot more sources willing to promote and spread word of mouth of your Kickstarter campaign. If it's just on your own site, then you are just one of thousands of independent websites trying to raise cash for building a future game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrea De Crescenzo on

      will pledge when it is on is more trustworthy

    24. Thomas 'Chewie' Ladwig on

      I'm going to donate, but I agree with what's been said. I would feel a lot more comfortable if this was on kickstarter.

    25. Darrell S. Doswell on

      i agree with everyone

    26. Jalister on

      I made comments when this first campaign ended that this should be re-launched here. I understand the desire to offer PayPal, but PayPal contributions are usually quite small when compared to how much a Kickstarter campaign gets. I think it would be better to launch here. Once the goal is met, then re-open the PayPal option on your site to get those additional dollars.

      I will back this again, but I would prefer to do it here.

    27. Ilya Shaisultanov on

      Launch them on Kickstarter, guys.

    28. Matthew on

      Agree with the others. I'd rather go through Kickstarter.

    29. gandalf.nho

      I prefer a new KS campaign too

    30. Archon on

      I'll gladly contribute again ... on Kickstarter.
      Unless you're Chris Roberts, running a crowdfunding campaign on your own is a little too audacious.

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    32. Missing avatar

      Flammablezeus on

      I've backed it. Really looking forward to this happening.

    33. Atarun

      Sorry, but I will not back you guys again until I understand why you're not coming back to Kickstarter. That is something you definitely should have addressed in the update.

    34. ET3D on

      Nice to see you back, but I'm bewildered by this decision. $250k? That's less than you got on Kickstarter. If you put it back here you'd probably have that in a day just from returning backers.

      I don't think you realise how much more attractive Kickstarter is for those used to it. There's safety built in, there's the ability to change the pledge easily, there's an ability to discuss things and of course familiarity.

      I wish you good luck, but I feel it's a mistake not to put this back on Kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Janette Field on

      how do we pledge, is it a new kickstarter?