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Unique alien miniatures.
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    1. Fenriswulf on

      Indeed, some done in a running/leaping pose would be really great, help balance it all out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gallahad on

      Looking good Ed. I hope that sometime in the future when you re-visit this line (post KS fulfillment), you add a couple of hounds in a running pose. I would love to have a whole pack of these swarming across the table.

    3. Savage Robby

      These are definitely my favorite so far. Looking really good.

    4. Missing avatar

      frankthedm on

      Oh, so trollcast takes more heat than boiling water to bend? Good to know!!!

      Excellent sculpts and I agree with Phillip, these will work very well for the Hounds of Tindalos. My only quibble is I had hopped tey were just a wee bit bigger.

      You selling 25mmx50mm pill bases Ed? Those are kinda rare outside of custom cut MDF. I was expecting have to start melting plastic over 2x1 one inch metal washers to keep my supply up.

    5. Edward Fortae Creator on

      25mm yes. The carnage hounds are the big ones and will be slightly more like this mixed with a gorilla.

    6. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ RiTides - I think they are 25mm round bases, as I remember them on the 40mm square bases;…

      I love this hounds, with their insect like head and chest intakes. I imagine they are really fast!

      I always think of the 'Hounds of Tindalos' from Call of Cthulhu when I look at 'em.


    7. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      The hounds continue to be my favorite :). Is the one with the raised forward foot on the slotta base on a 25mm or 40mm base, I can't tell from that pic? I'm guessing the others are all on 40mms? Actually I have no idea so if you could say if they're all 40s that'd be great... it's just that the one with the raised foot looks like he's on a smaller base there.
      Cannot wait for the LE grub!!! That's the last wave 1 item, right... so then all of wave 1 can get into being cast. If wave 1 could ship in 2013 it would make me soooooooooooooo happy :)

    8. David Stafford on

      Same here, it's always a good day when an assimilation update comes in. Looks great Ed. Really looking forward to seeing the limited grub.

    9. Missing avatar

      Indy on

      I know this kickstarter has traveled a long road, but I am always happy when I see the updates.

      I love my Red Box zombies and Keeper that were done in Troll Forge, and am thinking that these minis will be great. Just wish they were here now so I could start painting them. Definitely looking forward to when they are delivered and hoping that there will be more new models in the future.

      Nice going.