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A short documentary about Harry Hong, the first man to officially "max out" the original NES Tetris by achieving an unbeatable score of 999,999.

The original programmers of NES Tetris chose to display a message on the screen to anyone who scored over 10,000 points: "you are a Tetris master". When Harry finally maxed out the score at 999,999, achieving the goal he'd been striving towards for nearly five years, those simple words at the end of the game extolled a deeper truth: the man who read them truly was THE Tetris master. Harry had reached the end of a game many assumed was never-ending; a puzzle thought unsolvable by mathematicians, logicians, and computer scientists had been solved.

What does it mean to be the best at the most-played video game of all time? What will be the historic significance of perfecting a video game that transcends its status as a video game, destined to join the ranks of chess and go as one of civilization's timeless brain teasers?

This short documentary will look at some of these questions, as well as retrace the steps Harry took towards becoming one of the greatest gamers of all time. The inventor of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, video game records experts at Twin Galaxies, and the faculty of CalTech's cognitive science program will all be sought out for interviews.

Budgeted funds will be primarily for travel expenses, equipment rental, and festival entry fees. An animator will also be paid to create a sequence that will effectively slow down and demonstrate Harry's complex thought processes during any given game.

You can watch Harry's historic game here:

I am fully committed to bringing a short film to the screen that will honor Harry's achievement and generally depict the pursuit of gaming records in a favorable light. Furthermore, as an artist, I hope to examine the ubiquitous presence of video games in our modern culture using Harry and his awe-inspiring abilities as a prism through which some new questions and answers may be illuminated...

Thanks in advance for considering providing funding to my project. Please email me with any suggestions or questions at To see my online reel, go to:

Also, the music in the pitch video is by local Portland musician, Chilly Willy. You can see more of his stuff at:


Adam Cornelius


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