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Shake-n-Tell turns anybody into a storyteller. Our smartphone app will guide storytellers through a story outline of story prompts.

The idea:

A smart phone/tablet app designed to help parents “make up” stories to tell children or provide an educational imagination exercise for reading-age students.

The Inspiration:

The creators of Shake-n-Tell want to bring back an essential element in the human experience: storytelling. Call it a dying art or simply a neglected art, storytelling has disappeared for too many families. For thousands of years, we shared insight and tradition through stories. Weaving tales from the imagination creates a personal connection with children that parents will never find reading the same picture book for the 500th time.

         And it’sFUN!Telling stories lets you be silly or spooky and always spontaneous. Whether it’s sitting around a campfire or cuddling at bedtime, kids love stories.

         That does not mean storytelling is easy or automatic. Kids typically ask for a story at bedtime when parents are tired, and the idea of drawing plots and characters out of thin air may feel intimidating. An improvisation engine rather than an interactive storybook, the Shake-n-Tell app guides users through the storytelling experience with “flash card” prompts for plot points and characters that encourage them to elaborate, exaggerate and describe: just add  personality, shake, and serve.  Each shake randomly pulls users through a plot arc with billions of permutations in each Story Pack.

         The Shake-n-Tell app will launch as a free iOS app with four adventures and dozens of endings. Users can purchase Story Packs, each offering eight adventures in genres such as princess, pirate, ghost, space, and more. Each month, Shake-n-Tell will release a new Story Pack in a different genre. Perfect for parent-child interaction, Shake-n-Tell can also be a child-to-child imagination exercise. Kids or adults can pass the phone around a circle in a round-robin storytelling game. An audio recording feature will allow children to hear favorite stories again and again.

Who we are:

Creating Shake-n-Tell meant bringing together a community of artists, video game designers, writers and storytellers. And it helped to have a couple of dads who know how hard it can be to spin a story at the end of a long day.

What we need:

Shake-N-Tell is currently in development. We need financial support to create  a great app that helps people tell great stories. We'll use your pledges to complete development, expand to new platforms, bring Shake-n-Tell into schools and apply modern technology to bring back an ancient tradition. 

 We are a KickItForward project-


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    You get the app and the first three Story Packs.

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    Get the app and all the Story Packs in the first year. And we’ll unlock the audio recording feature.

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    Get all of the above and a lifetime subscription with a new Story Pack every month.

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    Get all of the above and Shake-n-Tell creator Rick Polito will call your child and tell him or her a customized bedtime story. You’ll also be listed in the credits as a VIP founder.

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    Get all of the above and we’ll name a character after your child in a future Story Pack.

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    Get all of the above and Doctor Elmo, the man who gave the world "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" will sing a song written just for you, about you, your kid or your grandma - whether or not she got run over by a reindeer. We'll videotape it and post it on YouTube so you can share it with all your friends.

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    Get a lifetime subscription with a new Story Pack every month and we’ll build a whole Story Pack around your child’s chosen genre with your child’s name as the protagonist in every story.

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