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Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
Help us make Little Witch Academia 2! We are very passionate about Little Witch Academia and we thank you for your support!
7,938 backers pledged $625,518 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Gwinnell on

      In case anyone was curious, the Little Witch Academia TV series Blurays will include English Subtitles. Thanks for remembering the International Fanbase, Studio TRIGGER. :-)

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      Jun Mineoka on


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      Jun Mineoka on

      I am Pledge $200. but until today, I still never recieved anything from Trigger. (BD or artbook or anything)
      Please, contact me at

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      I am Pledge $300. but until today, I still never recieved anything from Trigger. (BD or artbook or anything)
      Please, contact me at

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      I am Pledge $300. but until today, I still anything from Trigger.
      Please, contact me at

    7. Evelyn L. on

      I still never received the missing art book.

    8. Wendell on

      I hope there's a 3rd one in the future. Also, are there any Blu-Rays or DVDs of this for sale to the general public?

    9. Ji-hyeon Lee on

      please.. Digital content re-upload

    10. Melisa on

      This was the absolute best project I have ever Kickstarted. Studio Trigger is not only professional but responsible towards their backers. If they ever Kickstart anything again I will without a doubt back their project. <3

    11. Sen on

      Studio Trigger I checked the tracking record of the delivery and it seems my rewards has been sent back to you and delivered to another location. What am I supposed to do about this?

    12. James Gwinnell on

      @My Face When - Just so you're aware, it was shipped via Air Mail from Japan. Perhaps give it another week and / or check with your local post office? Otherwise, you can send a message to them on Kickstarter about it.

    13. My Face When on

      Whom do we message if we still haven't received our artbook? I see that a lot of backers have gotten theirs but I haven't had mine yet.

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      Claudio Crener on

      I just received the artbook, however I never got the film reel cut that was supposed to be inside the Blu-ray, when we were prompted to ask for the artbook, I also reminded you that the film reel cut was missing from my reward shipment, however it has not come with this new shipment.

      Thank you very much for the movie anyway!

    15. Guillaume Giroudon on

      i received the artbook today but i never received the famous previous shipment with the limited edition blu-ray.

      i am a little dissapointed, i didn't know that the blu-ray was already gone.

      Have you another in stock, can you send me one ?


    16. Lok Ling on

      Thank you for sending the artbook! Appreciate it alot!

    17. Miyabro on

      Just received my artbook. Thanks Trigger!

    18. Miyabro on

      Still yet to get my artbook.

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      Fabien ROBERT on

      I got the artbook today and it's gorgeous, it was worth the wait!

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      Andreas Bauer on

      @Janette Kim
      Thanks for the track list! I still can't believe the added the soundtrack CD without a list of track titles to the Kickstarter edition...

      Does the official blu-ray edition have track titles in English or Japanese?

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      Toshihiro Nozaki on

      I GET the answer of "missing art books" from TRIGGER support.
      Now, they are waiting to stock "printed art books".
      So we need to wait more...
      THANK you for support staff TRIGGER web shopping!


    22. Missing avatar

      Toshihiro Nozaki on

      >What's the status on the missing art books?

      I want to know ,too.
      I ask via E-Mail to TRIGGER, but offical WEB doesn't comment back this issue.

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      Jonathan Lopez on

      What's the status on the missing art books?

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Do we need to message them about receiving the art book, or will it be sent automatically?

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      Chase Commander on

      There was a lot of "if the money is there, we will keep making them" talk during the lifestream

    26. Jesse Billingsley on


    27. Missing avatar

      Mark L. on

      Studio Trigger, good work! Now work on number 3? /winkwink

    28. Margaret Chan on

      I can't find the survey to update shipping info for the artbook?

    29. Maurice T. on

      Is the Audio commentary stream going to be recorded? I'm just going to miss it with the current schedule and I'd very much like to watch it later.

    30. Maurice T. on

      I agree, I don't think the rewards of the backers were that robust and it definitely could have been handles a bit better. Other than actual physical rewards, I think they've been very good in respect to communication along the way. Things were never going to go exactly as intended.

    31. M. Al-Sanea on

      Why is the artbook shown in the link that was sent to us is different from the one I actually got?

