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Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us:
Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us:
3,384 backers pledged $169,522 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. birdloverus on

      I never got my DVD or download. It looks like other people did. How do I get my DVD? It was part of my pledge. Thanks.

    2. Mark Bellamy on

      Saw "Citizen Koch" on Netflix, I feel my money was well spent. Great Job. I consider myself an informed person and I learned a great deal I did not already know. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Travis Shepherd on

      Got my DVD and am excited to watch it. Still, it is a bit odd that you autographed the outer plastic part of the DVD case and not the paper cover. The autograph already seems like it could rub off if I'm not careful putting it on my DVD shelf.

    4. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Remaining rewards will be distributed over the next six weeks. Surveys will go out soon to collect all outstanding information we need for fulfillment, and moving forward we will continue to send updates to all Kickstarter backers from

      Many many thanks to all of you for your support!

    5. Missing avatar

      David McCall on

      Will we see the rewards before the election results are all counted? We're only, what, 10 months behind schedule ...

    6. Margaret Fooshee on

      Where are the contribution rewards? How about an answer!!!

    7. Tom Collins on

      How much more do I have to pledge to be able to download the movie now? Between flixster ,Vimeo etc you should have had this sorted by now!

    8. Addisongreen on

      Echoing the comments below, it would be excellent to actually receive an update,

    9. Missing avatar

      Howard Bernstein on

      I'm very glad the funding was so wildly successful, that it's gotten great press, and that the Koch brothers' evil activities are also getting a bit more press now. But I would ALSO appreciate learning what your plans are for distribution of the DVD, etc. I'm very anxious to actually view the film and share it with my friends at home.

    10. Circa 24 on

      Also waiting to see the final project. Any idea when? I understand that things can fall behind schedule, but please keep us in the loop.

    11. Sean Bradshaw on

      Is there an ETA about when we can see it? You've already long passed the hype machine that was getting blocked by NPR. At this point I'm either not expecting to ever see it, or when I do, it will be so out of date as to be irrelevant. It'll be like watching Apple's 1984 commercial where the meaning is completely ironic.

    12. N. E. Wright on

      I am so happy for all of your success with receiving backing! Good luck!

    13. Eira WJ & Yann G on

      Congratulations to you guys! Great work really deserves great support - We've found this project through the Popular section of Kickstarter and thought that it deserved our modest contribution. Only a couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with some of our American friends and they told us about their worries concerning the crushing of the American middle-class by these few ''big'' guys who pretty much control the world - so yeah, really looking forward to watching CITIZEN KOCH! Also great to see a ''First created'' project funded - We are also new on Kickstarter and have just launched our first campaign that you could find interesting - have a look: - All the Best, Eira & Yann

    14. Gail French on

      And I don't mind buying the dvd. It took real courage for these people to come out and impugn the Krotches personally. God help them. Meanwhile, I will.

    15. Gail French on

      Don't be fool enough to actually suspend your pledges to PBS. I know all of us were tempted, Remember they are the only ones who would even CONSIDER such a film, and through them, WE were able to take over because of Kickstarter.Next time they are threatened out, that is exactly when we take over and get it done.I LOVE PBS because it is about people and it is wholesome. I want them to survive and to prevail.

    16. Gail French on

      It is a good idea to become a citizen naturalist or citizen scientist. If Monsanto owns the Midwestern famers, they do not own the people. If you want ot become a citizen data gatherer, check out the citizen scientist groups out of Cornell University online. Theyhave programs that bring you to a site and train you in observation. We should KNOW. We should DO.I remember when teachers were asked to become data gatherers. It was very illuminating and schools will be able to go forward in a new way as far as really understanding the problems of educating a diverse population. I have an old friend in Virginia who is still in a fog of ideas and satisfaction directly following her going to a training workshop in the forest. The corporations are not going to do anything. The farmers are not going to do anything or Monsanto will pay the a visit bigtime. But we can. PBS I love. They do the best they can. But the superwealthy have been infiltrating them little by little for a good 30 years. But if it had not been for PBS, we would not even be getting this hold through kickdstarters on a big problem by those who don't care at all about us.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Irwin on

      The next notice would be nice to hear when and where CK will be available to be screened.

