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Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
7,938 backers pledged $625,518 to help bring this project to life.

New stretch goal!

Greetings everyone! I must say, words cannot simply express how happy we are! After returning from Anime Expo, we gathered and reviewed all the comments that were given to us. And, I believe we are ready to announce our stretch goal! Our deepest apologies to those who have patiently waited.

To begin, we received many comments about "extending the episode length over 40minutes." We have to be honest, it is looking very difficult to make this happen. We simply do not have the capacity to finish the project by 2014~2015 if we maintain our current quality of animation. Also if we were to aim for a series project, it will for sure be later than 2016 since we have our upcoming television series "KILL la KILL." We just do not want to make all of you fans wait that long. We deeply apologize for this.

What we have decided to set for our 500,000 USD stretch goal are the following: -Adding an audio commentary and a making of LWA2 documentary. -Adding an Original Sound Track and Gengasyu (Line art collection book)

We have also added more quantity to the 2,000 and 10,000 USD rewards!

On a side note, I heard from GOOD SMILE COMPANY that they may "consider" creating a Little Witch Academia figure if we can manage to reach 500,000 USD!

And we will be adding FAQ section soon! Please check them out, you just might find the answer you are looking for!


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    1. Tim Trzepacz on

      I'm kinda disappointed in these stretch goals. Nothing has been added to the $20 tier, even though you have already more than doubled your initial goal. There is no option for a DVD. And I was really hoping that we'd get more animation. That's all that really matters to me: I'd just like the story and characters to continue. I understand that your company is over-committed. I just wish I'd known that before I donated.

    2. Super Miya Chan on

      just throw in a Inferno cop blu-ray copy with every order that has a Little witch academy blu-ray as a stretch goal

    3. NS on

      I'd be willing to wait until 2016 (or even 2017) for a TV series or a 3rd OAV. No reason we couldn't have LMA2 early 2015, LWA3 early 2016.

      I think Trigger is underestimating just how successful LWA could be in the west... maybe because Japanese otaku are so lukewarm about it? I could be crazy, but a dubbed LWA (TV or movie) could be a hit with kids in the US, especially girls.

    4. Missing avatar

      MotS on

      Just make more Inferno Cop. I don't think anyone would be unhappy about that.

    5. RPRezo on

      Oh, come on! You should just add a third episode as a stretch goal! This way we won't have to wait till 2016 to get LWA2, but all the money will still go into making more LWA.

    6. Yourtime on

      OH YEAH OH YEAAAAH! I would love to see a GSC nendo of LWA or even an PVC 1/8! I am a bigger figure collector and would love to get one when you get the deal, is it possible to let the backers to get one first?

    7. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      I would be awesome with a LWA Figure :)

    8. Victor Groner on

      although I wouldn't mind waiting until 2016, I understand that I can't expect Trigger to just clear their schedule of all other projects and focus and whatever request fans throw up in the air. I am very thankful that they will be able to make a 40min OVA at full length, and would be very pleased knowing they would use they extra money to make the best release possible.

      and again, character commentaries, your cast is too great to just sit on the sidelines, and would make the best in-character commentary track.

    9. Holden Kosaly on

      Please don't completely dismiss the possibility of dubbing. Many children would probably love this show, and it would be easier for them to understand it in their own language.

    10. Missing avatar

      ToriSohva on

      Next step: Do 600k and 700k goals.

      I'm fine with TRIGGER putting the extra money towards their next projects, though.

    11. Missing avatar

      Atizumi on

      I am beyond pleased over the stretch goals but I would like to know under which rewards one might get the Gengasyu and the OST. Also, is the dubbing completely out of the picture? I think a stretch goal of 600,000 USD for dubbing is reasonable IF the bosses at Trigger deems it appropriate. I think LWA has mass western appeal and a dub could only help it. Thanks for this splendid project!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nick Fox on

      Upside to a small studio: They're cool and really listen to fans. Downside: Even seemingly small changes in runtime can drastically inflate deadlines =\

    13. Karlee Wetzel on

      I would die for a petit set of the witches <3

    14. Kazuhiro Fukaya on



    15. Missing avatar

      Allen Capitano on

      Okay Lance make me out to be the bad guy. I pledged for the Limited edition. Shouldn't I already expect a commentary and making of?

    16. Missing avatar

      Colton Geneva on

      Please if we hit 500,000 can we get an episode of inferno cop?

    17. John C on

      I think it's a good set of realistic stretch goals. I was personally hoping for some omake manga though lol. Perhaps they can do that as a part of the gengasyu? :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Oh wow, if we could get PVC figures or any kind at all, that'd be superb! Let's get to 500,000!

    19. soeyoung kim on

      Hello Trigger, you might want to consider putting Stretch Goals up on the front page of your Kickstarter instead of in the Updates section, for the sake of convenience. On another note, I'm all for the Nendoroids and LWA Figurines! (I'd love to have a cute child Akko nendo.)

