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THE RECOLLECTION OF TREES is a mystical, emotional tale of secrets & self-discovery blending witches, family dysfunction, & first love.
THE RECOLLECTION OF TREES is a mystical, emotional tale of secrets & self-discovery blending witches, family dysfunction, & first love.
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Day 4: Over 30% and a heartfelt thank you

Posted by Sadie Francis Skyheart (Creator)

Hello everyone,

What a weekend! We surpassed the 30% mark, which is incredible! Word of mouth is powerful and far-reaching, so please keep sharing my story with your friends and family.

When I wrote the details about myself and my work for the kickstarter page, I hesitated to share too much of my personal journey because I wanted to know that people believed in my writing, and that they weren't just supporting my project out of sympathy. 

The truth is, I wanted to be a writer in elementary school. I spent any free time in school creating stories. But over the years I talked myself out of my dream, often listening to negative views from others, and the longer I ignored my dream, the more unhappy I was inside. 

In 2009, I developed a mystery illness so severe that my doctor considered testing me for MS. My angel husband had to help me in and out of bed, and at the worst, I had to use my teeth to pull up the covers because my muscles hurt so badly. The journey was complicated by intense guilt that I couldn't work to help my husband pay for all the medical bills. I had no choice but to start telling people NO. No I wouldn't be at every PTO meeting, women's group, community event, or bake sale. I let go of all the things that were stressing me, and focused on getting better. Eventually the doctor was able to pinpoint autoimmune crap and food allergies as the underlying causes of my long list of life-interrupting symptoms, but it has been a LONG road for me to relearn how to self-nurture and accept help from others.

Along the way, I began embracing my inner passion, writing. I focused on what I was thankful for, and writing gradually shifted from a hobby to my career. I reconnected with the confidence I enjoyed in fourth grade and developed deeper friendships. I've come to believe that part of my illness was rooted in not being aligned with who I'm meant to be.

So, that's the really personal stuff, but I wanted you to understand how deeply grateful I am that each of you have pledged to back my project. No matter if it's $1 or $1000, every backer makes me mist up a bit, because it's so much more than the money. I feel the sincere belief in my dream from each of you. It's confirmation that I am in alignment with my life's purpose.

As a special thank you, I will be sending a "backers only" message with an exclusive look at a never-before-published poem about the time I encountered Yoko Ono. "YOKO" will be officially published in August on my website.

Thank you again for believing in me. -Sadie


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