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Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
7,938 backers pledged $625,518 to help bring this project to life.

Message from Otsuka Masahiko

Posted by Studio TRIGGER (Creator)

Greetings! Again, a big thank you to all of our supporters! We definitely did not expect to achieve the goal in just one day. We were even skeptical of reaching our first goal within 30 days. We did not want to make our supporters wait, and we feel that we were short on explanation with our first stretch goal.

Although we did explain that it is difficult to extend the episode length past 40 minutes for Little Witch Academia 2, that does not mean we plan to end it with just this episode! We too are aspiring for a TV series and a full length film! However, it will take many years to reach this goal. We want to see Akko and her friends move in full action, and explore further into their world. Can't we all agree on that? Our first goal is to produce a 40 minute episode of LWA2. After that, we want to aim for further goal such as a television series or a full length film!

We believe that several important steps are necessary to reach these goals. One of them is the production of Little Witch Academia 2. If the sequel receives as much support as the previous episode did, we will definitely have a bright future for the LWA series.

We would also like to remind everyone that not all of the Kickstarter funding will be spent on the actual production of the episode. In order to thank our supporters we must also make the rewards, actually be "rewarding." To avoid a deficit, we must carefully plan out how we spend the funded money. For example, we are currently experiencing difficulties with the production of Little Witch Academia Blu-Ray. I guess we are not so talented in doing business as we are in making animations.

Many of our animators are big fans of anime as well, and they tend to do more than what they are rewarded for. They continue to work until they are satisfied with their work. We feel that it would not hurt to have our animators rewarded just a little bit more. So please watch the making of Little Witch Academia if you have access to it. It will give everyone an idea of how much sincerity and dedication our animators have to their work. Please note that if we have excess funding even after that, we will definitely spend it to better our projects. We want you to know that we love anime just as much as you guys!

Please believe in TRIGGER!

Otsuka Masahiko

PS. Comments are always welcome! We read each and every comment given to us, and have a few ideas we are still debating on. Keep an eye out on the FAQ as we plan to update them regularly as well!


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    1. James Gwinnell on

      @Joshua - there is no figure, it's just a possibility but isn't confirmed as to happening. Even if 500k is broken, there is no promise at all.

    2. Joshua on


      I don't really want a studio to decide on length of a movie or series through kickstarter, though. People were initially donating a lot thinking that if more was donated, more time would be added to Little Witch Academia. That didn't happen and I think that's a good thing.

      People keep bashing the stretch goal, but I think a figure and an OST is pretty good.

    3. Fisico on

      It's a shame that you underestimated Kickstarter when launching this project as it's obvious you didn't expect it to saw it funded in the first 24h, and didn't planned any real stretch goal.

      I hope that this "mistake" (because yes it's one, not entirely your fault as you weren't apparently aware of KS and your own international reputaiton) will help you, and the whole japanese animation industry, to properly planned your next project when lauching a new KS, because right now it feels like a wasted opportunity to not plan a bigger scope for Little Witch Academia with the current level of the pledges, and it probably heavily influence any potential backer to "pass" because well, there's no purpose to pledge anymore

      I honestly think that with proper stretch goals you could have easily made it to the million mark, hell probably even more, I sure support you guys and can't wait to have my BD of LWA2 (and watch your first TV series Kill la Kill), but spread the word about your KS in Japan so that next time you could fully use the potential of Kickstarter

    4. William Michael Schneider on

      I had to back this! I hope this gets as much support as possible, would love to see this turn into a TV series.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      They might not be able to add the original episode due to it being part of the Anime Mirai project, but I don't actually know.

      In any case, I hope the production of all of these goods doesn't eat into your profits too much. You guys most certainly deserve some financial security. I just want your team to be comfortable enough to create freely.

    6. Tpotty Chen on

      I believe in TRIGGER!!!

    7. Chris Rees

      Love to see extra money going towards the animators. I also agree with some other backers that adding the original episode in some way (bundle on the BluRay or as an addon?) would be pretty awesome.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Shin on

      If possible, can the limited edition blu-ray also have alternate box art?

