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Unique alien miniatures.
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    1. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ Ithaqua - I've just posted some scale shots Ed sent to me, and you can see the size of the Egg compared to a 30mm figure.

    2. Ernster on

      I too will want extra legs to replace the tentacles on the Fiend and Wyrm.

    3. Fenriswulf on

      These look absolutely fantastic Ed. All of these sculpts and finished product have looked fantastic.

      For me I think I will not use the lower legs, fill in the holes, see if I can get some extra's and put them where the tentacles are. The tentacles from that will likely be used around the open front part on the Fiend, or perhaps replacing the tentacles from that spot. Other than that I think they're both completely brilliant.

      And yeah, if you can add in a pledge option for more legs, I am sure people would be all over it. I can see your entire line of these creatures being used to make some awesomely hideous monsters! I can't wait to see the rest of the hideous horde!

      I can't fully remember, but were you looking to make a flying grub which is approximately tyranid gargoyle sized or something similar? I can't remember what size some of the flyers were going to end up as.

    4. David Lee Seymour on

      THAT is GREAT NEWS, Ed!!

    5. Edward Fortae Creator on

      We will more than likely have no problem throwing extra arms or tendrils into a set for people. I set the molds up to produce extras.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gallahad on

      The fiend is a true masterpiece. I keep on trying to type out complements, but they all fall short.

    7. Kieran Billings on

      @phillip. Yep, legs instead of tentacles was what I was thinking. It just would make the piece seem more cohesive to me. Are the legs in a different mold? Actually what RiTides said, replacing the legs into the arm sockets would probably suit me and have the rest snake-like. Then I would have some spare tentacles to use for conversions or as things erupting from the ground.

    8. David Lee Seymour on

      Simply AWESOME, Ed !! Keep up the great work! The Fiend has been my FAV since it's original announcement, it's absolutely perfect!
      Also, glad to hear the good news about your daughter doing well. =)
      So glad I went in full tilt on this one. Your aliens will be used in so many different alien/plague/monster settings it's unreal ^ ^

    9. Edward Fortae Creator on

      Oh and yes Red box is almost finished. The last numbers we got was different from the previous requests dramatically so we are all counting to be sure we are finished. I am looking them over after Devinne and Paula count them also. That means 4 of us to avoid any possible confusion.

    10. Edward Fortae Creator on

      Remember that limited egg base insert is 40mm. I'll be in the shop Sunday sculpting so I'll try to get some scale shots. Mike painted a few examples up in color schemes and did a few quick conversions also. It will be a fun update. I also need to get shots of the hosts up yet. I forgot them.

    11. Savage Robby

      Wow. Double wow.

      All second (or 3rd or 4th) the request to see these with some 28mm mini for scare. But DAMN! Those look great. These are the best kind of updates. :)

    12. Adam

      Looking great guys. Do you mind putting a 28mm mini in future pictures for scale?

    13. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ RiTides - everything that has been shown off in 'Trollcast' is in production ;)

    14. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      So cool! I may leave off the "legs" at the bottom, just like on the Wyrm, as I picture these things moving like snakes. But I really like the "arms" on this one! May repurpose the "legs" to put in place of the "arms" on the Wyrm. Oh the possibilities :)
      Any chance we could get a casting update regarding the grubs, adults, hosts, and hounds? Are those in production and have been building up quantities? I can almost taste this :)
      Also, on a completely unrelated note, I hope RBG's final box is almost out the door so that that doesn't carry over into the new year, I know everybody involved would like to have that done to focus on other projects! It seems so close so hopefully a bow can be tied up on that.
      Fantastic work, Ed and company!! Keep it up guys!

    15. Ithaqua on

      These look fantastic! Just for scale purposes, is the height of a 28mm human about the same size as the egg?
      Great stuff!

    16. Graham Phillips on

      You are only ugly son of a.... Holy hell those look fantastic! I love the production step-by-step updates; and to see that these will be the exact same products we'll receive is simply awesome. I really feel there's momentum still building after all this time. Still so glad I backed this - they're gonna look amazing when painted, too. Keep the info coming gentlemen!

    17. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ Kieran Billings - do you mean: replace the tentacle arms on the Fiend with 'legs' (from the Fiend), so you end up with 7 pairs of legs and no tentacles?

      The legs and tentacles are plugged into sockets, so pretty straightforward to fill ;)

    18. Kieran Billings on

      Looks really cool.
      Could I be a pain and ask if we could possibly get an option for having an extra set of "arms" that arm more like the insectoid legs it has (the fiend) instead of the tentacles?
      Also, how easy would it be to remove all the tentacle bits to have it like a worm only (GS needed obviously)
      I still really like them though. :)