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Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
7,938 backers pledged $625,518 to help bring this project to life.

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New stretch goal!

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

Greetings everyone! I must say, words cannot simply express how happy we are! After returning from Anime Expo, we gathered and reviewed all the comments that were given to us. And, I believe we are ready to announce our stretch goal! Our deepest apologies to those who have patiently waited.

To begin, we received many comments about "extending the episode length over 40minutes." We have to be honest, it is looking very difficult to make this happen. We simply do not have the capacity to finish the project by 2014~2015 if we maintain our current quality of animation. Also if we were to aim for a series project, it will for sure be later than 2016 since we have our upcoming television series "KILL la KILL." We just do not want to make all of you fans wait that long. We deeply apologize for this.

What we have decided to set for our 500,000 USD stretch goal are the following: -Adding an audio commentary and a making of LWA2 documentary. -Adding an Original Sound Track and Gengasyu (Line art collection book)

We have also added more quantity to the 2,000 and 10,000 USD rewards!

On a side note, I heard from GOOD SMILE COMPANY that they may "consider" creating a Little Witch Academia figure if we can manage to reach 500,000 USD!

And we will be adding FAQ section soon! Please check them out, you just might find the answer you are looking for!

A big thank you from the director!

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)
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A big thanks from TRIGGER and director Yoshinari!

All of you out there really caught us off guard! We weren't expecting to reach our goal within a day!
You guys almost doubled our goal in one day, and still growing.

As we stated earlier, we will take everyones suggestion and comments into consideration. Please bare with us and give us a little bit more time to work out our stretch goal and possibly some new rewards! 

 Again, Thank you! 


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Thank you!! We've Already Reached our Goal!

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

We never expected to see this amount of support coming out on the first day of our Kickstarter project going live. To think we managed to reach our goal in under 6 hours is absolutely unbelievable, and we could never have done it without you! We'd like to let everyone know that we are reading everyone's comments and messages, and we will be going through every question with the team and updating the FAQ shortly.

Furthermore, we will be letting everyone know our stretch goals as soon as possible! We were taking the project one step at a time and never expected the project to reach it's goal so quickly - but rest assured that we will take everyone's comments into consideration and come up with some stretch goals that the fans will be proud to support! Just bear with us for a few days while we discuss what is best for the project!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this project, whether you pledged or simply shared it with your friends! You can expect an update with more details very soon!