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At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
7,372 backers pledged $209,375 to help bring this project to life.

FULLY FUNDED! Also, stretch goals? Consoles? Linux?

Posted by Infinite Fall (Creator)

Hey everyone! We did it! Or rather you did it! 26 hours, fully funded. Just, wow. We're in this tingly numb happy state. It's beyond amazing that this has connected with so many people. This is such a personal, weird game that we weren't sure if it would get funded at all, let alone so quickly. Thanks so much. You don't know how much this means to us.

So, stretch goals, eh?

We have some thoughts on stretch goals. We don't want to fall into that pattern where we start promising more and more elaborate things and physical rewards and before you know it we're spending 2014 cobbling together hand-stitched quilts and atari cartridge releases, and then spending 2015-2017 making a game whose scope we doubled in the process. We have a story, we have a world, we have characters we love, and we want to do them justice. So our goals are going to be about getting that done in an expanded, deeper, dare we say radder manner. And so, our initial stretch goals:

$70,000 - Additional Animator + NEW AREAS (Possum Jump + Historical Society)

Charles Huettner is an amazing artist and animator. You've already seen some of his wildlife in the NITN trailer if you were looking closely. We'll bring Charles aboard officially to flesh out the world, filling it with life and awesomeness- wildlife, npc's, hand-animated effects, etc. In doing that, Scott and Alec will be able to more readily focus on adding some new areas to the game, expanding the town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. New areas include Possum Jump, a cliff up in the woods overlooking town, frequented by partying teens and, according to local lore, something far more unusual and far less alive. Or perhaps you'd like to visit the Possum Springs Historical Society, where you'll find history to explore and passages to some of the oldest and deepest parts of town.

 $80,000 - Friendship Quests

Get to know Bea, Gregg, Angus and Germ better in an additional set of storylines and activities to experience on your way through Night In The Woods. Connect, hang out, explore, solve problems and learn new things about your friends. Make it last just that much longer.

$90,000 - Game Within The Game - Night In The Woods Roguelike designed by Adam Saltsman

Mae has a laptop, and on that laptop is a game. A game she plays almost every night. A brutal, unforgiving, but addictive journey into certain doom. A game we will create with acclaimed developer Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt and Hundreds.

$100,000 - ???????

Console ports: we are looking into options and info as we speak. We want to be sure of everything before we go promising things to you guys. Hang tight and we’ll have info soon.

Linux port: We are creating this game in Unity, which supports Linux in limited ways at the moment, but will in the near future have fuller support. PLEASE STOP THREATENING US WITH KNIVES.

So that's that for the time being. Thanks again. We are humbled. We feel as though we have been hugged by a thousand strangers and it was a more pleasant than it sounds.

We'll be back with more updates soon, after we've had a minute to catch our breath.

2 days down, 28 to go. How far are we going to take this?

Thank you.

-Scott and Alec


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    1. Stormdancer on

      Knives. I have so many knives.

      But for now, I will encourage them to be peaceful, and unthreatening.

      For now.

    2. Henry Wilkes on

      yeah! linux yeah! please

    3. IanFaber on

      I love what all of you are doing with this project! It seems posed to be at ~LEAST~ a cult hit, and I hope more! World masterpiece more even. ;/3
      I'm so happy that I'm able to be a part of its kickstarter! ^//w//^
      And . . . actually . . . heheh I had an idea . . .
      You listed your stretch goal of $100,000 as undecided . . .
      Have you possibly considered a animation and/or music gallery (theatre) (in-game) for the addition? It could be a by-completion (percentage-wise or by stage/level) one (By which I mean, as a player completes the game, they unlock the music, videos, and/or images from the game to listen to, watch, or look at without having to play up to them in the game again.
      It was is a nice feature that wouldn't take a lot of extra time or work ~and~ I feel certain you could stylize it really cutely. ^//w//^ (Maybe Mae listening to music or watching TV in her room
      and then zooming in to show the screens of the devices she would be using.

      If I have misunderstood and "?????" means "it's a secret," well, please disregard that last bit. {//P
      Either way, it's a suggestion I hope can be helpful, but I'm sure you all will figure out something wonerful regardless. ^//w//^

      Best wishes and God bless!

