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At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka (Aquaria) and animator Scott Benson.
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything. A new game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry.
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Update #59- Delays and Longest Nights


If you're a backer, totally head back and read the backer version of this post, directly before this one!

Hey all! We'll keep this short.

Some last minute things have come up suddenly over the past few days and we have to push back the NITW release by a few weeks. It's all normal stuff, nothing is on fire, and it's all to do with the fact that we're a tiny team making a big game and doing a multi-platform launch is a whole *waves hands around* thing. Right now we're waiting on some info from outside parties as to the exact date we can launch, but it'll be somewhere in the first part of February. We'll be able to announce the exact date around New Years but we didn't want to just sit on this info for the next couple weeks and spring it on folks who are looking forward to the game. And since we're starting preorders tomorrow we didn't want anyone going into that without this info. We try to be transparent and up front, and it'd be kinda shifty to just keep this to ourselves seeing how close we are to the end.

It reeeeeally sucks having to make this kind of announcement, especially right after releasing a trailer and all. But again, it's just a few weeks and you'll be busy playing 

*looks at notes*

"Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone" all January anyway. Hit us up with questions if you got 'em and we'll do the best we can to answer them. Thanks for your patience.

In other news, this Wednesday we'll be streaming something on twitch we're calling Longest Night Live! During development of NITW we've released two supplemental games, Longest Night and Lost Constellation. On Wednesday we'll be celebrating the actual longest night of the year by streaming both games with live developer commentary from Alec and I. Come learn secret info and backstories and behind the scenes stuff along with whatever else we get up to. And we'll be chatting with you, so if you have questions about the release or, I dunno, what kind of cat Mae is, totally bring those along and we'll do our best to answer all of them. LIVE! Follow us on twitter at @NightInTheWoods for more info, and we'll be sure to post a link here too when we're about to get started.

So yeah, that's about it. Announcements are coming fast and often these days. We're nearly there. Thanks for sticking it out with us, and we hope you'll love the game next year.


-scott, alec, and bethany

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Mazurek on December 19, 2016

      You may be kidding, but I am planning on picking up Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone and live the dream.