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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, June 9 2014 1:17 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $5,000,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, June 9 2014 1:17 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Good job by everyone, we gave a good effort

    2. Missing avatar


      Although we weren't successful this round, great idea and I really appreciate the effort

    3. Missing avatar

      Amp on

      The half way intelligent thing to do would have been to do a raffle on the actual (valuable) item for all people who donated with every 5$ donated equal to one raffle ticket, and with any donation under 5$ giving you a digital copy. Personally I donated 1$ but would have bought a few $5 raffle tickets. Headlines would have read "$5 KickStarter raffle for single Wu-Tang album worth millions!" Good job... Wu-Tang forever! RIP ODB! 685 backers... That's WEAK SON!

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Robinson on

      Hopefully whoever buys it, will be generous enough to release it to us all!

    5. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Rza has already received a bid for 5 mill, that was the basis for the amount Sanskar. I agree though, lofty goal for sure.

    6. Sanskar Wagley on

      a $5,000,000 goal was way too much...I doubt the real copy will even sell for that much. It'll make it's way out there sooner or later.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Mordaunt on

      If we get there or not the RZA should fly each one of us to have a private listening of the album. We are with no doubt the 700 most die hard Wu fans out there.

    8. David Mercado on

      I can understand why fans wouldn't want to get in on this after the Wu's last few group efforts left much to be desired. But c'mon really!?

    9. Jen Garcia on

      You should edit your description to make a mention of it and give a link to the blog post. It's a legally important issue!

    10. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Yeah, on their official blog they've said that whoever owns the album will have the right to distribute it if they desire.

    11. Jen Garcia on

      I hope very much that this reaches its goal, but I wanted to comment on the fact that there is no mention copyright or licensing in this project. Just because you own a recording doesn't give you the right to distribute the content. Has Wu Tang explicitly stated that they are transferring copyrights to the owner of the physical record?

    12. Bernard on

      Where are all the Fans? Ima do some serious work today on tryin to get ppl up on this

    13. Keithustus on

      Funny, I thought the Wu-Tang Clan had more than 624 fans?

    14. Bernard on

      Dope look out to Kit and Jake. Lets go yall we need more supporters

    15. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      WC, I'm sorry you took that as discriminatory, not my intention at all. I just referenced a random character who would have a lot of money. I could have as easily said "some spoiled movie producer's daughter who aspires to have her own reality show." Apologies if you were offended.

    16. John Wick on

      So how do you know it may be some Saudi oil baron's kid? No need to discriminate. There are a lot of greedy rich bastards all over the world.

    17. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      yeah, they haven't gotten back to me or reached out but have claimed to in multiple sources. it's very weird.

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Day on

      Have they got back to you yet? I expect not, it seems they campaign theyre running over there is super shady. Even to the point of deleting comments asking about how they will refund the money in the event that their $808 doesn't turn into $5mil.... Before I thought you should join forces, but now Im skeptical.... glad I supported this one

    19. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Bernard, I gave someone from that group my email to put us in contact but they have yet to reach out to me. We're all for unification and max support.

    20. Bernard on


    21. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Matthew, to keep in line with your thinking how about on the site where we would be giving away the album download, there would be space to recognize our top backers. Do a little bio, give them their props for being top givers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Givler on

      By the way, prayers go out to Andre Johnson aka Christ Bearer. Get well homie!

    23. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Givler on

      Wu Tang 4ever! Donated what I could. Will donate $$$$ every chance I get. Thanks for supporting true Wu fans!!!!

    24. Matthew Miller on

      On previous comment: adding more rewards doesn't make it more exclusive. It's just a way to encourage people to pick more than $1. We're clearly not going to get five million people to chip in a dollar, so let's do the most to actually succeed.

    25. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Right now we have a little less than $4k, I don't think we can make that request and be considered just yet but it's an interesting idea were we able to grow this into a substantial amount of money.

    26. Missing avatar

      matt mederer on

      I second Kenn's statement. We should give them the money with one demand. The demand being that they all sit down together at the same time and work on it.

    27. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Kenn, we better raise a lot more money then, haha.

      Tyler, do you have a link to the indiegogo project? I haven't been contacted by anyone from that group.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tyler Barker on

      They've got this exact project on indiegogo. We need to unify our efforts if we have any hope of raising such an exorbitant amount of money. I'm confident that there are enough Wu fans to do this, but not if we're divided. Wu-tang forever!

    29. Kenn Bosak on

      If we don't make the goal I vote we offer the Wu the money to make us an album....

    30. Bernard on

      We gotta get this album because I believe "A Better Tomorrow" LP will be weak

    31. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Love the optimism and the support Bernard

    32. Bernard on

      I believe we can reach that amount by June. I put it on my page on facebook

    33. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Agreed Anonymous, please spread the word as much as you can backers.

    34. Anonymous on

      Hi Russell and all.
      I like this. But I liked the Death Star project. And the X-Wing project more.
      Millions of dollars is a height very few projects achieve.
      So you reached out to RZA, lets do this. you're not likely to hit our mark without ALOT of sharing.

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam Levy on

      Let's crowdsource ideas for increasing the average pledge. It currently sits under $7.

      Russell and Calvin, you guys could make reward levels with T-shirts, mixtapes, physical copies of the CD when it's released, etc. What else can people think of?

    36. Jid ofole on

      ...cash rules everything..
      props to to creator though cleverpiece of disruption - 5 million fat ones to the irrepressible collective? Seems almost obscene

    37. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Bernard, it will be put online and made available for free download, so yes, everyone could get one.

    38. Bernard on

      I got your back on this one. Great idea

    39. Bernard on

      I just donated. If we raise enough will we all get a copy?

    40. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      I'll do that Clark, thanks for the tip and please, all backers, feel free to share links yourself on sites and in social media. The more we spread the word, the better.

    41. Missing avatar

      clark on

      To try and get the word spread please submit this to RZA via wutangcorp.com or Twitter!

    42. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      We'll make the album available for free download and then it can be shared anywhere fans want to place it Sluice_Box.

    43. SLUICE_BOX on

      If we win please rip this album to FLAC.

    44. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      I sent you a message Joshua but no, we'd most likely donate it to a museum. Seems weird for a big collaborative effort for any one person to get to keep it. Our focus is getting the music out to fans who can appreciate it. The packaging of the content isn't important.

    45. Joshua Arter on

      Who will keep the actual, physical album? You?

    46. D Paul Leiba on

      I am curious to see where this is going.

    47. Fans of Wu Tang the World Over Creator on

      Maxime, that's awesome, Wu-Tang is international, let's hope the project goes that way too.

      Matthew, we may consider tiered rewards but we want this to be as accessible to everyone as possible.

    48. Matthew Miller on

      I think that in order for this to have a chance of being successful, you should make some more reward levels. They don't have to be anything fancy -- just different levels of "thank you", even.

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