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      Keinosuke Okada on


    33. Nicole on

      Oh, my bad. That's a link for the first movie... Well, something like that would have been nice too, but I guess that renders my comment null and void.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chase Commander on

      @Nicole While I agree with you, that link is for a review of the blu-ray for the origin LWA not LWA2

    35. Nicole on

      What a kick in the teeth. The retail version is way cheaper (100$ tier) and comes with far more bonuses..... Including an actual ARTBOOK.

      If I'd have known they'd drop the ball like this (still waiting on that artbook!), I would have paid retail and saved myself $40.... Ugh.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chase Commander on

      @Arianna Nicora, That same thing was happening last time. Vimeo seems to have a very limited number of downloads that can happen simultaneously. The problem is that people are scum bags and share the password around, flooding the page with traffic.

      You are just going to have to wait until it lets you. You can try refreshing the page over and over or waiting until another time.

    37. Arianna Nicora on

      I cannot download the AX version Digital download

      the page said "This video cannot be downloaded any more right now. Please try again later"
      What can i do?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mike Las on

      I am missing the art book too. Who do I contact about this?

    39. Missing avatar

      Kross Wong on

      Hi Studio Trigger,

      What is the email address that we should send to in regards to the missing items?

      Is there a separate email address that only focus on Kickstarter project for the backers? Thanks.

    40. Margaret Chan on

      Where can I go to update shipping / delivery info for the artbook? I can't find the survey or way to direct message support?

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      Keinosuke Okada on


    42. Janette Kim on

      For backers who got the soundtrack and still need a tracklist with English names for each track, I think my itunes manage to rip it with the English names, so I'll be listing them in order here.

      1. Mushroom Menace In The Lab
      2. Title Intro
      3. Parade Of The Witch Hunt
      4. The Three Mischiefs
      5. Akko's Idea: The Happy Time Project
      6. Dance of the Brooms
      7. The White Mage Appears...
      8. Confrontation With Diana
      9. A Trip To Town
      10. Tomato Fight
      11. The Evil Stirs
      12. The Magic of Chariot
      13. Akko's Parade Preparation
      14. Shiny Rod's Revival
      15. Luna Nova's Witch Parade Happy Time
      16. The Giant Awakes
      17. The Show Must Go On...
      18. Sucy To The Rescue/The Chase
      19. Lotte's Song Of The Spirits
      20. The Witches Versus The Giant
      21. Happy Time Ending
      22. End Credits

    43. Griffinman01 on

      I understand that Trigger isn't as big as some companies, but their own "Making of" featurette on the LWA2 disc stated that they have ~70 people there. That's bigger than most Indie Game developers and many other animation studios that have successful Kickstarters without issues such as these. I don't see the size of a company being an excuse for poor planning as I've seen companies of all sizes deliver their promises without issue.

      We wont know the exact reason for what happened here, but the fact that they aren't willing to fix the issue is mind-blowing. Toho might have the rights to that specific edition, but is it too much to ask for a track listing for the soundtrack, a cardboard sleeve that at least gives the impression that it's a 'Limited Edition', and packaging that didn't damage the Douga cuts (which was literally the only reason to spend the extra $50)? I mean, this stuff is scraping the bare minimum of effort and would have satisfied most (if not all) the complaints surrounding the $100 tier. I mean, we're talking a piece of paper with a track listing (you could print one out with a basic background and tuck it into the case for a few cents), a cardboard sleeve (maybe a buck's worth of materials), and a slightly larger box so that the Douga Cut could lay flat and not be slightly bunched up (again, maybe a dollar, but I'm willing to bet the shipping company has millions of boxes that could be used with no cost). These couple of things (and maybe getting the 'Thank You' letter that everyone outside the $100 tier seems to have gotten) and I would drop my complaints. I still wouldn't have gotten the kind of Limited Edition I was expecting (I was thinking along the lines of the Original LWA Blu-Ray set), but it would at least be good enough to leave me satisfied.

      I guess I am at least somewhat satisfied. The film came out and was highly enjoyable, the douga cut I got was actually a really good scene, and I did at least get a copy of the blu-ray. It's not what I was expecting, but it at least satisfied the absolute bare minimum of what was promised. I'll certainly not back any further Kickstarters by Trigger with the same enthusiasm nor dig as deep into my wallet. You give us the bare minimum, you get the bare minimum.

