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At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka (Aquaria) and animator Scott Benson.
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
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We’re at almost 200% funding. It’s been less than 4 days. Of 30. We've blown through three stretch goals that brought on another animator, enabled us to expand parts of the game, and create another game within the game. The normal laws of the universe have ceased functioning. That’s the only possible explanation. Or we've just fallen into a really supportive and generous bunch of people. Could be that, but you know… the universe HAS been feeling a bit off lately.

Our brains are really great at adapting. If you had told me last week that we’d achieve 200% funding on this, I’d have been overjoyed. And if we’d have been at this point on our 30th day, I’d be overjoyed. We’re overjoyed even now! But getting that in the first half week... well, suddenly 200% seems like the baseline and you should really be going for 400%, and then if that happens you’ll feel like you need 600%. And you start to make stupid decisions. You've seen it before, a KS gets an amazing response and the creators start expanding the scope here, offering something new over here, doing some new crazy rewards here, all in the name of more stretch goals. And before you know it they’re overbudget and the game is a year behind because the project they went into KS with was far more feasible than what they came out with. It’s so easy to let Kickstarter change the game it was supposed to fund. That can be great- in particular having Adam design a totally separate game-within-game is something we are really excited about. But if you aren't careful…

So here’s what’s happening: We’re not doing any more stretch goals, at least not for the time being. From here on out, funds will go to making the development more stable and secure financially, and enabling us to do cool things for you guys as they come up. It’ll go to making sure Scott doesn't have to go part-time on development for a few weeks while he does some contract work to make ends meet during the next year and a half. It’ll go to enabling us to bring in super great artists to help do some rad guest NITW comics and animated shorts we’ll release throughout development. It’ll go to interesting things we want to do with the in-game music, or voices, or other things that we’d like to try. It’ll enable us to bring in some help if we need it. It’ll go to an emergency fund in case our computers explode because they’re too full of GAME. It’ll go to helping us maybe go to a con or two next year to meet some of you. It’ll buy Alec at least one pizza he doesn't have to share with the 37 people he lives with. A pizza all his own.

So that’s our cards on the table- we have the game and the story we want to make, and we’ll be making that. All future funds will go to helping us do that better, with more security and increased flexibility. If that sounds good to you, we are incredibly thankful for your helping us make this all happen. It’s pretty much all because of you guys that Night In The Woods will be what it will be.

Thank you.

- Scott and Alec

CONSOLES: We’re looking into it!

STEAM: We’re looking into it!

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    1. fluffy on

      This post was a big part of why I ended up backing in the first place - I saw that you'd blown through your funding goals right away and I was worried about you succumbing to stretch-goal-itis like so many of the other games projects I've backed, and then I saw this update and I was all "YES SOMEBODY FINALLY GETS IT." I mean, what's wrong with making an earlier-than-expected profit on something?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Manders on

      A documentary of the process would be great!

    3. Marcus Wallinder on

      Would love to see a PS4 strech goal!

    4. Blake on

      SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! :P I'm excited for all of the stretch goals.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben Voynick on

      Excellent, I'm also glad to hear you won't be going overboard.

      P.S. Don't forget to look in to a release! Pretty please. :)

    6. Tom Smith on

      Good luck guys, I'm sure the game will be amazing!

      And just in case you're wondering, Wii U is my console of choice. I heard Nintendo is extra friendly towards indies. ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      This is a great decision -- so many creators let themselves be bogged down trying to keep up with a large KS response, and let the focus on the game itself slip away. Mad respect for walking the path of reason, and keeping an eye on the ultimate goal (the reason we're all so excited in the first place)!

    8. Missing avatar

      JabberJaw on

      I think it's a great idea, honestly I'd much rather be able to play the game without much worry than I do about new levels or items.

    9. Stephen Harrison on

      Great reasoning, love the decision, can't wait to play it. Keep up the awesome!

    10. Renaud Bédard on

      One stretch goal idea that's relatively low-strain on development and that could make a big difference for many backers : hire a professional localization team and translate the game in a bunch of languages!

    11. wilcoweb on

      I'm glad to see that y'all are keeping your goals and scope manageable. It makes me all the more pleased to have backed you.

    12. Untitled Kitten

      How about fun stretch goals, like "300k, we play with kittens and put it on YouTube."

    13. Missing avatar

      William on

      NITW Kickstarter: A pizza all his own.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers on

      Fine by me. Hey, the stretch goal was "100k+" for ports, so, I always figured it was a range based on what you could do for however much came in, so all this update makes perfect sense to me. and its good you are looking now - I've seen some nightmares where port X was promised, but turned out to be much more difficult to deliver on than expected.

    15. Calico on

      This is absolutely perfect. I wish more KS projects would have this attitude toward stretch goals and additional funding. I
      You've got me really jazzed about this game!!

    16. Alexa Reardon on

      "A pizza all his own." I've taken my solo pizza consumption for granted. I'm so sorry.

      I'm very glad to hear that you guys are level-headed and not letting this amazing success expand the game beyond it's true form.

      I'm so very excited and even considering stretching my own budget to get that glow in the dark poster because why'd you make it sound so good?

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Costello on

      Is it at all possible that we could get that list of species mentioned in the $500 pledge reward?

    18. Hunty on

      How refreshing! Hooray!

    19. Daniel Neves on

      I love the idea of not having stretch goals for the moment, that's great because we have sure we'll get the best game. And if the project permit with its develoment new features will be added not as an extra but as part of the game.

      I ask, please, port the game to Wii U eShop.

    20. Missing avatar

      David on

      That sounds like a great plan.