      Keep up the good work! Looking forward to Kill la kill!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Palmisano Patrice on

      Faut pas vous inquiéter Otsuka Masahiko San !
      Que votre équipe garde le même esprit et les mêmes désirs de réussite que pour LWA1 et ça va être un énorme succès ! (ça c'est en français ^^ )
      Don't worry Otsuka Masahiko San !
      You team has just to keep the same spirit ans the same succes desires than in LWA1 and it will give greats results ! (sorry for my english ;) )
      だいじょうぶ Otsuka Masahiko さん !
      がんばって ください、 それでは、LWA2 は とても やばい でしょう ! (very sorry for my japanese ^^ )

    10. Raptormax9585 on


      Now that thats out of the way, i just want to ask one thing: Once LWA2 is released, is it possible if one of the reward tiers *coughcough*$100 tier *coughcough* include LWA1 bluray along side it?

    11. James Gwinnell on

      Believe in the Masahiko Otsuka that believes in Kickstarter.

    12. Morgan Suhm on

      Greetings, TRIGGER! Thank you for taking the time to write such a sincere explanation. I have only the highest respect for you guys, and I trust that you guys will make the best out of Little Witch Academia 2 and Kill la Kill, and I am glad that you guys are so passionate about what you do! If you ever receive comments that seem negative from other people, I think it is just because they are passionate about animation and they love the stuff that you guys have done in the past. Once again, keep up the amazing work! I believe in you guys!

    13. ninesecondsleft on

      I'm looking forward to it! Keep it up. Your fans from across the world will support you.

    14. zcoold on


      I've stated my disapointment before, but i'm very grateful for the explanation. Now I understand a lot more your choices and I fully back them.

      Thank you and good luck studio TRIGGER!

    15. Missing avatar

      vykr on

      I wish I had more money at the moment to offer a larger pledge, but I'd just like to say I really enjoyed the first LWA and am very hyped about Kill la Kill. Your members' work in the past has always been outstanding. FLCL was one of the biggest contributors to me really getting into anime like a decade ago and I still love rewatching it from time to time today. Glad to see all the support here and I'm totally behind giving the animators a bonus with the extra cash. Keep up the great work - I'll definitely be looking forward to any future projects you fund through Kickstarter.

    16. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Thank you for the thoughtful and respectful explanation; it shows you really care about your backers. As for wanting to reward animators more, I don't think anyone's going to have a problem with that - I've seen other Kickstarter projects doing it, and the idea is usually well-received. As long as you're open and honest with your backers I think everything's going to be fine.

      Best of luck with this and all your other projects.

    17. Sarah on

      I have been a supporter of Studio Trigger since it was announced and I am happy to finally have the chance to help support one of your projects directly; especially one that is as awesome as Little Witch Academia! I also hope that you will do a TV series and/or film in the future because I really want to see more of the wonderful world and characters you have created. And yes please reward the animators they do an amazing job!

      Keep up the good work!

    18. Mayshing on

      i fully back the decision on rewarding the animators and staff. ^^

    19. Alina Popescu on


    20. JoshuaH on

      I am so happy that you, Studio Trigger, too, love Little Witch Academia so much that you're interested in more than two episodes. It'd be worth the wait.

      I love this universe that you've crafted and I always want to see more of it. Whenever you're interested in making more episodes, I, for one, will be happy to help fund it.

    21. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      It's good to hear Trigger is cautious about how they're going to spend the money, given how recently some Kickstarted projects are running into problems with their budget. And it's great to hear there are still plans to continue the series afterwards (not that there was any real doubt there). Concerning Trigger's hope that LWA 2 will receive as much support as the original: for that to happen I think LWA 2 needs to be made available for free in some shape or form, just like the original. If it wasn't for the subtitled version uploaded on Youtube, this Kickstarter wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful.

    22. Missing avatar

      Taishi Itsumi on


    23. NS on

      If any animator deserves a ridiculously expensive, gold plated luxury car, it's Yoshinari You

    24. Missing avatar

      Jay B. on

      Thank YOU for giving more to the animators, and PLEASE don't stop at "just a little bit more" If you can. I think one of the many reasons Little Witch Academia has a huge fan base outside Japan is because we don't see this quality of hand-drawn animation anymore in America, Europe, etc. Rewarding the animators well, making very good hand-drawn animation, and succeeding could encourage other studios to take the same risks as well. Again,Thank you TRIGGER. You're an inspiration to animators worldwide.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brock Hoagland on

      I believe in you, TRIGGER, and to help you show possible partners that there is support for more Little Witch Academia I've upped my pledge to the next highest level.

