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Unique alien miniatures.
399 backers pledged $54,090 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Ernster on

      I would love to see some scale shots next to some "Tyranids." Warriors,guants, carnifex,etc.

    2. Fenriswulf on

      So I am guessing the drone will be around Tervigon/Tyrannofex size? Or even bigger?? One wonders...

    3. Ernster on

      I have a feeling that I will be adding to my pledge once the Queen levels are reached...sign, my poor wallet. ;)

    4. Edward Fortae Creator on

      The overlord is big yes. The biggest however is the drone. The armature and bulked out bug sculpt is gigantic! These all look tiny in comparison.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul L on

      @Ernster, what about the Drone or the overlord as well...

    6. Ernster on

      These guys are large. The Wyrm is Large.The Feind is massive.I cant wait to see how titanic the Goliath Wyrm will be!

    7. Ernster on

      OH, my most favorite thing is FREE STUFF! :P

    8. David Stafford on

      She's looking really great. Free grubs eh? Nice one. I have six already, and they are really nice models.

    9. Fenriswulf on

      Yeah the older grubs are great. If you're able to, you might even consider putting them up as an option for an add-on for the kickstarter. I like all 3, but I have to say the heads on B and C are fantastic (especially C with it's crazy opening spiked maw).

      Cheers for the update Ed, really do appreciate it!

    10. David Lee Seymour on

      @ED, Really?? =D I'll take some Type B grubs please!! ^ ^ Still my Fav design, closest to the one on the KS home page =) Keep up the GREAT work, Ed!
      BTW , The Fiend looks seriously bad ass primed in black! I just want to grab it and start drybrushing!!

    11. Edward Fortae Creator on

      My plan is to throw a few of the old grub in some packages for free as well for me being late on delivery etc. just a extra gift sorta thing.

      Smaller pledgeds will get a little something as a surprise also. I like to put a little extra something in all packages we ship to customers and think backers should get the same surprise.

    12. Fenriswulf on

      Ok, didn't remember that the grubs and other miniatures not from the kickstarter are from the website. D'oh! In any case, great work!

    13. Fenriswulf on

      Looks excellent. Just wondering what the other large grubs are to the right of the Queen in the main picture? Are they variations on the limited edition one or something else for the kickstarter? I can't exactly remember.

    14. Ernster on

      WOW, that is Cool!!!

    15. Edward Fortae Creator on

      I only did that because it's metal and they weighed to much for a quick assemble. The deeper sockets are going to help as well. It's better to drill into metal that try to in polymer clay.

    16. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      Jaw-droppingly good, Ed! I may convert the arms up a bit unless they are more easily posed to the side already, but man... this model is both original and extremely well executed!