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Phosphor Games StudioBy Phosphor Games Studio
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Phosphor Games StudioBy Phosphor Games Studio
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pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, March 6 2013 3:40 PM UTC +00:00


Posted by Phosphor Games Studio (Creator)

Hello Amazing supporters!,

Today was a great day for Project Awakened, thanks to all of you that are helping make it happen!

IGN Cover Story: Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo for Project Awakened Released

It is not every day you get the top banner spot of one of the biggest gaming publications in the world, but today IGN honored Project Awakened with a great article about the game, and our UE4 Tech Demo video revealed today.

UE4 Tech Demo Vid

After 3 weeks of talking about how we are going to use the best next gen engine the world has ever known to make your dream character a reality, today we released a little taste of what that will look like.  The vid has three sections all build and vid captured in UE4 -

1) The opening section is story 'tone piece' for the world of Project Awakened.

2) The middle section shows some examples of the amazing level of detail you will see on your dream character as they wield your favorite unique blend of special abilities.

3) The final section displays just a small fraction of the highly detailed outfit and equipment pieces you will be able to put on your character, your modded enemies and bosses, and anything else you can think of!  Imagine a vast list of pieces like this for you to not only choose from, but eventually tint with your choice of colors and tweak them to your liking!

Just 5 Full Days Left...Go Tell The World!

You have all been truly amazing supporters.  Project Awakened is not a sequel to nostalgic IP, it is not styled on games from the past that are known successful formulas, it is not safe and easy - it is something new and different, a whole new way of looking at games, a vision we want you to own with us that could transforming action gaming...and you have been brave enough and trusting enough to try to make it happen with us.  But, we have a ways to go and time is getting short.

We want to dedicate a team to this game, get you a closed beta in Q1 of next year so you can help us shape and balance the game, get to open beta in Q3 of next year so we can bring in even more people to see what we have built together...but we can only do that if we get funded.  Otherwise we have to keep making Project Awakened in our spare time between projects, and it's been years of that already.  

So please, think of all the characters you have ever wanted to be, all the modds you've ever dreaming of making or playing, and think about what that's worth for you as a gamer, and who you could tell about it!

Thank you all so much...more news tomorrow

- Phosphor Games Studio 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Hess on

      For a project that is so ambitious, the third part of the video felt a little lackluster. Having a lot of costume options is important, but it's kind of uninteresting. Show off how powers interact with an outfit. Can you get the metal on the gauntlets to heat up when you use fire powers? Would those neat ferromagnetic spikes flow through cracks in armor you are wearing? Can you visibly store and retrieve gadgets and items from pouches on those tactical vests? If you have eye-beams, how would it look when you set them off while wearing a full helmet? Will a costume get visible battle damage during a fight? Can you customize costume elements so they are part of your powers, or even have powers of their own? Then show it off!

      Sorry for ranting, I just want to see this project succeed, and the third part of that video is just really missing the 'wow' factor that the first two parts have.

    2. Missing avatar

      kozec on

      @Ryan Yeah, that is Great Holifashi, well-known samurai which fought with giant, machine-gun mounted crabs in 2nd half of 17th century ;)

    3. Matt Combes on

      To be honest, I think that perhaps this Kickstarter was put out too soon. I think that it probably would be faring much better (as in, goal would have been met or almost met by now) if there was a full-blown gameplay trailer available with everything fully built in UE4, and if the video still displayed here on Kickstarter was more than just the game's logo on a black background ... something flashier that grabbed people's attention. Just my two cents. While I would LOVE to see this snatch up another $300k in 5 days, unfortunately as someone who's backed 100 projects on Kickstarter over the last year, I'm inclined to say that's not going to happen. I think if you guys continue to work hard on this between projects and get to the point where you have something that's a bit closer to realization, you should come back and re-launch this Kickstarter (maybe with a little more leeway in how long it runs). I know I'd certainly come back to pledge again, possibly more than I'm able to now. But no matter what happens, PLEASE don't stop working on this. It needs to happen.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jen-Chun Teng on

      I wasn't so confident in this game before...
      But now you REALLY got my attention, tripling the pledge right now and telling all my friends about this!

    5. Missing avatar

      Connor Bignall on

      It's a shame Valve/Steam doesn't publish this. It seems like it would be right up their alley. A new generation of gaming that has limitless modding options. I think the generally only self-publish games but they are about the only publishers actually worthy of a game like this.

    6. Jordan York on

      @Shawn - they mentioned it was a kickstarter. A link would have been nice tho :p

    7. Shawn on

      Looks great! Why didn't they link to the Kickstarter?? Did I miss something?

    8. Missing avatar

      4onen on

      "Dear video,
      I just wish you could've been.... Better."

      This video is neat, and I'm thoroughly excited about the concept of the project, however this video is more than disappointing. Not to the point where I'm pulling funding, I was just hoping to see a compilation of previous videos on this one. Views of the entire game, from the game-play to the character. All I see here are cent-a-dozen high quality clothing models, and some pretty awesome create-a-character graphics.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Is that last picture based on real events in Japanese history?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Ameen on

      Awesomeness! Now we just need to push this over the edge :D

    11. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      Wow!! This looks seriously amazing

    12. Jennifer on

      I love project awakened! I hope more news places will pick it up! THIS HAS TO GET FUNDED!