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natural fabric that keeps you comfortable in warm or cold temperatures, during any activity, reduces sweat, odor and saves the planet

We've found a better way to make a natural performance shirt and it's made of trees...

Why is this such a smart shirt?

Because typical fabrics, even after all these years, and all their chemical treatments can still be itchy, uncomfortable, stinky and unable to manage the moisture and temperature of your body.  The most common sport fabric, Polyester, is typically treated with harsh chemicals just to make it perform at the most basic levels.  We went back to nature and put together a fabric that is better for your body comfort and better for the world.

Eucalyptex fabric has 4 major qualities that make it better than other fabrics:

1) Natural Odor Resistance: absorbs moisture inside the fiber so that bacteria cannot grow. All polyester based fabric actually attracts bacteria and is very hard to remove. Chemical sprays are added to cover and block bacteria but over time the chemicals wash off or are absorbed by your body and then the polyester smells..really bad! Eucalyptex fabric will continually absorb your sweat before bacteria can grow for the lifetime of the garment.

2) Superior comfort for your skin (hypo-allergenic). The eucalyptus fiber is extruded so that you get a smooth and ultra soft finish on your skin. Unlike wool, polyester or cotton, Eucalyptex keeps your skin more comfortable because of the combination of natural factors working together.

3) Moisture management: It's controlled nano-fibril structure moves moisture away from the body through a natural process and without the use of chemical sprays that will wear off after a few washes.

4) Natural and Sustainable: From certified farms and throughout the fabric making process eucalyptus lyocell uses a fraction of the resources of almost every other fabric on the planet including far less water, land and chemicals and is biodegradable and CO2 neutral.The fabric has received numerous environmental awards.

Our Goals:

We've tested the fabric in small batches and now we are set to make it available to everyone but making the fabric takes a significant investment. With your help we can do it a better way!

The Process:

The wood used is a replenishable raw material and is sourced from forestry plantations that practice sustainability.  In a remarkable process, pure pulp is extracted from the wood chips. Fibers are then made from the pulp by an eco-friendly solvent spin process. Below are pictures of the wood in various stages.


Eucalyptex® is 96% eucalyptus lyocell and 4% spandex with a special non harmful, anti-pill treatment to make it more durable over time. The small amount of spandex adds stability and flexibility to the eucalyptus fibers.  We have spent over 2 years testing this fabric and have people from all walks of life wanting to trade in their poly and cotton clothing to get our fabric on their skin.

Yes, this is not just a sports shirt. You can wear it to the office. You can wear under a suit and tie or under your snowboard gear...basically whenever or wherever you might sweat and want to stay comfortable...oh, and you'll still look good.


The story behind Eucalyptex is the story of efficiency and careful management of limited resources to make better fabric. It is the story of real progress.

Eucalyptus does not need artificial irrigation to grow. Water consumption is up to 20 times lower than cotton. Eucalyptus trees grow from 6 to 12 feet per year without the use of pesticides.

Compared to cotton the fiber yield of Eucalyptus is up to 4 times higher.

Eucalyptus can be cultivated on land unsuitable for food production.

Compared to bamboo fabric which has a heavy toxic chemical footprint Eucalyptex is produced through a recycled loop system that is approved by third party environmental auditors and has received numerous environmental awards of excellence.

Eucalyptus fibers are fully biodegradable as certified by DIN CERTCO.


The Eucalyptex® T-shirt.

The Euca headband: keeps the sweat out of your eyes. One size fits most. made from t-shirt cuttings.(we try to reduce waste at every part of the process)

The Euca NOOQ: a faceguard, neckwarmer and touque made from t-shirt cuttings. One size fits all.

The Euca Briefs:

The Euca Longsleeve:

The Euca Leggings:

The Modarchy Jacket: made from 90% recycled plastic bottles and 10% spandex. This fabric is water repellent, breathable, quick dry, wicking and abrasion resistant..and it looks slick.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The challenges to making this project work are developing this unique fabric, making great fits, plus manufacturing and distribution. As the lead on our project team, Steven Sal Debus has over 20 years of experience in developing great garments. He is a graphic and sportswear designer. As a lifetime, do-it-yourself entrepreneur he is experienced in every facet of this business.
A North American Brand:
As part of our long term goals, we have already created and fit tested all the styles that are part of this project and put in place the key people and organizations to make this happen: the raw fiber maker in Atlanta, Georgia, a reputable knitting mill in Montreal, a technical sportswear manufacturer in Toronto and a seasoned team in Burlington, Vermont.

