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Unique alien miniatures.
399 backers pledged $54,090 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kevin O'Mara on

      Man, these keep getting better. You do good work Ed, keep it up!

    2. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ Paul L - a couple of Goliath Wyrms sounds about right, and you can never have enough grubs: !

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul L on

      Maybe getting 2 Goliath's was an overkill :) loving the new pictures cant wait for the Drone scale picture as well.

    4. Steve on

      I suspect it may also have something to do with the pledge market and people selling pledges. Lots of 'backers' without the ability to comment now I guess!

    5. David Stafford on

      Looking GOOD. So glad I went for a goliath, it's glorious. I love the hosts, they were what got me to pledge in the first place. Hopefully said pledge is winging it's way toward me as I type...

    6. Philip Sibbering Collaborator on

      @ Steve - I think comments pick up with momentum, as we've has a bit of a dry spell as far as updates are concerned activity has decreased. It's only natural. Hopefully we'll see more comments as I post more updates!

    7. Steve on

      Wow yeah that Goliath wyrm is huge! Must be very satisfying seeing this all starting to come together as finished miniatures. :) Keep it up Ed! Nearly there.

      Wish the comments were a little bit more active. Would be good to have more of a discussion on this stuff. Hopefully when final shipping is done the forum will increase in activity a bit. :)