      Looking forward to Kill la Kill.

    26. Amber

      @Gary Phillips I would really enjoy if they did that! Having LWA1 on the Blu-Ray too, even for an additional amount, would be really beneficial, especially for someone like me who enjoys sharing movies/shows with friends and family who'd rather be in front of a big screen TV than a monitor.

    27. David Bednar on

      A-OK with bonuses for animators. If you want to keep your overhead low, many of us would love an HD download instead of a Blu-Ray. Good luck guys! Thanks for the great cartoons!

    28. Missing avatar

      Nissl on

      Thanks for the update! I knew from a Reddit interview that LWA3/movie/series were all possible in the future but it's good to make that clear to all of the backers. I definitely support paying the animators a bit more if you can! Definitely don't worry about spending every last dollar on rewards, because there's always expenses that come up unexpectedly and we definitely don't want you to lose money on this. In particular, you guys should make sure your shipping fees aren't too low; they look pretty low and I've already seen them mess up a kickstarter ("Sullivan's Sluggers"). If a bit of money's left over, it can always be used for a head start on LWA3. Don't forget that you're getting most of your sales upfront now, so release sales will be lower.

    29. Liam Kozma on

      Thanks for the awesome update, TRIGGER. I'm perfectly fine with some of the extra funds going to the animators. I think that's a wonderful way to spend some of the stretch funds.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Sanderson on

      Thank you for the sincere update! It is reassuring to hear that you planning ahead and not overestimating the budget. I'm sure LWA2 will be incredible, and I see a very bright future ahead for Studio TRIGGER.

    31. Myca Arcangel on

      Take my money, animators!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Francis on

      I heard you read all the comments here. First, to the person who's job that is, thank you. Thank you TRIGGER for taking a chance on KS with all of us. You have been very responsive online, and committed to this project. We really appreciate it.
      You are leading the way and setting the bar high. Welcome to kickstarter

    33. Missing avatar

      James Parks on

      Thanks for the frequent and detailed updates Trigger! My only question is this: How do we watch the Making of LWA now? It's been mentioned a few times now and I can't find it anywhere. In all truth, I'm as excited to watch this making of video as I am the sequel as I'm a wannabe animator myself and a big fan of seeing the animators working.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Shin on

      @moshev oh yes, deny all the backers their limited ed reward just for your benefit. That'll happen /sarcasm.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Shin on

      YYYEEESSSS. Don't care how long it takes. Please make LWA a full series!!

    36. Missing avatar

      moshev on

      Just skip the blu-ray and give us an HD download. I don't need a cheap plastic disc taking space on my shelf.

    37. Evan Burkey on

      Trigger is great! Keep up the good work!

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean Yu on

      Be nice if the Blu-Ray for LWA2 came with the first episode.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brock Hoagland on

      Oh, we do believe in TRIGGER! And this last update from you proves we are right to do so.

    40. Gary Phillips

      How about offering LWA Ep 1 Blue-Ray as an add on. Like get the Blue-ray if you add $20 to your Pledge. That way we can get LWA Ep 1 at the same time.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alfsigr on

      Thank you for keeping us updated! Looking forward to hearing more. C8

    42. P. Christian on

      Studio TRIGGER confirmed for saviors of the anime industry!

    43. Missing avatar

      Brock Hoagland on

      Apart from the problems with the Blu-ray, which is one of those snags you can except to arise from time to time, this is all good news. By all means be careful with your budget, use extra funds whereever needed and especially reward your animators more--they deserve it!

      I shall (im)patiently await the arrival of the Little Witch Academia movie or better yet, TV series however long it takes.

    44. CatFat on

      THANK YOU for investing more in the animators themselves. Just when I thought Studio TRIGGER couldn't get any more awesome \(◎o◎)/!

    45. Missing avatar

      Szymon Paszek on

      All I want to hear is that they're planning more content in the fut...
      "After that, we want to aim for further goal such as a television series or a full length film!"

    46. Missing avatar

      Neal Cooper on

      Thank you for this post. It makes me feel much better about my investment and how you view it.

    47. Artemiy on

      Based Trigger.

      Basedest Trigger.