    18. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Hi Lou and Renee,

      As New Yorkers, we envy your privacy and peace and assure you that now that the campaign has wound down, you won't be hearing from us quite as often. We promise! Thank you for the feedback.

      Tia & Carl

    19. Missing avatar

      Lou and Renee' Mendonsa on

      Not to rain on your parade, but we are getting way to many updates from you. We are private people, live way out in the wilds of far Northern California and truly value our privacy and peace. We read about your project and thought it deserved support. While we have limited funds, we were happy to add to what we are sure is an important and quality effort. However, we are now getting several "updates" each day and while, we are sure you believe that they are interesting to us, they really aren't why we wanted to help you out. It is getting to feel like we are becoming part of a fund development program and we surely do not want that. So, if you could please lighten up on the correspondence to us, we would truly appreciate that effort.
      Lou and Renee' Mendonsa

    20. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Thanks so much, Margaret. We so appreciate your kind words and your generosity of spirit.

    21. Missing avatar

      Margaret D. Blough on

      I will happily pay whatever I need to pay to see the film regardless of what I contributed (although I contributed less than $75.00), although I contributed as much as I could afford to contribute. My contribution was done with no expectation of anything other than doing my small part in standing up to the Kochs and not letting them get away with starving this project to death by cutting off critical funding. So the filmmakers are new to this sort of fundraising and are learning their way about it. So what? This is an amazing success story and we should take some time to enjoy it before picking away at it.

    22. Miriam Breslauer on

      I heard about you on one of the MSNBC shows. I hate the Koch Brothers and all the vile things they have worked hard to do to the USA (especially the mental manipulation of millions of people on a daily basis through their proxies). Anything that annoys them needs to happen.

    23. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      We'd love to know how you heard about the Kickstarter campaign and why you decided to participate!

    24. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Hi Nicolas,
      Thanks so much for reaching out with your question. We struggled a lot with pricing of the rewards. And you do matter to us. Ultimately, we wanted to make sure we weren’t treating Kickstarter as a preorder system for “Citizen Koch” or an online store. This is against Kickstarter's own guidelines.

      When you back our film, you aren’t buying something, you are joining with a community of people pooling their small dollars to offset the chilling effect of the big dollars deployed by billionaire David Koch to effectively censor this film. We hope that is something that you want, in addition to the film itself.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Guillaume on


      I would like to add a data point concerning the 75$ to get a "FREE" digital copy of the movie. The online distribution of one copy would be in the order of $0.10. So I find it very ironic that only 24% of you backers that made it possible for you to finish the movie will be able to watch it for "FREE".

      Concerning the 75$ average, don't forget that many kickstarter campaign actually "sell" a product that actually cost a lot more that $0.10 to distribute... I personally gave $25 dollars to support your movie, how much more will I need to pay to watch legally?

      "More than 76%" of Citizen Kock contributions have been for $50 or less.
      But it looks like politic, you need to give a lot of money to get what you want. Otherwise, you don't matter.

    26. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Hi Barry,
      We are so grateful for your backing of "Citizen Koch", and thank you for the question. We met Nina Paley when we both screened at Roger Ebert's film festival in 2009 and her film "Sita Sings the Blues" is delightful. We were fascinated with her approach to distributing that film. Unfortunately, our legal obligations to third party music and footage licensors may limit the scope of the Creative Commons license we could offer. But we will certainly look into this. In our experience, a staggered multi-platform release creates the most opportunities for impact, but we are open to all possibilities--both commercial and non-commecial!