    44. James Gwinnell on

      While I was disappointed in the Bluray Packaging - I had thought it would be like the first film so it would match - I am happy for the almost hour long movie for LWA2. I am still waiting for the Artbook that was missing from the 100$+ tier groups and did send in a message to ensure that it is noted though I also included some thoughts on packaging with my message as feedback due to some other issues.

      Thinking it over, the issue that is bubbling up was the lack of regular updates over the 2 year + period from start to ship date for this project. A lot of questions and concerns coming up now that might have been prevented with regular updates concerning various topics - packaging, for example. Being their first - and hopefully not last - Kickstarter it can be understandable considering how busy they are working on various TV series. Quite a number of updates were about convention visits than Production Updates which was nice but left open the issue of what was happening.

      I hope that Studio TRIGGER looks at it as a whole and does go back to the Kickstarter route to fund a third Little Witch Academia. However, take the lessons learned in the first Kickstarter, and make sure a tight schedule of production / reward updates are kept. Also, make sure rewards are better defined at the start of a project with a grid system that many Kickstarters use - look at the Wakfu Kickstarter for their reward images that made it very clear from start.

      In the end, the rewards received were exclusive to backers that cannot be obtained anywhere else without finding someone willing to part with them through second hand markets. There are other issues they are working on as well that they noted in the recent update.

      I do hope they come back and try again to fund a third short film.

      @Halko - I agree with your post 100%.

    45. Halko

      I donunderstand all of the issues being brought up but I would like to point out that TRIGGER is not as large as many of you believe. Many animation companies in Japan have a few dozen employees and literally survive paycheck to paycheck and show to show. It's not like in theUS where most larger animation companies have hundreds of people under their employ and large corporate backing. It's entirely likely that time constraints and budget limitations are a huge deal. It is entirely likely that these issues caused the communication problems with the rewards and campaign. We don't know the exact details probably never will and in all honesty shouldn't. Pointing fingers and condemning people for issues that could very well be out of their control is just a bit much. I'm sure they had every intention to give us the toho version of the discs. It's just very likely that they said sure as long as you pay full retail for them. Remember they stated that toho owns those rights to that edition. So funding their own special edition would most likely be out of budget and buying them for full retail is just as bad.

      It's not a good situation but its understandable.

      Sorry for typos on a phone.

    46. James Rutkowski

      They addressed the art book in the comments section of the most recent update. Her is part of what they said:

      "As a quick addendum, we wanted to add that all art books included in the $100 and up tiers will be shipping soon. We'll make another announcement as soon as the date has been confirmed."

      As an aside from that, maybe the presentation of the limited edition blu-ray is not exactly as we wanted, and maybe some people are displeased with their rewards (I wanted a better douga cut...) but the film was great and quite a bit longer than I expected. I thought the plan was 35 mins and I believe the final run time ended up being 54 mins. I don't know if that tightened their budget a bit, but I'd rather have that extra length on the film than I would some fancy blu-ray package. Just my two cents

    47. Griffinman01 on

      @Ricardo Salazar-Rosales
      If you're one of the $100 backers, good luck. They haven't given us any info on it, just that they neglected to send it to us. We may or may not get it at this point so I'm not sure if talking to them is going to do much good.

    48. Griffinman01 on

      They give the budgetary reason for the lack of a Metal Badge for the upper tiers, but they cite nothing but negligence on their part for the rest of the issues. How is it that small companies seem to manage things just fine but a large company like Trigger can't?

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is absurd. I guess we'll have to assume a stance of "Buyer Beware" (or Backer Beware as it were) when dealing with Trigger in the future. I'm not saying this out of spite. I'm just amazed that a company like Trigger is giving us a politician answer: "We know we promised all these things to you, but that was just to get your support. We can't afford to do all the things we promised. It's not our fault you believed us."

      I used to hold Trigger in a real high regard. Not sure if I can do that anymore after this whole debacle.

    49. Ricardo Salazar-Rosales on

      My artbook didn't came with the whole package. Is it here where I'm supposed to contact to notify them?.

    50. Missing avatar

      LilMitsuko on

      Oops, regarding my prior comment, that should've said: That's why some of us paid $300 instead of $100 or $10,000 instead of $20.

      Had my statement all backwards because of my anger. My bad!

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