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Using simple, yet effective physics as a guide, the uniquely designed golf tee is unlike any tee you've ever seen.
Using simple, yet effective physics as a guide, the uniquely designed golf tee is unlike any tee you've ever seen.
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    1. Tyrone

      I have one more left, maybe I'll take a video of me hitting off of it to show how fast they break/snap.

    2. Tyrone

      I brought out two of these tees the other day and both of them broke in under 2 minutes hitting with the driver. So, yeah, they are very breakable. I didn't take pictures of them since I just figured I'd never buy another one so it didn't matter, I just threw them away.

    3. Bill Dorn on

      Unbelievable! Mr. Jones would rather spend time arguing with a backer (not very good PR) than to ship the product promised with the graphic provided.

      Instead of using the logo that I attached to my e-mail MEAT18 used the logo that was part of my signature. Matt, you are probably right; Andrew, caution here Brian doesn't reply to e-mails no matter where they are sent.


    4. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      What's the problem with the tee? Please respond at MEAN18SPORTS@GMAIL.COM as I rarely check this site.


    5. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      Andrew, please replay via These tees are guaranteed for life so I'll replace them but I need to see a picture of it.



    6. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      I can bend the tees in a u shape and they still wont break. Can you send me a picture?


    7. Matt Abrams on

      I wouldn't wait Bill. Thing is a piece of crap anyway

    8. Bill Dorn on

      STILL waiting for the one I ordered with the logo I provided.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Monroe on

      Well, unbreakable it is not. Used it for the first time last Friday in not hard at all turf. The fourth time I used it it broke off about 3/4" from the bottom. Never found the top part. Glad this was only $5.

    10. Bill Dorn on

      Take a look at your august 6th say you are emailing all those who did not send you logos. Again, an update is to be used to impart information NOT request artwork. Nonetheless, you DIDN'T send me one of those emails requesting artwork!!!! Be responsible to your customers! Use technology and communications properly

    11. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      I had 28 updates.. And probably just as many comments updating everyone. Obviously this is all my fault, you had no responsibility to read any of the updates I sent out to stay the least bit informed. As I said before, if you want a custom graphic send it to the email address I gave you if you just want a standard tee so you don't have to send a graphic, I can send that as well. Let me know either way via the email which one you want and this is my last communication with you.

    12. Bill Dorn on

      "Calm down"?!?!?!? What are you talking about Brian? You promised delivery in December 2013 10 MONTHS AGO!

      Yes, you responded but you said NOTHING about a movie starting, NOTHING! When you begin a conversation, you should continue it until it is over.

      I DID reply to EVERY request for information and my response was sent to you on July 16 - 2 MONTHS AGO!

      No, I do not read EVERY update from EVERY project I support.

      NOTHING was made up. We began a conversation and you stopped responding. You responded to the first e-mail in 2 minutes (well done); then you stopped responding - how in the hell was I supposed to know that you were watching a movie?!?!?!? I guess maybe you should have said that you would handle the problem in the morning - of course it SHOULD have been handled nearly a year ago or AT LEAST when you sent the survey. Every other project that I have supported that required artwork included the address IN THE SURVEY!

      Brian, there is nothing more important than communication and managing customer expectations - you fail at BOTH, dude!

    13. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      First of all, calm down. I DID respond to your first email tonight while I was at a movie out of courtesy and then you freak out when I did not response immediately back with you... Here is what transpired this Friday evening..

      Bill - 9:11 PM: Where is my tee with my logo???????

      I responded: I never received your logo... (movie starting and turned off phone)

      Bill - 9:19 PM: "Did you ever ask for it? Did you EVER follow up?

      Tell me what you need and I will send it tomorrow.

      Do you have my address? If so, you should have reached out to get what else was needed"

      Bill, I sent SEVERAL updates and comments out from kickstarter asking for graphics with instructions... All but 5 people sent me their graphics, You were one of them so I have to say you are in the minority. My question to you is Why did you never respond to any of my updates asking for the custom graphic???

      Bill - 9:25 PM: The courtesy of a reply is greatly appreciated

      Bill - 9:32 PM: Brian?!?!?!?!?!

      Bill - 9:31 PM: Posts on Facebook that I never respond to my emails...

      Really? Only 30 minutes have gone by.. Dude, I'm still watching my movie...

      So if I don't respond back again in less than 30 minutes, I'm ignoring you and I never respond to emails? Quit making crap up. Send your graphic in jpeg format to and you'll get your tee.

    14. Bill Dorn on

      Anyone else still without their tee. I have sent Brian messages but he ignores them. He had no problems taking my money, how can I get the PROMISED reward?

    15. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      They do fly a bit far for sure. Part of the reason is that they don't go that far into the ground which is to protect it from breaking but also enables it to fly farther! I do occasionally have to walk forward a bit to find it a couple of times during 18 holes. Also, if your Dad has a hard time putting them into the ground, sharpening the point (see the FAQ page) makes a huge difference! Thanks for the input

    16. Malc Foy on

      Gave my Dad the tees. Used them on Sunday...well he used one. All the way round the course. No breakages, easy to find (unless you're red/green colourblind!) though he did say the fair fly when hit.
      Thumbs up.

    17. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      Look at the FAQ page for more information on dealing with that potential issue and it's proper insertion. I know it will help.


