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$15,406 pledged of $5,000,000 goal
$15,406 pledged of $5,000,000 goal

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"As reported by ForbesOnce Upon A Time In Shaolin will be encased in a silver and nickel box crafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya and will probably sell for millions of dollars. However, before it is sold, the one-of-a-kind album will tour the world as many other famous pieces of art do, with stops at museums, galleries, and potentially music festivals. Fans will be charged a cost to attend a "listening event," where they'll get a chance to hear the album on headphones after being carefully screened for recording materials."

For all the fans who won't be able to pay 30-50 bucks to listen to a double album in one sitting, let's raise enough money to buy this album and then turn around and give it away for free. Wu members can still get their CREAM and the rest of us get to enjoy an epic album instead of some uber rich bastard keeping it to himself like a collector's item. 

As the founder of this group I pledge to not keep a single penny of the money raised. Every cent will be bid to win the album. If we don't get it then everyone gets their money back. 

Risks and challenges

The risk is some billionaire's kid spending his dad's money to collect a trophy and then he'll keep the album to himself and fans the world over will suffer.

If for some reason we are unable to purchase the album to distribute it to all fans or we are outbid, there will be a vote to either refund all money to backers or use the money to fund a Wu Tang related project such as a free concert for backers.

The founder of this group will not profit by even a single penny of backers' contributions, nor will a cent be spent until the auction date when the entirety of funds raised will be bid in an attempt to win the album.

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  • We've been getting this question messaged to us a lot so we thought we'd clear it up. Regarding the case and discs, we can assure you that that isn't and has never been our end goal. We're about the music, that's the focus. We joked in our interview with DNAinfo that we might rock paper scissors for who gets to own it, or we'll randomly give it to a backer raffle style, but what we settled on is that if we are able to achieve our goal we'll donate it to a museum like the Rza had envisioned. That seems to be the best option in our opinion. Since this will be a group effort to win the bid, it doesn't seem fair for any single one of us to be the sole owner of the physical product. The packaging of the content, however beautiful, is not what gave us incentive to start this kickstarter however, we just wanted to hear the songs.

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  • We'll refund money to our backers as best we can. Ideally Kickstarter refunds in full but if Kickstarter charges a percentage share (this is covered in the fine print that nobody reads when you donate I think) then unfortunately we can't go out of pocket to make up that %. That said, the highest bid we've seen so far is $100 so if Kickstarter pilfered 8% for a refund we're talking about a small percentage not being recouped. It does suck that backers would be taxed for getting their money back if this project fails but we simply don't have the resources to make up the difference or the time to individually send back small amounts of money to the hundreds or thousands of backers we'll have at project's end. Thank you very much for the support.

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  • Hey guys,

    We have 10 days to go and 4.985 million dollars to go. We made a valiant effort and we created buzz and conversation about this project and its affect on fans. We made noise that Wu and the industry had to recognize.

    I urge you all to cancel or reduce your pledges down to $1 or whatever the minimum is so that when Kickstarter refunds money when this project "doesn't reach its goal" they won't rake a % from your contribution. Most donations were small amounts but some of you donated $100, Kit & Jake donated $9,999, and 8% or whatever Kickstarter skims would be significant in that case.

    Thank you all for the support, sharing and effort. Just like Wu Tang, all of you aint nothin ta fuck with.

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    No minimum pledge donation. The reward is every fan getting to hear the music instead of some fat cat in Dubai who might win the auction keeping it all to himself. Of course all backers would receive their own digital copy of the album. The date on this is tentative since we're not sure when the auction will actually be.

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