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Unique alien miniatures.
399 backers pledged $54,090 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Edward Fortae (Creator)

Hello everyone,

This post is an alert for SWARM LEVEL ($110) backers.

If this is not your pledge level: please wait until you see an update with a survey alert that matches your pledge level.

If this is your pledge level: please check your email for the survey, fill it in, and send it back to us. It is vital you provide your current shipping address. If you do not return the survey: we cannot ship your miniatures as we do not have your address on file. (Kickstarter does not automatically pass on the addresses of backers to us.)

The Vanilla Option

The 'Vanilla Option' is the basic Swarm Level Pledge without the $20 special credit and other goodies (listed in the survey) that you can claim via the Pledge Manager. If you pick this option, you only have to return the survey.

Pledge Manager

If you use the Pledge Manager: please also send us the generated 'Pledge Slip' to the email provided at the bottom of the Pledge Manager;

  • Surveys are still required if you send in a Pledge Slip: We will put your order on HOLD, setting your Pledge Slip to one side, until we receive a completed survey from you.
  • On hold, until we get your Pledge Slip: If you return a survey, stating you are sending in a Pledge Slip, we will put your order on HOLD until we receive your Pledge Slip.

PayPal buyers

Anyone who bought a Swarm Level Pledge via PayPal, and not through Kickstarter, please use the Pledge Manager to generate a Pledge Slip and send it to us. Please note that you will need your PayPal transaction id for your purchase so we can verify it's you (it's been a while so you'll have to search through your PayPal transactions).

If you have any issues, please contact us through Kickstarter. If you are not a Kickstarter member, and therefore cannot send messages to us, please use the TFM contact form;

DEADLINE – 16th October 2016

The deadline to return surveys and Pledge Slips is 16th October 2016. Three weeks from now. Any surveys and Pledge Slips returned after this date will be processed with the next level (Queen).


Surveys so far: GRUB LEVEL 1, and GRUB LEVEL 2, GRUB LEVEL 3, COLLECTOR, 20x25mm BASES, 8x40mm BASES, 20x25mm + 8x40mm BASES, ALIEN HUNTER 5 PACK, ALIEN HUNTER 50 UNIT, HOST, and SWARM.

Help and info

For more details about the order of fulfilment, please read update #101. If you have any questions about this, you are welcome to leave a comment on this post, or send me a message via the 'Ask a question' button at the bottom of the 'campaign' page, right under the FAQ section.

On behalf of Ed

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    1. David Lee Seymour on

      well, 10/23 now, still NOthing on the hydra =/

    2. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      Note to all: I'm back on Friday, so if you send in messages and emails I'll sort them out when I get back!


    3. Steve Mellan

      How great is it to check the status page and see everything under trollcast is now a YES !!

      started me buzzing again about these awesome looking gribblies :)

    4. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      Photos of the Hydra variant of the Goliath Wyrm are due by the end of the week.

    5. G_Q

      I filled mine out and sent in this morning. I had to go back and look at old messages and emails to find out what I wanted originally and then modify it slightly based on all the pictures.

      Really looking forward to getting these. The reason I backed this originally was for a custom D&D game, but that fell apart lol Thankfully looks like I'll be able to use these for another game instead.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Muc on

      Awesome! Will do once home from work!

    7. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      Overlord pictures due Monday (26th).