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact us here.


  • We have had a few questions about how this project differs from what is available on our website. You can always check on our message board to see the complete answer but the short version is that we have made a sample run of garments and made them available to athletes and through our online store over the past year to 1) make sure the fabric performs as predicted and 2) get feedback so we can adjust for fit, sizing and any wearability issues. The version that we are trying to get kickstarter funds for is the version that we believe is the best based on a number of revisions over the last year or so and we're ready to go with it. Hopefully that helps you make your decision.

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    Eucalyptex® headband. Besides our thanks you'll get a great introduction to Eucalyptex fabric that absorbs sweat and lets you stay comfortable during any sport or activity..also works under a helmet.

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    The NOOQ - a Eucalyptex® Head&Neck Warmer -this tube fits as a head or neck tube that is super comfortable, anti-bacterial and sweat wicking. Great for keeping you warm during those chilly winter months. (Also acts as a good air filter to while cycling.)

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    The Eucalyptex® special edition briefs(mens or womens) and 1 free headband As a way to use the uncut fabric from t-shirts we can cut a great pair of briefs that will keep you fresh and comfortable no matter what you are doing. **If you want to give it as a Christmas gift we will send you a Christmas Card to let your loved one know what's coming.

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    The Eucalyptex® T-shirt -mens or womens This is the shirt that will you will want to wear everywhere and all the matter what you are doing. An All Season fabric weight of 188 gsm with 4% spandex for indoor (office too!) and outdoor use so you can wear it to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. ** Christmas Card available

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    1 Longsleeve Eucalyptex® tee (mens or womens) and 1 pair of brief underwear (mens or womens). We'll make super comfortable Eucalyptex® briefs. Nothing feels or works better for your sensitive parts. *Christmas card available

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    1 longsleeve Eucalyptex® Tee, 1 short sleeve Eucalyptex® Tee, 1 pair of Eucalyptex® underwear, and 1 Eucalyptex® head band. It's like getting the $30 underwear for $10 *Christmas Gift card available

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    1 short sleeve Crew Eucalyptex® tee, 1 short sleeve Vneck Eucalyptex® tee, 1 longsleeve Eucalyptex® tee base layer, 2 pair of Eucalyptex® brief underwear, and 1 Eucalyptex® headband *all items can be mens or womens *Christmas gift card available

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    The Couples Special: 1 Mens and 1 Womens Modarchy Jacket-water repellent, abrasion resistant, quick dry and anti-bacterial softshell performance jacket good for all sports. 1 womens short sleeve Crew Eucalyptex® tee, 1 mens short sleeve Vneck Eucalyptex® tee, 1 longsleeve mens Eucalyptex® tee -base layer, 1 longsleeve womens Eucalyptex® tee -base, layer, 1 pair of mens Eucalyptex® brief underwear, 1 pair of womens Eucalyptex® brief underwear, 1 mens Eucalyptex® tank top, 1 womens Eucalyptex® tank top, and 2 Eucalyptex® headbands *Christmas card available **set can be same sex too!

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    The Weeks Supply: 1 Modarchy Jacket, 7 Eucalyptex® Tees, 7 pair of Eucalyptex® brief underwear, 3 Longsleeve Eucalyptex® tees base layer, 1 pair of Eucalyptex® leggings, and 1 Eucalyptex® headband *Christmas gift card available

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    The Power Couple: 2 sets of the $750 Weeks Supply. Give the gift of being comfortable all week long to your partner or loved one. **Christmas card available

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    The Power Couple Plus: The next 6 garments we make out of the Eucalyptex® fabric and a say in what those garments will be. Think of yourself as a member of our testing team! We'll contact you, show you the ideas, get your input and you'll get the first garments. Plus, we'll put you on our team page on our website. Welcome to the family!

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