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Purgatory is a fresh take on traditional skirmish gaming, packed with high quality resin models in world full of colourful characters
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The Refugees of Religion join the War for Heaven

Posted by Underestimated Games Limited (Creator)

Dear Backer, 

We hope that you are enjoying the game that you will all have received by now! It would be great to hear your feedback on the background, rules and models themselves. We've heard from a great many of you and have been thrilled by the positive response we have received so far. So much so that.....

.... well we are going to go ahead with phase 1.5. 

We said all along that we wanted Purgatory to have continuity, where new content, characters and models were released over time to enhance and expand your gaming experience. 

We done that in the first instance by releasing some short stories but also by adding new GOTG cards to the Random packs, most of which are fan made ones by you! We also added the Christmas GOTG cards too so you could try something different.

Well now we are bringing the next faction, hopefully two, to the world. First the Refugees of Religion and possibly followed by the Gangangers. What better way to introduce you to these than by showing you the fantastic artwork that was completed by Lorinda Tomko recently to show off the characters in the faction. So.... here they are...



We hope you agree, this faction is quite in keeping with our tone and feel of the game and world and the initial play testing has gone down very well giving you a completely new dynamic to the game and adding another layer of strategy as you try and unlock the ring of steel this group throws up around themselves. 

The kickstarter launches on the 28th February 2018 for 2 weeks and we very much hope that we can smash our targets and get right into the stretch goals which realise free models for all, increasing the value of purchase with each and every stretch goal achieved. 

So, if you like what you got last time around, be sure to follow us and get involved in the next one. 

All the very best.

Team Purgatory


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