      ~A fan already,
      Vivian Faberfox

    4. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      So, this means we'll get Linux? :)

    5. Da Smoosh on

      Fantastic idea to keep fleshing out the game with each stretch goal. I can't wait! I would love to play this on Steam.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eimai O Satanas on

      Raise your knives for Linux! :D Just kidding, congratulations people!

      On stretch goals, give us quality over quantity any day! Fuller living-breathing worlds, better flesh-out dialogs, characters we'll care for.

      Suspension of disbelief, let us forget we're playing a game so that we're enjoying your world.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Stedman

      Console ports!? Fingers crossed for a PS4 port!

    8. Harith on

      Excited that you've hit the 70K goal already. More animation is always good. :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Welker on

      Glad to see you're using stretch money to directly invest back into the game. Too many KS campaigns go overboard with stretch goals and then don't deliver on the actual original product. Can't wait to hear more from your team!

    10. Dieithrio on

      Can you put us all in the credits?

    11. Paul Broadhurst on

      I'd echo the Vita port as a stretch. Don't over promise though.

    12. ShadowNate on

      Wow, we are already very close to reaching the first stretch goal!

      What puzzles me is that the basic goal was only $50,000. Which was good since you've reached it quite early and you'll be funded, but it seems that creating a full game typically requires multiple times as much.

      I know you are a small team, and the scope is probably resrticted as compared to full 3d adveture/exploration titles or RPG games with multiple quests and characters. But, from my side I would welcome strecth goals more similar to the first (additional team member, additional game content) and second one (again additional game content) which would create an extra "buffer" in your budget in order to more efficiently work on your game, flesh out its world and mythology, make it exaclty as you dreamed it without cutting corners.

    13. Maxime Sauvage on

      I'd love a PS Vita version :')

    14. Cole Ott on

      I'm so psyched that Charles Huettner's joining the project! His animation is always so fun and full of character, so I'm stoked to see how he helps flesh out the world. In a game like this where a lot of the joy of playing presumably comes from exploring the rich world, making a commitment like this to fleshing it out is exactly the type of thing I like to see from stretch goals :)

    15. Barret Jachin Vasilchik on

      I am just happy the game is being made period. Anything new is going above and beyond anything I could ask for. I just want Scott and Alec to be successful and to be able to make the games they want without anyone restricting their creative freedom. I am hoping to one day possibly see Marian :)

    16. Wilson Bilkovich on

      OK, I'm not normally heavily into stretch goals, but we need to hit $90k so we can have that Roguelike.

    17. Ben Read on

      PS4 version would be great! So excited for this game guys, congrats!

    18. Infinite Fall Creator on

      Reminder: Steam and console info coming when we have it! You'll be the first to know. Well, you'll be the third to know after Scott and Alec.

    19. venomhybrid on

      I have high hopes for this game, and I'm sure you won't disappoint. I'm really looking forward to seeing your creativity and personal touch shine through. I know it's on your radar, but i did not see it mentioned in this stretch goal update... Should I keep my fingers crossed for a steam release? I have friends who would love to play your game, but may need that option in order to get it into their hands. Any words you can throw my way?

    20. Stephen Harrison on

      PS4! PS4! PS4! Just like Hyper Light Drifter!

    21. Anonymous on

      Console Ports and speedup devs are never a bad idea for these type of things, maybe throw in one or two pieces of expanded content but nothing to elaborate.

    22. Alexa Reardon on

      Oo lala, considering you've only got ~$40,000 to go, I think you might reach the great unknown of $100,000!

    23. Salvatore Riniolo III on

      Console ports would be awesome. Keep up the sweet work guys.

    24. Zachary Strebeck on

      Agreed DJ. I need a new Roguelike in my life.

    25. DJ DeWitt on

      That 90,000 stretch goal has to happen.

    26. Alexis Thomas on

      I want to pledge so much money! Hopefully ill get paid a good amount this month and help out a bit more :u

    27. Quinn Palmer on

      All I want is a vita stretch goal!