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Unique alien miniatures.
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    1. Fenriswulf on

      Ed - With the Warrior adults, could you put a bit of dynamic movement into them for us? The reason I ask is that the hosts and swarm adults look a little static on the field. I know they can be modified and changed, but not everyone is going to have the ability to do so. Some dynamic looking poses would help break up the look of the army on the field and go a long way to show individuality for them all.

      Just a thought for what's coming up :)

    2. Ernster on

      I hope the Games Day 2011 Skaven comes with it. I want one. :)

    3. Ernster on

      Those eggs are huge!!! I bet the queen does not lay them frequently. ;p

    4. Kieran Billings on

      Very nice update. Those things are huge!

    5. Savage Robby

      I love seeing those all together. Reaffirms how much I love the grub / fiend line. They look fantastic.

    6. Edward Fortae Creator on

      The queen is getting a slight fix after I cut her and the Goliath I previewed was the armature for the 2 variations. I forgot to mention that. Right now I'm finishing all the bases that are metal mastered for those production molds and sculpting the warrior adults, the big weapon and armor fellows. Those can get in metal with the queen very soon so she might make this wave, possibly....

    7. David Lee Seymour on

      I know it's from the last post, but a BIG +1 to additional large tentacles and talon sprues!! If not extras in the larger kits I'm sure many ( especially self included) would buy as an add-on =)
      And as usual, Keep up the GREAT WORK, Ed !! =D

    8. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      They look great! Your new work is a lot better than the old worm sculpts in the second to last row though, I think :) although that is a Very good thing!

    9. Steve on

      Wow those eggs sure are a fair size! Might use them as scenic bases for other models.

      Thanks for the photos!

    10. Caffeineforge LLC on

      Love these updates. I can't wait till I can feature some of these over in my painting columns at

      Would anyone be interested in doing mini a week like I am with the bones minis?

    11. Fenriswulf on

      Yeah these look excellent, and really come out well when placed on the field together. I think I will use flat edge 25mm, 40mm, 50mm etc bases for mine, as it gives you a bit more working space when it comes to scenery elements on them. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

      Is the Queen all done or have you done further revisions to her too?

    12. David Stafford on

      These are looking great, thanks for the scale shots.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cobb

      Thanks, they are looking brilliant.