    18. Phill Spratt on

      A dont know if the grass is different in america but i can hardly get mine to stick in the ground at the height i want, tee looks nothing like on kickstarter but at least you had a go instead kf thinking what if

    19. Matt Abrams on

      It works enough. It does tend to fly far out of the ground. Spent a decent amount of time looking for it which makes me consider just using wood tees. My custom graphic looks poorly printed. I'll tear it off and reprint myself. It's a decent tee but should not have taken 9 months to produce.

    20. Jonathan Bolton on

      Received my tees today, kinda expected some sort of packaging.....I'm giving them to people for Christmas so I guess I'll design my own between now and then......

    21. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      Hey Andrew,

      When the ball is on the tee, you can't really see any line of play. Without the tee, I would agree but since to use the tee, you have to have the ball on it... well, I don't think there is an issue at that point.



    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Monroe on

      In regards to the FAQ section:

      Is the SmartClaw USGA approved?

      The SmartClaw meets the requirements of a 'legal' tee. However, we have not submitted it to the USGA for approval. As most manufacturer's have realized, it is too expensive to send all of your products for testing. Instead, they make sure they are 'legal' product for use in USGA events. For reference, here is a cut and paste right off the USGA website concerning what constitutes a 'legal' golf tee...

      Tees (Rule 11)
      A tee is a device designed to raise the ball off the ground.
      •A tee must not:be longer than 4 inches (101.6 mm);
      •Be designed or manufactured in such a way that it could indicate Line Of Play;
      •Unduly influence the movement of the ball;
      •Otherwise assist the player in making a Stroke or in his play

      I would argue that this tee would not meet the "USGA approved" standard. When a normal tee is used, there is no line indicating "line of play" because it is round. However, the way this is designed with the flat, long edge, it definitely indicates line of play and can actually be used to help line up a shot. It would be interesting to get a PGA pro's opinion on this.

      Otherwise, it looks like a solid tee. Too bad I don't have any rounds planned for about a week.

    23. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      Go to and click on the FAQ page... ENJOY!!

    24. Missing avatar

      John Robert Zaums on

      Got mine today! No updates for you on how it works but will let you know. Thanks for your persistence in getting this done.

    25. Matt Abrams on

      Any other feedback from those who have received theirs?

    26. Malc Foy on

      I guess driving ranges aren't the best idea then - this must be your Jack Bauer in the field tee!

    27. BABretterson on

      Got my tee's on Saturday, need to find me a inkjet printer now to print my logo's...will take into consideration the flight distance @Erik Fones talked about. Looking forward to testing out the finished product.

    28. Missing avatar

      Erik Fones on

      I got my tee yesterday and went to the range this morning to test it out. Literally the first shot I took, I lost the tee. I walked the area for 10-15 minutes looking for it. It must have flown at least 20 yards out in the range. It was too dangerous to go look any further with people teeing off. So, make sure to keep an eye on the tee.

    29. BABretterson on

      YAY! Production and shipping week! Go hit 'em straight...hopefully.

    30. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      Sent you a kickstarter message.

    31. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      Yes.. Product will begin shipping next week.

    32. Matt Abrams on

      Did production start? Your last update had said the 30th

    33. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      I can search submissions. What is your email address?

    34. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      Sorry I didn't get any confirmation from you via email or comment. Were you able to find my graphic?

    35. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      I haven't been informed that it has arrived yet. Delays in material almost always end up affecting production dates. I've asked for help to get my run done ASAP. Obviously, they can't commit until the product shows up. I'll keep pushing them though...

    36. Matt Abrams on

      Any word on the red? Is this going to affect our place in the production line?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      The same one as my kickstarter.

    38. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      What email address did you use when you sent it?



    39. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      What if you sent a graphic months ago and have no way to get that graphic again? I remember being asked for it a lot earlier, but you're asking for them again. What would someone in my situation have to do?

    40. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      We're going to make them RED for everyone. The color should be coming any day now...


    41. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      Please send it again. Sorry for the inconvenience...



    42. Missing avatar

      JS on

      What if already sent the company logo? I remember sending it a long time ago.

    43. Missing avatar

      Karen L. Borton on

      White would make it easier to find. Just don't make it green.

    44. Matt Abrams on

      Wow, a full 7 month delay. I really hope this is the best tee I have ever used. I'm glad everyone else is happy, but this should not have taken this long. Almost missed summer completely

    45. Matt Abrams on

      How long from the production date do you expect to be shipping?

    46. Matt Abrams on

      Once again an update with no timeline. Actually seems like it will take longer again since you shy away from giving us any sort of date. Why can't you be transparent and tell us any sort of realistic fulfillment date. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but you just can't seem to understand communication. All we want is transparency and an estimated ship date for an $8 golf tee. Pretty lame

    47. Missing avatar

      Andrew Monroe on

      Your last update said we would get another update last Friday. Still haven't heard anything.

    48. Brian Jones 2-time creator on


      Please review the update being posted..



    49. Matt Abrams on


      Do you have a rough estimate as to when this will be ready? I'm hoping to be able to use this tee this summer

    50. Brian Jones 2-time creator on

      No problem.

      1. Make final changes to mold (we are here currently)
      2. Ship mold to manufacturer
      3. Manufacturer receives mold and creates a schedule build time/date
      4. Manufacturer builds product.
      5. MEAN18 GOLF picks up product
      6. MEAN18 GOLF ships orders...

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