    27. Barry Solow on

      Is there any chance that you might release this film under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license ( )? It is perhaps the best way to insure that it will be seen by the largest number of viewers possible. You might want to look into the experiences of Nina Paley, who released her film, "Sita Sings The Blues" under such a license. She has written extensively on the subject, including this article, "How To Free Your Work":

    28. Missing avatar

      Emily Fuller on

      I also learned of your project from watching Chris Hayes tonight and thought you both spoke passionately and astutely regarding the future of film distribution. As a progressive and a film and media studies graduate I am thrilled to back your project! (and am extremely disappointed in PBS)

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew B Robinson on

      I learned of this project on Chris Hayes also & enthusiastically support it. I'm feeling quite let down about PBS though. I enjoy PBS & pledge monthly. I think I'm going to suspend my pledge to them for a while and ensure they know why. Not that my stupid pledge matters when they've got the Koch's but every now & then, you just have to make a stand and say, "fetch this...." Yea, that's the plan.

      BTW, KS is pretty clear that the artists own 100% of their project. That you're backing them. The value of a good deed is the deed itself. That sort of thing. I respect everyone motivated to visit this site and/or support this project but the rewards are clearly not meant to be of equal value. I mean, as if the crappy tshirt with "I heart NPR" on the front is worth the $100 I donated them. Right?

    30. Missing avatar


      I also backed after seeing this on All In with Chris Hayes tonight. Wish I could have seen this on my local PBS station as you originally intended, but this way citizens will be your backers and you won't be subject to the kind of corporate influences PBS seems to be now. They should change their name to COBS for Corporate Oligarchs Broadcast Slaves.

    31. Kevin Mahoney on

      I am thrilled that you were on All in with Chris Hayes tonight. It took me about a minute into the segment featuring you guys to boot up my computer and become a backer. Thanks so much for doing the work you are doing.

      I am the editor or Raging Chicken Press, We are a progressive, activist media site located in Pennsylvania. I would be happy help with any promotion of your film and cause.

    32. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      But that's the average, which is very easily skewed by relatively few large pledges. According to this Economist article [], the median pledge (half of people pledge more, and half of people pledge less) is $25. One of Kickstarter's own help pages [] says the "most popular" pledge amount is $25 (in addition to quoting the $75 average).

      I know Kickstarter isn't a store. I wouldn't expect to pay $25 to see a movie, but I would without a doubt pledge that amount if it would mean a free download of the film when it's complete. As of the time of writing, less than 23% of your supporters will be able to see your film. For now I'm staying with my original $1 pledge amount and may or may not seek out the film once it's released.

    33. Elsewhere Films - Carl Deal & Tia Lessin Creator on

      Hi Alexander--

      We’ve been making films for a while, but are new to kickstarter, and we looked at statistics about rewards. $75 seemed to be the average, and we wanted to put our actual film reward in this price-range since we thought if this was the average, the backers at this level would surely want the digital download or DVD of the finished project as one reward. We were told Kickstarter is not a store – in other words, the value of items isn’t a 1-1 ratio to the money donated. If you pledge this amount, you will receive a digital copy of the film. We are not allowed to lower this amount now after the campaign launched.

      Does that make sense?

    34. Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams on

      Congrats! on a big raise. The film looks great. We've been getting a lot backers on our project from the New York area. It's a bit different, but if you get a chance can you tell your backers about our project at:

    35. Alexander on

      *Shouldn't the download cost less to produce? typos, typos...

    36. Alexander on

      I have a question: Why does a digital download of the film cost as much as a DVD? Should the download cost less to produce? (No case, DVD, physical cover art, etc.)

    37. Christopher Buehl

      @Paul I'm not sure if you'll check back into the comments, but you can always pledge beyond your selected reward level. For example, if you only want the $10 reward, you can choose that reward level, but type in $25 for your pledge. Should be golden.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rachel Ethier Rosenbaum on

      I am sick and tired of having those who inherited money from their parents, never had to work for a living, and who use that money to pay off politicians to assure a privileged place in society including making sure they do not pay their fair share of taxes. The awful tragedy that just happened in Canada with the runaway train should put a lie to the claim that these companies do not use public services. Who is paying for the police, firemen etc, who are searching for bodies and cleaning up the mess? It is the citizenry of Canada!!

    39. Travis Amiel on

      It would be pretty damn awesome if this campaign ended up getting the $150,000 they lost from PBS.