    21. Anonymous on

      I totally understand and agree with the devs decision here but I also find it highly amusing that people have become so cynical with KS release dates that they are cheering the lack of "extra stuff" myself included.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sam Bobroff on

      I think that sticking to your plan and not getting distracted by stretch goals and huge piles of money is a very smart move. I loved the initial idea, that's what I backed. If it's popularity means you can afford to eat more than two minute noodles then SO BE IT. :-)

    23. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Sounds like an excellent choice.

    24. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      I really appreciate the commitment you guys have to your original vision, and I think this is a great course of action for your particular project. I have full faith that this game will turn out rockin'! I hope y'all have a good time.

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric Hendrix on

      Thank you so much, your project looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    26. Missing avatar

      H. Takeshi on

      As I told earlier that I also agree with this decision but I don't agree with anyone told the stretch goal is bad. I think it's very interesting system and it is appropriate for some (not all) projects.

    27. Egypt Urnash on


      I just finished running a Kickstarter. I had one real "make the thing better" stretch goal, which I achieved. My next stretch goal (which I didn't achieve) was "print the thing cheaper". That's it. I wasn't going to create side stories or anything to pursue more money, I just wanted to print my graphic novel and get on with the business of making the last third of the story.

      I mean, sure, if your initial goal is an MVP of the game, moving a few more things from the "it would be cool if" bin to "let's actually implement this" bin is fine. But if your concept fits inside the initial goal and doesn't have much to add, don't take what could be a perfectly-sized thing and bloat it because you got a lot of money; take the extra money and make life a little easier during development of this game and the next one.

    28. Missing avatar

      Samantha Sandee on

      I'm glad you guys are keeping to the original scope, and are using the funds to focus on the game development. It's definitely the way to go! I'm so excited for the final product to be complete. I think you guys are going to make something amazing.

    29. Ian on

      @Travis: Update #2 says "$100,000 - ???????"

    30. Randy Laue

      Holy shit! Project creators with some common sense. Excellent decision!

    31. Trevor Sacks on

      In the trailer, you've managed to capture this perfect feeling of fall, a feeling I've been nostalgic for for years now. I have to say, I'm impressed.

      I am so happy that you guys have managed to not only meet your funding goals, but exceed them. I'm glad to hear that you're keeping the project scope originally intended. Just use the funds to do what you need to do, to make sure that you guys do the best work you can. That's what we're doing as backers: to give you as good a chance of making this happen as possible. No need for anything fancy. Just take your time, and use this gift to make your dreams real.

    32. Alex Ting on

      This is totally the way to go!

    33. Echo Vents Books

      Excellent choice. Even 90,000+ seems like a tight budget (although I'm sure you talented blokes can do it!). Use any extra cash to make sure it gets done and on our screens and is just as perfect as the video and images look.
      I love this game. And you guys.

    34. Rachel Yonda on

      Just wanted to echo the sentiments of most- right on! Eyes on the prize dudes. Your decision to approach things this way will ensure your success. As a backer all I want is the thing I originally backed and nothing more- stretch goals can be cool/fun but you sure don't owe it to anybody to suddenly make a whole new game.

    35. Marek on

      Perfect choice! :)

    36. Nick Hahneman on

      I'm very happy you're not blowing this things scope out. We like the project as you've shown it, don't need it to become something else through stretch goals. Good luck with the rest of the campaign!

    37. Missing avatar

      Chad Sell on

      Good choice, guys! I'm glad you're not going to get carried away with a lot of lofty goals that weigh down your original vision for the project.

    38. Tyler Evans on

      I agree with barret

    39. Barret Jachin Vasilchik on

      I'm actually totally cool with this decision because I've definitely seen some of the kickstarter projects get out of hand. Some people are saying to hire more people on the project but I think when you get too many people the original vision of the project gets diluted and not to mention getting everyone's work properly integrated. The only thing I could possibly imagine would be a cool documentary developer journals that followed the games production. This would be cool so that the backers could see how a game is made, all the hurdles and the obstacles as well as the breakthroughs. I know it would be something I would personally enjoy but that would be when you get to a very high funding amount.

    40. Christina

      I'd like to see you hire more staff to get the game finished sooner - because that's really what most people pledged for in the first place. when a project gets too big I actually become concerned with their ability to logistically manage it. good for you to keep focused and not relent to the cry for more stretch goals. the goal should be delivering a top notch product - and hopefully the sooner the better. ;)

    41. Nathan Sampey on

      Excellent decision. There's no need to "reward" us backers any further. I'm sure the vast majority of us just love the idea of the game you're making and want to help you make it happen. And having a cash cushion of $50,000-$100,000 ($200,000?!) will definitely help that happen, no matter what life throws your way. Great work so far!

    42. Travis Espinoza on

      @Ian, I thought the $100,000 stretch goal was for the linux & console ports?

    43. Michael Hughes on

      Like other backers I am *extremely* pleased with your cautious approach to this Kickstarter. As someone who's been burned by feature creep I'm looking forward to actually playing NITW.

    44. Ian on

      My only objection is that you already promised a $100,000 stretch goal.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Morris on

      I am just liking you two more and more.

    46. Sanya V. Litvyak on

      Really appreciate this approach, seeing how many games have fallen short due to overdone stretch goals (and sometimes normal goals as well)

    47. Richard Davey

      A great decision by a great team. I wish more Kickstarters took this approach.

    48. Klarden on

      Great idea. It would be risky to start promising a bunch of stuff, that might later make it harder to complete tha game itself.
      Althought, I'd see some crossover with Treasure Adventure World as a stretch goal:D. I don't know why I even associated games like this, probably because TAW creator supported NITW.

    49. colorrr on

      Great approach, stay focused !