      While I'm at it, I think the Shiny Chariot "Magical Fiesta" Wall poster (the one that hung next to Akko's bed in the OVA) would be a nice stretch goal as well. I'm glad you guys are doing so well, maybe this will spur more Studios to do the same. (...Japan please don't abandon Wakusei no Samidare!)

    20. hiko on



    21. Halko

      @ lance

      I agree with this post. People tend to overreach and often outright demand goals or goods that simply are not realistic. In the end this is still a business and you simply can't get away with giving everything away for free. There are many constraints regarding time and money to consider. So far the best suggestion I've found would be the suggestion from Jesse for the mini cameos. If there is a group scene somewhere in the show it wouldn't be much of a hassle to simply plop some designs from the community in there since that group would have to be drawn anyway. Much like the contest from the Gargantia anime.

      Suggestions like that which are fun but essentially have little to no impact on the timeline or budget of the show are things we should be asking about and not something that will take a large commitment from the production staff as a whole. Large benefits that take many resources to make simply are not realistic much of the time.

      And the bottom line is that threatening to drop your pledge because we don't get x or will get y is just childish. We are not here to make demands or get more stuff from stretch goals but help them make their art. That is the bottom line in this. Please be mindful of this and respectful of the overall goal.

      Sorry for any broken English or wording on this post. I am writing it from my phone and its a real pain.

    22. Missing avatar

      COREMINE on

      Disappointed that we aren't getting episode 1 on the same disc,i know there will be a separate release for it maybe you could include a stretch goal to bundle it with LWA2?

    23. Missing avatar

      Mindes Endian on

      Please make a Nendoroid! I would make that pledge.

    24. Alex M.S. on

      I have no problems with waiting if it means we could get more

    25. Missing avatar

      Marcos Rodriguez on

      I for one would not mind waiting a year or two more for a full length feature, didn't even mind waiting SEVEN HAND DRAWN YEARS for Redline. But I might be the only one and if trigger doesn't want to dip into Kill la Kill time, I guess thats reasonable.

      Also, if you guys do make figures/figmas/nendos, please make sure you don't forget about the best girl, Sucy

    26. Hinokai on

      Personally I wouldn't mind the waiting if we secured more episodes later down the line, but I guess a lot of backers would rather see immediate benefits from stretch goals rather than in a few years.
      These stretch goals haven't motivated me to up my pledge like future content would, but I still hope you get the money you deserve.

    27. Lance Trahan, Duck Block Games CEO on

      It's amazing how some people can never be satisfied (glares at Allen and DestructoDisk). They are under no obligation to put out stretch goals. They are being honest and open in the fact that they simply do not have capacity (read: hands capable of doing work of the quality required) to make extending the content of the show possible as they are already hard at work on a previous commitment to "KILL la KILL".

      They also can't control whether Good Smile will decide to make a figure or not. I'm sure there is much number crunching that would need to be done to consider the costs involved.

      This kickstarter accomplished exactly what it set out to do, any extra is a win for both fans that want the items offered as originally stated and for the people creating it without having to go through the traditional channels.

      No need to get greedy. I'm sure if they see a great profit from this, they will consider more options in the future and I'll be waiting to open my wallet again when that time comes.

    28. Missing avatar

      Allen Capitano on

      To be honest I am disappointed in these stretch goals. It's already more than double the original goal and we have to go to 333% past the original to get a making of and commentary. Also they said they might make a figure. That doesn't mean we will get it .

    29. Pokémon Trainer on

      I'd say considering a figure is a pretty sweet deal, seeing as this KS will definitely go over $500, 000.

    30. Davina Dang on

      Woot!! More DVD content!!

      Honestly, I like the idea of less than an hour long episodes for LWA.
      It's easier to watch and even easier to share with others. It also doesn't make the plot stretched out, which I'm sure you guys have already planned out. And it's probably hard to try and stuff in extra content of equal quality to what you guys do now, so... I'm looking forward to that new stretch goal!

    31. DeMouse on

      Since time is now the constraint to increasing the length I suspect alot of the people who were against adding a high quality dub(Not the usual shitty Voice Actors we are subjected to) might be less against it now as it would eat into the funds but not the time it takes to animate. Then again I have no idea how much work or how much money it would take to organise that sort of thing.

    32. Graham Lewry on

      I think the best we could hope for would be a Nendroid petite. Figma's are pricy not just to buy but to design and produce.
      That's what the reasonable part of my mind is saying anyway.

      The crazy rabid fanboy part of my brain is still holding out hope for a Sucy Figma.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rich on

      Thank you for deciding that the quality of your work comes first. We are all very excited that ‘Little Witch Academia’ will be 35 minutes, that’s why we’re all there. Personally I’m extremely excited about ‘KILL la KILL’ as well, so I’m glad you’re not compromising any of your projects and sticking with what you planned in the first place. So there’s no need to apologize, just keep on doing the great things that do you. I can’t wait for ‘Little Witch Academia 2’!! And hope we’ll see an episode 3 someday.