    40. Alexander on

      I'm doing my best of standing up for it, that is. Typos!

    41. Alexander on

      I hate it when people stand in the way of democracy, so I'm standing up for it. That means I'm also standing up for your movie. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Mathenaut on

      The iniquity of the Koch Brothers is so endemic that it's reasonably accurate to state that if they don't want you to have it, it's probably something you need.

      They really don't want you to see this movie.

    43. Phoebe S Young on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    44. Kimberly Strother on

      I'm from Madison, WI and am thrilled to see this projects funds grow so quickly. I've never worked for a union, I work for a big private company. But I was marching in almost every protest I could make because I support our public school teachers and other public workers. I'm fully aware that I have my benfits because of the demands union workers have made over the decades. As Union enrollment diminishes, so have my benefits in the private sector, Of course we have no recourse. We're too afraid to lose our jobs if we speak up.
      Gov, Walker continues to do damage to this state. My friends are all packing up and leaving (of course there aren't too many places to escape to). Starving children, denying women basic healthcare, continuing to take money out of public schools, destroying our environment are the current agenda items being passed through model legislation by ALEC and others, who are heavily funded by the Koch Brothers . This film will be important for all to see, because it's not just going to happen to WI, it's coming to a state near you. Hopefully, it will be the ah ha moment that makes people realize that Walker's "Divide and Conquer" tactics are working right now, and if we all come together against this, we can turn this ship around.

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Bishop on

      I just wish you'd given an option to forgo one of the rewards. I wanted to donate $25 purely for the knowledge that it would get this film seen by people as this sort of thing is going on all over the world; but I'm outside the US so it absolutely wouldn't allow me to give that amount. I was prepared to tick a box saying that I knew the reward wouldn't be shipped to me, but wasn't given the option so I had to donate just $10. Maybe I'll go back in and donate again but I can't help feeling you're losing some money that you could've had.

    46. HeepOLeaves on

      It's a bit disappointing to see the price point on actually getting the movie set so high. You're asking us to bring this project to fruition after it was blocked by money and yet we're not getting access to the movie this way either. I know it's not supposed to be a 1-to-1 deal, we're willing to pay more than a DVD at the store, but looking at similar campaigns would have let you know the expectations backers would have.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kim Gideon on

      I'm happy to donate to this project and am grateful to Carl and Tia for having the courage to make a film that shines a light on what is truly going on with U.S. politics today. It is time for all of us to re-engage in our democratic process and use our voices and votes to change the policies that allow our democracy to be undermined. This documentary promises to be an excellent tool to start an honest conversation. I can't wait to see the film!

    48. Missing avatar

      Serafin Enriquez on

      The people with all the money don't get to make all the rules. I am grateful for the opportunity to stand up--to stand together--in a community of people to make sure that this important story is told. Thank you Carl and Tia for making this film, and for inviting all of us to participate in getting it before the public. This is the best $ I'll spend all month.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mary Davis on

      I learned the reason for supporting this project when I was six years old, from someone who said it much better than I ever could:

      Sometimes when the fight begins, I think I'll let the dragons win.
      But then again, perhaps I won't.
      Because they're dragons.
      And I don't.
      A.A. Milne

    50. Kimberly Costello on

      I was ignorant of the Koch Bros. real impact on politics and America until I read the great article two years ago in Vanity Fair. Started doing my own research; and began to understand why the Middle Class is disappearing. The increasing use of infomercials by PBS (various "Doctors" and their fixes for everything from health to finances to sell books and earn higher speaking fees) has infuriated me. To deny this film the exposure it deserves completely changed my feeling about PBS. Is this why Frontline hasn't done its own investigation into the Koch Bros.? If HBO picked up this documentary, would CNN air it (as they have several other HBS docs)? The places I relied on for clear information have disappeared as quickly as the Middle Class. I donated early, without question, and want Carl and Tia to come speak to my media/film/TV/journalism students in Boston. Although the influence of PBS on my university might make that impossible.

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