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Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
7,938 backers pledged $625,518 to help bring this project to life.

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An interview by Tokyo Otaku Mode

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)
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We recently had an interview by Tokyo Otaku Mode!

The article covers about our currently ongoing Kickstarter project!
If you got couple of minutes to spare please check it out!


We have updated our FAQ section!

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)
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Our Kickstarter project has just about one week left to go!

We have reached triple the amount of our initial goal, and it seems like we will be achieving our stretch goal as well!
All thanks to all of you supporters out there!

We have updated our FAQ page as well so please check it out!

Example of the Douga cuts

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

Here are two example of the Douga cuts for the $100 and above rewards. Douga cuts like these will be randomly included as rewards for the $100 and above tiers.

*These are samples from the first episode. The rewards for LWA2 will be from the 2nd episode.

  • Image 300360 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 300361 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

Message from Otsuka Masahiko

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

Greetings! Again, a big thank you to all of our supporters! We definitely did not expect to achieve the goal in just one day. We were even skeptical of reaching our first goal within 30 days. We did not want to make our supporters wait, and we feel that we were short on explanation with our first stretch goal.

Although we did explain that it is difficult to extend the episode length past 40 minutes for Little Witch Academia 2, that does not mean we plan to end it with just this episode! We too are aspiring for a TV series and a full length film! However, it will take many years to reach this goal. We want to see Akko and her friends move in full action, and explore further into their world. Can't we all agree on that? Our first goal is to produce a 40 minute episode of LWA2. After that, we want to aim for further goal such as a television series or a full length film!

We believe that several important steps are necessary to reach these goals. One of them is the production of Little Witch Academia 2. If the sequel receives as much support as the previous episode did, we will definitely have a bright future for the LWA series.

We would also like to remind everyone that not all of the Kickstarter funding will be spent on the actual production of the episode. In order to thank our supporters we must also make the rewards, actually be "rewarding." To avoid a deficit, we must carefully plan out how we spend the funded money. For example, we are currently experiencing difficulties with the production of Little Witch Academia Blu-Ray. I guess we are not so talented in doing business as we are in making animations.

Many of our animators are big fans of anime as well, and they tend to do more than what they are rewarded for. They continue to work until they are satisfied with their work. We feel that it would not hurt to have our animators rewarded just a little bit more. So please watch the making of Little Witch Academia if you have access to it. It will give everyone an idea of how much sincerity and dedication our animators have to their work. Please note that if we have excess funding even after that, we will definitely spend it to better our projects. We want you to know that we love anime just as much as you guys!

Please believe in TRIGGER!

Otsuka Masahiko

PS. Comments are always welcome! We read each and every comment given to us, and have a few ideas we are still debating on. Keep an eye out on the FAQ as we plan to update them regularly as well!

New stretch goal (fix)

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

I am very sorry, I was not clear enough on the previous post on the stretch goal post.

What we have decided to set for our 500,000 USD stretch goal are the following:
-The "Standard edition" of the Blu-ray will be receiving an audio commentary and a making of LWA2 documentary.
-The "Limited edition" of the Blu-ray will be receiving an Original Sound Track and a Gengasyu (Line art collection book)

Again, my apologies for not being clear.