      I absolutely love the idea of adding an original soundtrack and line art book as stretch goals. I think the line art book would be particularly fascinating to see.

      Seeing an Akko figure from GOOD SMILE COMPANY would be great as well.

    34. Jacob Saldana on

      If it gets any higher consider doing a good English dub no Funi shit get good actors and have it as the second option in the BD menu or get the cast to do it in Engrish that would be awesome. Figma over Nendo.

    35. Jonathan Barrett on

      @Ken: Yes, let us all cry out for Figmas! Though, a Nendoroid wouldn't be so bad neither, I prefer Figmas to Nendoroids. Also, Let Us Make It Known We Want An Inferno Cop Revoltech Figure with Super Poseability! IT'S IRONIC!
      Also Ken, I love your music I recently discovered. Would be perfect to go on the Soundtrack if anyone ever manages to make more Panty & Stocking. Trigger, please consider buying the right to, and making more of, P&S as a 4 Million Dollar Stretch Goal.

    36. DestructoDisk on

      I have to say I am a little dissapointed that more footage won't be added. But i understand that you have other series that are being made. Could it be possible that with the extra funding you have to upgrade the existing pledges. like adding a 720p download instead of a SD one for the $20 dollar tear. Seeing as your now into pure profit range.

    37. Chad Kight on

      That's definitely understandable. As I know I won't get my Collector's Edition until 2015, I'm not sure how I'd feel about waiting any longer. I definitely hope you'll consider making more episodes afterwards though! Really happy to see the new stretch goal too. Any bets on when we'll get there? ;p

      I'm assuming that the new stretch goal will be going to backers who pledge $50 and up?

      Also, I agree with Sino. It would be a good idea to show the update on the front page as well.

    38. Master of Moe on

      This was dissapointing, was hoping to see some better rewards and more tier levels

    39. Josh on

      A GOOD SMILE COMPANY figure would be amazing! :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Rex on

      So Studio Trigger, assuming GOOD SMILE COMPANY "considers" making a LWA figure (HOLY CRAP AWESOME!!!)--

      What pledge level do we have to be in to receive a figure?

    41. Eli Lakritz on

      Please make an Akko Nendoroid once the project hits $500k! I would easily pay another $50-100 for one in a split second! And thank you very much for the key animation book!

    42. Halko


      your first idea can cause issues I think but I love your second idea.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sino on

      If extending it further past 40min is not possible. Perhaps you can consider dub as a stretch goal now. I don't think much people will be against it anymore.

      Just a tip, you should consider updating the front page and putting the stretch goals on there. Makes it more visible.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      Trigger Please Read This! I have a few suggestions about maybe adding more incentives in the pledge list!

      1) Participate in a development meeting with Studio Trigger over Skype
      2) Your original character appears in the background as an "extra"

      Maybe Trigger can find an appriopriate pledge price that will be appropriate for these rewards?

      I'm glad they are staying with their vision and their projected timeline to release LWA2.

      Until you've walked a mile in their shoes, you won't understand what it takes and what goes behind creating an animation. The same idea applies to any job/career. You won't understand why this or that has to be done until you've actually worked there or know a close friend or family member that does. So I hope everyone can respect Trigger's decision.

    45. Ken Ashcorp on

      I would personally be pleased if the LWA figure was a Figma. That's just my personal preference.
      I'm extremely happy that the Kickstarter is doing well for Trigger as a viable source of funding and that you've been able to give so much to the fans as a result.

      Didn't think you'd make the goal, Trigger? In the immortal words of Inferno Cop, "Humans aren't as weak as you think!"

    46. Missing avatar

      Jono on

      Thanks for the update, Trigger. And thanks for being honest/realistic with your goals (some kickstarters get too ambitious on stretch goals and have a hard time delivering the product). 40 minutes is pretty long for an OVA anyways, and will end up being pretty expensive if it maintains the quality of the first episode. If you end up with more money than you know how to spend, you can always save it for future episodes somewhere down the line.

    47. Rian Gifari on

      The audio commentary and documentary will be subtitled, right? Please respond

    48. Missing avatar

      Luke Jackson on

      Commentary and a documentary would be cool, and I'd love a nendoroid or some other figure from GSC, but I'd like to see the extra money go towards the actual animation somehow.

    49. Missing avatar

      Yashakami on

      I would personally be willing to wait a very long time for this to become a series, its one of the best anime I have seen in a long time!

    50. Nick del Pozo on

      It's so good to hear a kickstarter saying they're going to just make something great instead of over-promising!! Excellent!!! Wish more kickstarters would do this! :)